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When you wish to buy an overcoat, there are innumerable reasons to choose a double breasted mens wool coat. It effectively keeps the heat out and makes the wearer stay warm. Double breasted pea coats mens are equally stylish and elegant and make you stand out from the crowd. These coats are mostly preferred because of its soft nature, snug fit and coziness. These coats help keep you warm and make you look best during colder months. Mens double breasted wool coats are mostly available in basic colors like black, tan, olive green, navy blue etc. But nowadays, with the advent of technology, they come in many different vibrant shades and designs.
We all know the fact that, these mens double breasted wool coats and double breasted overcoat mens are worn as fashion items. But nowadays, these coats can be worn for its practical uses too. Besides making you look so sexy and stylish, they effectively safeguard you from extreme cold days. They can also be worn during summer time. In the earlier days, men alone wore overcoats, but now women too wear overcoats, especially double breasted coats. As time passed by, this eternal clothing piece has evolved gracefully. Men usually do not have second thoughts while wearing double breasted wool coats. They do not just wear the coat, but delight in it. These mens double breasted pea coats are strong enough to entice the onlookers and they do not need any additional embellishments or bold fabrics within it to catch the eyes of others. You can either button it up or unbutton it; it is up to your convenience. You will look great eventually.
Distinctive features of mens double breasted wool coats
These double breasted pea coats are an excellent way of expressing ones unique lifestyle in terms of fashion and style. These pea coats are solely designed to flatter the exact body shape of the wearer and to bring out the users masculine silhouette. These wool coats are a conservative, but eternal option for men. Beyond doubt, mens double breasted pea coat is a fine looking suit that compliments your look and fits well into your budget. If you wear this coat occasionally, you can go for traditional colors. But if you wear the coat often, it is good for you to choose vibrant colors and versatile fabrics. These double breasted wool coats mens work well for all your business meetings, casual events, dinner parties and night outs. Indeed, wearing double breasted wool coat is a wonderful way of going so formal.
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For mens topcoat needs, we, at Overcoat USA, have a mark of class and distinction and have been for many years. We combine the best and latest tailoring approaches with the most desired materials so that you can put on our mens double breasted wool coats with pleasure and confidence. You just visit our website mens overcoat and experience the ageless class that can only be found in our collection of topcoats. From the board room meeting to wedding events or night parties, we take pride in providing top-notch coats that meet the preferences and tastes of our beloved clients. A powerful outer garment this is, that you should add into your wardrobe collection straightaway.
Picking out a perfect suit is a tough job in itself but getting a overcoat is a whole different story. There are a lot of things to consider and being sluggish may ruin your overall look or result in a wardrobe living overcoat that never sees the outside world.

The particular task is hard because most people do not have an array of overcoats. The practical thing to do is to select a minimal number of overcoats in a way that they match with your existing wardrobe fashion. There are people who own varities even in overcoats but the majority of the population goes on minimalist approach. If you are one among these minimalists it may be important to choose your overcoat carefully because the chances are that it is going to pair with most of your outfits.

That being said there are lots of styles in overcoats to choose from. Overcoats are the essential garments when the season of rains and winds come knocking the doors. It is the best available protection of ourselves and the suits from the natural elements. It is a must in fall winter coats and rainy seasons coats and also gives a added professionalism to the outfit.
Overcoats are long and reach the knee or below it and are basically designed to give warmth to the person wearing it. Hence they are mostly made of heavy materials like wool and fur. Blended fabrics are also available but apart from natural fabrics synthetic fabrics have also seen rise in overcoats.
Overcoats are worn over suits and other professional wears and are considered formal.Topcoats are shorter in length than overcoats and are considered casual. You can never pair a suit with casuals like winter jackets. There will be heavy judgement even if you dressed perfectly head to toe but messed up in the area of your outer garment. Thus careful choosing is required to make it work.

First comes the fabric of the overcoat that which it is made from. When you are purchasing a daily use overcoat it is better to go with wool and cashmere. Both are soft and warm but cashmere scores more in comparison. Cashmere fabric is thick and therefore can give good insulation and also exudes a rich look. The price range of cashmere can get high and if you find a blend of wool and cashmere fabric then it is the perfect choice. They combine the best characteristics of both the fabrics and the price also comes down considerably. There are differing lengths of coats available. Generally the most classic ones are the full length and the three fourth ones. Full length coats are considered dressier than the three fourths and it is the look to go for if you are in professional events. They add a reliability to the look and mostly preferred by older men. They are also the ideal pick for taller men since they can compensate the excessive height. The three fourths are common among younger generation since they give out a flashy look. These most probably reach the knee but also can reach anywhere between the knee and the trouser pockets.

When you decide on buying a overcoat you are most likely to head to a store that stocks it than going to a tailor. If that is the case make sure to wear a sweater or jacket to try the overcoat on. Going with a t shirt can result in a tighter fit when wore over a suit. The overcoat should be comfortable enough and make sure it does not restrict movements. Another practical thing to note is that if they have enough inner and outer pockets and if they are of good size. They may be lot of namesake pockets that may be of no plausible use. Lastly check the overcoat for loose threads or exposed linings that is the overall quality.

