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Mens Full-length coats- timeless and relatively unchanging mens wool trench coat, 3 4 length coat mens are a hallmark of nobility and nothing is more stylish than a well-made, long coat. Helping the wearer appear taller and slimmer while adding an aura of authority, long leather coat are the choice for seasoned gentlemen. With a strong military influence, they are straight, sleek and long enough to protect the knees not only during the harsh winters but also during a crisp autumn wind. It will help exude an understated confidence and polished look. Available in different colours, fits, and style, our range of full-length cashmere winter overcoats and mens full length overcoat for men, floor length coat is great for all body types and it just depends on what you match them with.

In today's world, the problem is not getting the right clothing but is to know what is the right clothing. The knowledge of fashion is the key point in styling your wardrobe. If you are looking at revamping your wardrobe start with knowing the prevailing trends and your taste. Also keep in consideration the weather at the time and the type of events that will be turning up at your door.

For the smart casual events that frequent during the winter season classic overcoat is the ideal choice. This outerwear style is one of the fundamentals in a men's wardrobe. This warm outerwear protects both you and your outfit from the cold winds and the occasional showers.

Overcoats is basically a long sleeves coat usually made of heavy fabrics and can be either single breasted or double breasted and probably has a single vent on its back. They differ largely from topcoats but are often confused with each other. Topcoats are made from lighter fabrics and extend at the most to the knee.

The origin of the overcoat is not very accurate with some claiming it to be prevailing since 1772 while claim it to be a latter fashion which only came around the early 19th century. But the usage of the word itself comes from the late 18th century thus proving their existence even before the Regency period in Britain. Many forms of overcoats have since been and out of fashion while some staying till now.

The main thing to note when buying a overcoat is the fabric that it is made of. Mostly overcoats are winter wears and as said before worn to battle against the cold. Hence the overcoats are often made of heavier fabrics like wool or fur collar that provides the required insulation for the body.

Wool is one the most preferred fabric when it comes to overcoats. You may wonder how wool works against rain but while the fabric is not water proof, it is water resistant and only feels heavy or wet only after holding about 20 percent of its weight in water. It also is one of the warmest fabrics available because it is made up of fine fibres that trap air thus consequently heating up the body.

Cashmere is a finer version of wool and scores more in terms of warmth and quality. Of course they are costlier than wool but if you are the one who invests on quality outfits cashmere may be your choice.

Fur overcoats are not as common as wool but still occupy a good place in the array of winter 3, 4 length coats mens. It may be more prevalent among the female wearers but is constantly becoming popular among the male customers. Even if the whole fur 3, 4 length coats are not common the 3, 4 length coats that have partial inclusions of fur in it in certain places like sleeves and hoodies has seen a rise in recent times.

While wool and fur are natural fabrics, synthetic fabrics also makes a round a overcoats though they are not as popular as the natural fabrics. Another popular form of the fabrics is the blend of materials. For example, overcoats made of a blend of two fabrics like wool and cashmere is available. The advantage of this type of blended fabric is that it combines the positives of the two fabrics as offer it as one.

Next important thing to note is the fit of the overcoat. It is made to worn over a suit or a jacket thus it is ideal to make sure that there is enough room for your shoulders and waist to fit along with your blazer underneath. Better when going to purchase the overcoat, wear a suit or a jacket to try the 3, 4 length coat on.

Overcoats basically come in two styles. They are either single breasted or double breastedSingle breasted styles  are more versatile with them being used on both formal and casual events though they lean more on the casual style. Double breasted overcoats are most preferred as an outerwear for formal events when to suit up to look crisp. Some of the famous styles like greatcoat, peacoat and Ulster coat are double breasted. The next important thing to note is the length of the overcoat. Choosing a overcoat is not as easy as selecting a jacket since they come in varying lengths and this may become a issue if you are not sure what to choose. If you go to a good shop and if it specialises on outerwear then you will find a wider range of options.

The key to selecting a overcoat is not to concentrate much on its length. It is better to select a floor length coat when compared to a shorter one. However the length also depends on the fit of the jacket. If the jacket doesn't fit the size of your shoulders you have no option than to get a bigger size thus naturally increasing the length. If you are a person who has an overbuilt shoulder when compared to the height it is better to go for a style commonly known as right one shoulder in which the jacket sleeves are built separate. It looks good on these type of people since it helps to hide the overbuilt stature and gives a little bit of slope to the shoulders.

