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Overcoat with fur collar – edgy, hot, sophisticated, and luxurious Fur collar overcoat is a wardrobe staple for fashion conscious men. Transforming your looks from cool to chic, they are ultimate in luxury, sensual soft and absolutely stylish. From Mens faux fur lined coats, long length faux fur coats, to Mens fur collar wool coat, wool coat with faux fur collar and black wool coat with fur collar we have it all. Browse through our range of mens overcoat with fur collar and make your look more luxurious without much ado.
Choosing a winter coat is not an easy task. You will have to know the various styles and trends at the time. The fact that the summer garments do not serve well in chilling temperatures does not help. Thus stocking up your wardrobe can become a hassle especially if you are not aware of the fashion trends of the coats.

Overcoats with fur collar are basically long coats that are worn over the outfits to keep the wearer warm. These winter garments are made of heavy duty fabrics like wool and fur mainly to keep the wearer from cold and wind but some coats are also designed as waterproof ones.
Overcoats with fur collar are available in two styles - single breasted and double breasted styles. They are the same as in jackets and single breasted styles are versatile since they can be used with both formals and casuals. They are mostly of loose fit and compliment most kinds of outfits. Double breasted overcoats with fur collar on the contrary look more professional and are best suited to be worn over business suits. They are also warmer than the single breasted ones thanks to the extra fabric that is provided in the middle. It is the look you will need to go for when you attend a important business meeting. Thus if you are are not the one who frequently suits up and prefers more casual outfits single breasted styles are the best option.

Another important thing to note is the length of the overcoat. They are available at varying lengths and there is no right length by rule. It all depends on the wearers taste. Overcoats with fur collar are mostly available in two lengths- full length and three fourths. Full lengths reach a few inches below the knee while the three fourths reach the knee or end few inches above it. While selecting the length of the overcoat with fur collar the basic thing to consider is the wearers height. If you are a person who have some extra inches on you then full length overcoats with fur collar should be your pick. If you are a lean person with decent height then three fourths work well. But it is always better to choose longer coats than the shorter ones since the shorter ones compliment only some body statures.

As the basic function of the overcoats with fur collar is warmth, thus the key point to consider when selecting the coat is the fabric that it is made of. While wool and fur are natural fabrics there are also synthetic factory made fabrics from which the coats are made. There are also blended fabrics of two materials to bring down the cost. Cashmere is another fabric that is popular for overcoats with fur collar. They are softer and warmer than the wool fabric but they are also expensive. They also wear down easily because of their softness. Thus blend of cashmere and wool are the best since they combine the benefits of both the materials at a relatively low cost.

Wool and fur are the common fabrics that are widely used in making of overcoats. Fur is better than wool in insulation properties and are considered a luxurious item to own. This may be due to the fact that they were considered a status symbol even in older times. Only the elites were allowed to wear the expensive furs which a normal citizen however could not afford.

The origin of fur traces back even further to the prehistoric times. The people of that time did not have proper shelter or clothing like we have now. Thus they made use of the fur from the animals they hunted to make themselves clothings. The first fur outerwear was designed to drape over the shoulders and even evidences of the clamps they used to tighten it have been found. Later with the growing needs the fur also found its use in many clothings. Nowadays wearing fur is more related to womens fashion than to men and often considered a bad taste. Interestingly fur was widely used by men more than women in the 19th century.

Though it was always there the fur fashion peaked in trend at about late 1920s when it was considered a symbol of your wealth and status to own fur. It was widely popular among students and spectators of football games. This was also the time when camel hair coats became famous.

The great depression had its effects and the mens fur collar overcoat saw the decline but was revived in 1950s when the economy revived. And the peacock revolution also helped the fur fashion though the designs were more gaudy than classy. Later in 1990s when the anti fur activists made their mark and the fur fashion fell among women while in men it had stopped entirely. This is when the fake furs saw the rise in place of the natural ones. Even now real mens fur collar overcoats are rare and only seen in North America, Russia and few other cities around the world. Since then the trend dwindled and now with the unisex fashion seeing the rise, fur has a great future.

With movies like The Hateful Eight and The Revenant despite being highly testosterone driven movies featuring fur garments it is definitely making a comeback. In both the films men who are supposedly rugged and strong hussle into the fur coats for protection. Also fur is being increasingly displayed in mens collections by biggest brands in fashion. It is estimated that about 63% of the famous designers showing in London, Milan and Paris used fur in their collection in some form. Fur has also seen a rise in gender neutral clothings. In United States it has been noted to have significant gains in sales of mens fur collar overcoat fashions.