Another major dilemma in choosing a overcoat is the design of it. The two major styles available in overcoats are single breasted and double breasted styles. Single breasted coats have one column of buttons and a narrow overlap of fabric. Single breasted styles typically have three buttons and a notched lapel. But peaked lapels with single buttons is also a popular style. They also do not have much overlapping material as a double breasted coat mens. They are versatile and are not considered very formal hence you can pair it with most of your outfits. Hence if you are a person who does not suit up often it is better to go with single breasted overcoats.
Double breasted overcoats mens are considered formal and has a structure that is not compatible with bars and casual events. It is better to wear this overcoat when you are fully suited up for a professional meeting or such events. Pairing it with casual clothes will make you look underdressed. If you are going for a single breasted coat it is easier to find 2 or 3 button ones since they are more common. You can go for a correct fit since they need not be buttoned up unlike their double breasted counterparts.
Double breasted overcoats mens come with 4 6 or 8 buttons arranged in two rows symmetrically with the topmost buttons usually non functioning. They have a lot of extra fabric at the place where the coat closes and this is the reason for the provision of extra buttons compared to single breasted style. The extra fabric makes the overcoat heavy and hence provided more warmth than the single breasted ones. They mostly come with peaked lapels and are considered more durable. They give out a no nonsense look and are considered fashion forward.
The idea of double breasted jackets probably started along the 19th century when some prescient designer decided to try out a style by overlapping front flaps with two vertical column of buttons. This was originally designed for the military officers to be specific the naval officers given the unforgiving weather on the waters. They were first introduced into the British Navy and later owing to its widespread use became a civilian outerwear genre all on its own with popular icons promoting the look with ages.

Even today double breasted jackets have remained in style. Most classic overcoats are double breasted for example coats like the greatcoat, the pea coat, the Ulster coat being some. It also owes to the benefit of having extra cloth that keeps the wearer warm and the popping style of the larger lapels. Even in times when double breasted suits and jackets were rarely seen their overcoat counterparts have managed to stay in style.

If you go on a shopping stroll you can see that the double breasted style is everywhere. Be it the suits or jackets or the overcoats they have a special place for the double breasted style. A traditional Paletot coat is a timeless option when paired with a formal ensemble as fashion times are coming. A greatcoat preferably a herringbone overcoat scores heavy on both aspects of elegance and practicality. If you are searching for a less formal look trench coat offers the best but also provides a worthy look with its belted waist giving a pleasing hourglass look. There are styles which come with a ten button arrangement a deviation from the usual. This unusual style gives the wearer a elegance reserved for the bold and a move from the conventional style. The ring jackets are the double breasted overcoats are made in Japan from a black and white glen version of the fabric that are woven to have a natural stretch and can give a bolder approach to formal wear. But the price range of the fabric is higher compared to normal fabrics.

When mostly the double breasted styles are considered to be the best for only formal wears the rule can be bended provided some things are noted. The double breasted coats mens can be worn less formally if they are good and have a trim fit. This can come in handy if you decide to wear the overcoat without the jacket thus loosing the bulky look.

If you lean more on the informal style you can always choose the Ulster coats with their broad lapels and tapered waists and it is better to choose earthy colors like forest green and navy. A overcoat made of pure cashmere fabric and adorned with velvet collars are popularly called as chesterfield coats and was named after the 19th century Earl of Chesterfield. A pea coat which was the most preferred style by the then naval officers comes in tightly woven wool and linen with cotton over the body through the sleeves thus providing extra warmth. Jeep coats are made of brushed cotton and cones with eight buttons. They are named such because they resemble the coats worn by people in open sided war time vehicles. When it comes to overcoat it is most probably a long time investment hence it is better to do some research before deciding on a style.

On the basis of fitting care should be taken to find the right kind of fit or else the coat is going to ruin the overall look of the outfit.

One of the major changes in styles of overcoat depends on its lapel design. There are different styles of lapels available- classic, longer and wide spaced. In terms of the right slim fit there are some key points in a overcoat.

The trickiest part of the overcoat is the shoulders in terms of fitting. This is because of the fact that the overcoat is worn with or without a jacket or a sweater underneath. Make sure to find the coat that fits snug with the suit that you wear underneath. The shoulders of the overcoat should not be loose and hanging and should gently hug the body. It is best to buy a overcoat when wearing a heavyweight suit since even if worn over a thin layer it does not look ill fit.

When it comes to length as aforementioned height of the wearer is the major factor. A overcoat that ends a few inches above the knee can be versatile and can even be worn with casuals like jeans or trousers. If the wearer is short the length can reach a few inches below the knee since lesser length may make it look stunted or boxy. The most important thing to note is that the coat must have enough length to balance out the girth in the shoulders. Good proportioning of the overcoat as opposed to the bodys natural shape is the key. For taller men the choice is wide. They can go for full length coats so that it visually balances out the excess height.

While finding the right fit for an overcoat you can apply the same rule as for the fitting of the suits. Collar is one of the most important element in fitting both a suit or a overcoat since it is where the garment hangs from. It should be noted that the collar should wrap around the neck closely without any major gapping. For an overcoat point to be noted is that the suit collar should not be visible from the back nor the suit lapels from the front. The overcoat should provide a full coverage around the jacket of the suit.

The sleeves in the suit jacket are not made for full coverage while that is the main thing you will need in a overcoat. An ideal coats sleeve should cover the wrist and graze the hands. This is mainly because of the fact that they are meant to provide full warmth against the cold especially when worn with gloves.

Spending money on a overcoat for most men is a long term investment and hence taking care on the details does not hurt since buying a ill fitting coat is a whole waste on all aspects.
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