If you have a good slope at your shoulders it is better to go with a square cut. The overcoats which have similar cut like that of an jacket will do the job. Once you ensure that it fits your shoulders perfectly next thing to do is to find how it fits in the chest area. If you find more than two inches of room to adjust, both lesser or more think before you purchase the overcoat.

If it is tight make sure that there is extra fabric to adjust before buying it. If in any case you can't see the inside of the overcoat or inside of the fabric it is better to skip the purchase of that item. Most manufacturers nowadays do not give overcoats a large space for adjustments so it is better to for a looser fit than a smaller one. Even if its loose it is a problem because the tailor you are going to take it to make adjustments is going to charge a hefty price since making adjustments in such heavy fabric is hard and required expertise.

Next comes the fit of the overcoat at the hip section and at the stomach area. It is the right fit only if you have some extra room along the mid section. It can be a little big since it is acceptable on a overcoat and some overcoats come with the belt option so that you can adjust it according to your torso. But if its tight on the fit go for a larger size.

Only after ensuring all this data fits you can look over at the length of the floor full length coat. Overcoats typically come in two basic lengths - full length and the three fourth lengths. Full length coats go below the knee while the three fourths end at the knee or few inches above the knee. Full lengths are common since they are considered a good look than the three fourths. They give out a look that makes a man look professional. Overcoats were developed originally to protect the body and outfit from weather elements like rain and full lengths fulfill this purpose perfectly.

With the increase in the use of automobiles the lengths of the coats became shorter since full length coats were uncomfortable for frequent mounting and dismounting of the vehicles. These shorter coats made it easy for travel and was used as driving jackets.

So when selecting the length of the coat it depends mainly on the wearer of the floor length coat. If you are in a busy city and does most of your commute by public transport then it is better to go with full length overcoats. But if you are in slight country side and travel by bike or car then the better option is the three fourth overcoat. As aforementioned it is always better to go for full lengths since they compliment almost every body type except men of very short stature. If you go for short length coats especially four or more than four inches above the knee it looks like a half coat and can make a man look square especially if the man has a upper big area.

The advantage with going for the full length ones is that if you find the floor length coat that fits perfectly but has some extra inches on its height then you can get it shortened easily while it is not an option in shorter coats. When the length depends on your preference and there is no right or wrong length it is preferable to have about four to five inches of clearance above your shoes. This alteration can make a difference in terms of the overall look making it go from sloppy to sharp at an instant.

Fit of the overcoat is important because all along the winter season people are going to see your overcoat more than your actual outfit. So it is important to select something that fits you well. Therefore do not think much on spending on the fabric or the tailoring to get the perfect fit. When the compliments start to roll in you'll realise that all the hassle was not for waste.

A slim fit overcoat can sometimes even surpass the looks of a branded full length coats. And also make sure to wear the suit or sweater when going to purchase the overcoat so that you can try it on to get the correct fit. Even if you were in a haste and don't have a jacket on put on a random jacket from the store and then try the overcoat on it.

When you decide to buy an overcoat you should have a basic knowledge of where to get it. If you are trying to save a little and fixing on a used one then ebay and second hand stores are the best choices. It may take you a little more time and effort to find the right style and that which fits you right. The supply is also limited but you can always check more thrift stores near you. The defined sizes also cannot help since every manufacturer's sizes run different slightly.

Another thing to check is to whether the full length coats are in good condition. Not all clothes in thrift stores come right out of dry cleaners and hence it is important to check for strains. It is also important to check the quality by finding the moth holes if present since it can get really expensive to fix them and sometimes impossible. Again to guarantee that you don't have existing moths or eggs in your garment it is better to send them to cleaners right away after purchasing it. Sending it to cleaners is the only option to get rid of the moths and as opposed to the popular belief freezing the garment does not work on killing the moths.

Buying the garment new is the easiest option as you just need to find a good store and find one that fits both your body and taste. Sometimes more varities are available in local stores than in big department stores.

The most sophisticated option is to get a custom made overcoat but it is an option that most men do not go for. It may be a little expensive since you pay for quality plaid fabric and the best workmanship. But it is worth the price since they are made perfectly as per your instructions and may save a lot of time.

Overcoats are a classic piece of outfit and spending on it may be a long term investment for most people.


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