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When we talk about overcoats most of the mens overcoat styles' history trace back to the world War times. Even after over a century these styles remain to be in the market with little to no changes in the design. There are a lot of styles in peacoats and choosing the one that will suit you might take some careful consideration. One of the styles among them which is considered to be a classic is the peacoats. In this article we discuss the brown peacoats and some of the best ways in which you can style them.

As a classic it is important to know the history of the garment and as for the peacoat it is believed to have started with the Navy. The exact origin story of the peacoats is still ambiguous but it is claimed that the European and American sailors have been using the particular style of the overcoats for over three centuries. One story claims that the Dutch who were the real naval power at that time were the first to bring in this style of the overcoats. But the other story starts in Britain and claims that Mr. Edgard camplin who sold uniforms for the British navy created this style of coats as the uniform for the petty officers. It is said that he named the coat as petty coat which also came to be known as P. Coat which might make sense.

Now the mens peacoats are considered to be one of the most prominent styles in the overcoat market. One of the reason why this style of coats have weathered through all the changes in fashion is because of the functionality of the coat. The peacoats are not very extravagant and comes with a straight cut down the body. The length of the mens brown peacoats are slightly longer than that of the regular jackets but are shorter than the overcoats.

The brown peacoats come with the Ulster collar which you can button up around your face. This type of collar was designed so that the sailors can protect the face and the neck from the cold winds and waters on the deck. The design of the double breasted brown peacoats provide the wearer with more warmth than the single breasted styles of overcoats. The early design of the brown peacoats seems to have come without the side vents or feature short side vents but the brown peacoats nowadays come with the center vent. They also come with vertical slit pockets which provide easy access.

As for the fabric of the brown peacoats the traditional U.S navy ones were made of melton. Wool. When you need an authentic style then you can go with the melton men's wool brown peacoats and they are best for winter given that they provide best protection against the cold. Other than this you can also try going with mens brown tweed peacoats. When you need lightweight style then you can try out the cotton brown peacoats. For cheap brown peacoats styles you can opt for the synthetic fabric ones or the blended one.

As for the color of the mens peacoats most would prefer to go with black or navy blue styles since they are considered to be the most versatile. While this is true it can also be deduced that most would have the same in their wardrobe. Now when you need a slightly different style but one that is also not over the top then you should go with brown peacoats. Brown peacoats will provide you with the country look but at the same time will pair well with almost any outfit styles.

The shade of the brown mens peacoats is one of the most important things to note. When you are getting the coat for formal use like for wearing to work then it is best for you to stick with the dark brown peacoats. This style of dark brown peacoat mens will blend in with almost any outfit and also you can style them for both formal and casual events. But when  you need a style that you can wear to semi formal and casual events then you can choose to go with the light brown peacoats.

As for styling the brown peacoat mens here are some ideas that might work out for you. Starting with the formal look when you want to make the brown peacoat men work out for your workwear you can style it with a charcoal striped double breasted blazer, white dress shirt and olive chinos. To complete the look you can add with it a pair of burgundy leather Brogues. For a sharp yet stylish smart casual look you can style the brown peacoat jacket with a mint long sleeve shirt, navy scarf and a pair of navy jeans. To finish off the outfit in style you can add with it a pair of burgundy leather casual boots.

If you are dressing for an evening event ans would like a polished look you can choose to style the brown wool peacoat mens with a black Henley shirt and a pair of black dress pants. You can complete the all black look with a pair of black leather brogues. For a casual look you can style the brown peacoat with hood with an ensemble that consists of black crew neck T-shirt and a pair of beige chinos. You can ad d finesse to the look but pairing it with black leather Chelsea boots.

When you are bored with the usual solid brown peacoat styles you can give a try to the ones with patterns. For example when you need a versatile style you can choose to style the brown plaid peacoat with a white dress shirt, blue print tie and a pair of navy plaid chinos. For a more casual brown peacoat outfit you can style them with a black hoodie and a pair of black chinos. You can complete the look with a pair of white leather low top sneakers.


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