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One garment that is as iconic as the trench coats in menswear is the peacoat. The peacoat jacket have become a mandatory garment in almost all mens wardrobe and we are loving it. The elegance of the double breasted jacket along with the warmth that it provides is a welcome though in the cold winter. If you are thinking of revamping your winter wardrobe then you should definitely think of choosing the mens peacoat style. The peacoat style is greatly versatile and would provide you with a great option to try out different fashion looks. In this article we are going to talk further about the peacoat and some of the best ways in which you can style them.

Since peacoat is a classic style that has been in use for over a century it would be great to learn some of its heritage and the story on how it managed to stay relevant all these years. When you look at the design and structure of the peacoat you will note that is significantly different than the other classic coat styles like trench coats, great coats and more. This is because of the fact that all these other coats originated from army use while the peacoats were first used by the navy. Thus the design of the peacoats were such that the wearer can fare well in the sea.

For example the peacoats come with the double breasted design which provides the wearer with extra warmth when compared to the single breasted styles. The big collar on the peacoats were also designed so that they could be used to cover the neck and face of the wearer when the winds are strong. One of the major changes in the design of the peacoat jacket is the length. Most of the winter coat styles come with the long length while the peacoats end in the upper thigh portion of the wearer. This is was designed as such so that the sailors will have a good freedom of movement on the deck. Since then these details have become the signature of the mens peacoat jackets even though they aren't much of a use today.

There aren't much of style options with the classic styles but there are options with the other details like the color of the coat and patterns on it. Thus it would be best if you go through the styles thoroughly before you make the pick. While choosing the peacoats make sure that you go with the quality fabrics since it is the one that ensures you the protection against the cold. Wool peacoat jacket mens are the ones that are usually preferred since they are the ones that offer the best protection against the cold and are also versatile. You can wear peacoat wool jackets with almost any garments and would give you good return for your money. But if you are looking for coats that you wear for the special occasions then you should consider going with the fur peacoat or the fur collar peacoat. Fur coats offer better warmth against the cold and give you a special look. There are also other options like velvet peacoats and peacoat leather jackets when you want the look to be trendy. Go through these styles and choose one according to your need.

You have bought a peacoat of your liking and then what? You have to style it with appropriate combining garments for the look to be great. Here are some of the styling ideas for the peacoat which might help you decide on your style.

The peacoat jackets are best to be paired with the smart casual and casual outfits because of the short length but they can also be styled with the formal garments. Find the right style that could work for you and this might take some trial and error.

If you are a person who likes dressing up to the office and wouldn't mind some appreciative glances thrown your side then you can choose to style the navy peacoat dress jacket with an outfit of grey plaid blazer paired with a white dress shirt, a blue tie and a pair of light grey dress pants. To round off this super simple but stylish look you can add a pair of dark brown leather shoes. If you are looking for a layered outfit then you can style the navy peacoat jacket with a light blue long sleeve shirt, navy crew neck sweater, navy blazer and a pair of blue dress pants. To bring down the formality of the outfit you can add with it a pair of dark brown leather Chelsea boots.

Nowadays many organisations have shifted to the comfortable smart casual and even casual dress code for their employees. If you work in one such organizations then the peacoat jacket mens is a must have in your wardrobe. For an stylish outfit that you can whip together on a day you are late for the office you can choose to style the black double breasted peacoat with a charcoal grey cable sweater and a pair of blue jeans. For a more layered outfit you can style the brown peacoat jacket with a white dress shirt, grey wool blazer and a pair of brown plaid chinos. To round off the look add a red scarf which will pop your outfit and then a pair of white leather low top sneakers.

For an off duty look that will still earn appreciative glances for you we would suggest you to style the wool carcoat peacoat with a white crew neck t-shirt, light blue scarf and a pair of black skinny jeans. Finish it off with a pair of black leather casual boots. For a dapper and comfortable look style the grey peacoat dress coat with a white crew neck t-shirt, grey zip sweater and a pair of black skinny jeans. Again boots would be the best way to complete the look but you can also try sneakers.


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