For the moral conscious people and PETA followers there is still hope. Faux furs are still being argued as a viable option. While the real furs can drain your pocket to a certain level, faux furs is an attractive option. It is obviously of lesser quality than the real furs but are the best choice if you ardently dislike real fur or budget conscious.

There are many types of fur and has different personalities which connects with the cultures of the countries that have nurtured them. For example beaver fur is a favourite in Canada and the best to create elaborate surface effects of varying color and patterns. Chinchilla is originally from South America but now is farm raised in both North and South America. They have the softest fur and a silky feel to it. Fox fur is a favourite in North America and are available in varying range of natural colors. They are greatly popular with its popularity almost rivaling the mink. Mink is in fact the most popular and the diva of furs. The most furs you see on runways are mink. They are surprisingly durable inspite of their luxurious look. These are some of the furs while still a wide variety like lamb, marten,lynx, opposum, rabbit and raccoon and still more are available.

The color and pattern of the fur is important to consider be it a full length coat, vest or jacket. The color of the clothing should get darker with the climate. While the summer compliments lighter colors, winter and rainy season compliment darker colors. Also darker furs look good on men and thus mink, chinchilla and otter are some of the best options. If you would like to go with a lighter, flashier pattern coyote is the popular choice. It is important to match the lighter colors with the right outfit and setting.

Another thing to note is that you should feel comfortable in the coat you purchase. Thus it is important to try on different coats to get the best one unless you want to regret the impulsive purchase.

Mens fur collar overcoats usually differ in length when compared with womens coats. Mens fur coats are generally longer but shorter versions like fur bomber jackets are also available. It is better not to go with big fur coats if you are a well built person. It is better to go with a slim fur coat that is about knee length that covers your buttocks.

Fur on men is still not taken easily and in many places is frowned upon. But an increasing trend of men sporting fur is seen than before. With this the incorporation of furs on small levels in jackets, vests, collars and hoods has also seen the rise. They are not only stylish but also a provide warmth and comfort at the same time. Thus for now wearing fur for men is not about how much you want to wear it but is about the level of fur you accept to incorporate in your outfit. While you may not be ready to go on all fur but you can still wear fur lined clothes.

There are many choices for men like fur lined coats and fur collars for men who do not want to go all out on fur. Fur collars on coats date back to about late 1930s. Fur collars are most likely to be seen on double breasted overcoats with fur collar than on single breasted styles. Traditionally mens overcoats with fur collar were designed with full fur lining so that they are the best for winter days. The fur overcoats in 1920s has a buttoning style on the hem of the overcoats with fur collar. Even today it is a hallmark style in vintage overcoats with fur collar. The fur collar on any overcoat not only makes it look stunning but also makes it warmer to wear.

Fur collars have the added benefit of being able to be purchased as seperates. If you have a perfect coat and you also would like to have fur collared one then fret no more. You can go to a vintage shop and buy a suitable fur collar of the suit and then attach it with your coat by taking it to the tailor. You should of course take the coat for which you need the fur collar to match the color and size. Otherwise it is better to have the right measurements or you could get something a little bigger. It is because of the fact that it does not matter even if the collar extends beyond the lapels but if the collar is short and if the lapels are seen peaking out then the collars become unwearable.

Even if you suddenly do not want the collar or if it wears after some time then it is easy to remove or exchange it with another one. You can take it to your tailor or remove it even at your home and replace it with any other style of fur collars.

Some of the best looks to rock the fur collars are mostly formals. Pairing a black fur collar overcoat with a charcoal wool waistcoat and a grey turtleneck may give you a elegant look. Adding grey chinos and leather shoes to the mix will give you the perfect smart casual outfit for your office day.

If you would like a more formal style then an ensemble of navy fur collar coat with a full blown grey plaid suit may be your choice. Adding a nice pair of leather boots and sunglasses to the mix may be the complete look. The way the fur collar coat compliments the grey suit instantly gives a smart and sophisticated look.

For a casual day, combination of fur collar with dark brown chinos is an interesting look. You can further rock the cool look with a pair of white coat low top sneakers. Turtleneck is another style that pairs perfectly well with the fur collar overcoats. A combination of black and white horizontal striped turtleneck with navy fur collar coat paired with charcoal houndstooth fabric dress pants gives you a effortless elegant look.

Maintaining the fur places a great role in its longevity. Make sure to dry clean it properly and also brushing the fabric often can maintain its lustrous look.


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