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Overcoats are one of the garments where we still have many classics ruling the trending charts. Though it has been already a century since these styles came into use they still remain to be one of the popular choices among both men and women. Today we are going to talk about one such styles of the overcoats which is the mens double breasted peacoats. You must already know that this is one of the most coveted styles in menswear. Chances are high that you might already have this style in your wardrobe but if you don't believe us when we say this is the right time to get one for yourself. Read the article further to know why yoh should get the peacoats and how best you can style them.

Most of the overcoat styles that we have now originated during the world war times but the origin of peacoat remains to be ambiguous. There are different stories claiming to be the true origin of the peacoats but one thing that is common to all the stories is that these coats originated in the navy unlike the other ones like trench coats which came from the army. While one story claims that the double breasted peacoats mens have been in use by the Dutch navy soldiers since the 18th century there is also the story of the coat coming into style first in the 19th century. Whichever is the true story one thing that remains to be true is that it is now a universal style and it is going nowhere in the near future.

Since it is a widely popular style you might already be introduced with the style but for people who are hearing about the style for the first time – what is a mens peacoat? The easiest feature that could be recognised for the peacoat is its double breasted style with the straight cut down the body. Unlike the long overcoats, peacoats only reach upto the upper thigh portion which is a length that is only slightly longer than the jackets.

The classic double breasted peacoats come with the oversized Ulster collar which you can use to button up around the face to protect yourself from the cold or the wind. The full design of the peacoats starting from the double breasted style to the short length and the turntable collars are also done keeping the sailors in mind. The winds are harsh in the sea and thus the double breasted design allows better warmth along with the turnable collars. Also the sailors often have to move around and climb the mast thus making the long coats impractical. Even today this navy friendly design of the peacoats is carried on making it a true classic style.

While the double breasted peacoats can be worn with any style they are best while they are paired with the semi formal and casual garments. Thus it would be better if you reserve these coats for your off duty adventures. But if you still want to go with styling the peacoats with the formal garments then we would suggest you to go with the double breasted long peacoats instead of the shorter ones.

While choosing the double breasted peacoats there are a few things that we want you to know. The first thing is to select the right fabric of the coat. Double breasted wool peacoats are the ones that are most preferred and make sure that you choose a quality one since the durability depends on the fabric. There are also ones with fur collars that will provide you with an extra warmth.

In case you are wondering about styling of the garment here are some outfit ideas which might help you find your style. For a formal and classy look you can style the navy wool double breasted peacoat with an outfit of grey plaid blazer paired with a white dress shirt, navy tie and a pair of grey chinos. To dress it up a little add a pair of charcoal socks and brown leather Oxford shoes to the outfit. For a smart casual outfit that can work for a regular day at office you can style the navy double breasted peacoat mens with a light blue dress shirt, navy crew neck sweater and a pair of navy dress pants. Give it a slightly casual look by adding a pair of dark brown suede Chelsea boots.

If you are a fan of patterns then you can start with adding it to your outfit first. For example a charcoal grey slimfit double breasted peacoat paired with a multi colored gingham dress shirt and blue jeans is a cool and trendy look. Adding with it a pair of dark brown leather brogues and navy socks would be a great style. Once you are quite used to the patterns you can purchase patterned peacoats. We have already mentioned that peacoats look great with smart casual and casual outfits. When it is a patterned one the look becomes even more interesting.

For a simple off duty style you can choose to style the double breasted plaid peacoat with a navy striped crew neck t-shirt, grey shawl cardigan and a pair of tobacco corduroy chinos. You can include add ons like beanie and scarf when the temperature is too cold. Our choice to finish off the look is a pair of dark brown leather casual boots. For a off duty but stylish look you can pair the double breasted herringbone peacoat with an outfit of charcoal grey cable sweater paired with blue jeans. A pair of dark brown leather Chelsea boots would beautifully complement the outfit. You can also go with double breasted belted pea coat while pairing it with casual styles like striped crew neck t-shirt and navy blue jeans. The peacoat because of the double breasted style will be a close fitting garment and thus make sure that you go with the right fit.


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