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plaid chesterfield over coats, full length wool coat menPlaid overcoats- understated glamour An overcoat need not be plain. Interesting than a monochromatic outerwear, but less showy than an embellished topper, a plaid coat and plaid overcoat is a quintessential wardrobe item that every man should own. The best part is that it can easily be styled into a whole spectrum of outfits. When the winter starts to set in, give a surprising and interesting choice to your everyday dress code with plaid top coats, plaid winter coat mens and mens plaid overcoat bring back the vintage elegance. Browse through our impressive collection of high-quality Plaid overcoats from Mens plaid winter coat, plaid overcoat mens, mens wool plaid overcoat and buy to create a stunning look.

 SUITS PLAID WINDOW PANE SUITS INDIGO GREY TANIf you are thinking on getting a new overcoat to add to your collection stop and read this article. If you are already have a collection of overcoats then you would sure have solid colored overcoats already in your wardrobe. There is nothing new in going out there and getting a same style of overcoat. It is high time that you ditch the boring plain style ( since you have them already) and go for more exciting styles that adds certain flair to your wardrobe collection.


Incorporating patterns into the outerwear is one smooth way of injecting style into your ensemble since you cannot so easily do it into your work suits overcoat. While there are many patterns for you to choose from one of the most famous style of pattern when it comes to outerwear is plaids. Plaid is gaining more audience now more than ever with James Bond even incorporating the style. This summer style has spread fast in every possible mens clothing in a short amount of time. Now the magic with the plaid is that it has a happy vibe to it and suits almost anyone. The cool kids attire has now gathered fans from every age groups as opposed to when it was only preferred by young people. All the famous brands like Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford and even some famous designers have started rolling out garments incorporating plaid in every possible creative ways. This experiment have resulted in plaid motorcycle jackets and even plaid shoes!!! Even plaid pants which were once considered a loser style have started gaining compliments finally shaking off the negative vibes.

PLAID WOOL TOPCOAT BURGUNDY WINDOWPANEAs for the origin of the plaids we all know that it is of Scottish origin. This was always associated with Scottish Rebellion of 1745 which churned against the union of Scotland and England thus banning the pattern from the country for nearly a half a century by an introduction of Dress Act. It only came back by 1782 when the restriction was lifted and the style picked up until it became vogue to wear plaid gowns for formal occasions. Truth be told most of us do not know the difference between plaid and tartan. The best answer is that they are not much different for a open look. By original definition a plaid is defined as a Celtic kilt or a blanket which is used as a outer layer to protect the wearer from the Highland elements. Tartan are unique cloth patterns that is used to distinguish different Scottish clan according to their geographical location. They were designed in a way that it represents the geographic location of the clan and people who were away from the clan used this style of tartans to identify each other. This soon was mass produced by the British and American manufacturers who started created patterns that resembled tartans and this were widely known as plaids overcoat. They were at that time kept in high esteem with even the Kings gifting the fabric.


Now if you are getting the plaid overcoat for formal use like to wear with suits stick with dark colored plaid dress overcoats. Grey plaid overcoats are a good option since they go well with navy overcoat. And for formal use keep the plaid pattern minimal. You can go with a brown plaid duffel overcoat and pair it with a tan suit to get a chic look. If for casual styles you can go with large plaids and brighter colors. A dark green plaid overcoat can be paired with both casual and formal clothes. If you are confident enough you can go with multicolored plaid overcoats which you can easily match with any colored outfits. Make sure that you accessorize your outfit accordingly so that your look is complete.
Plaids look good on almost any mens wear and hence they are now incorporated into all styles like shirts, sports coats, blazers, waistcoats and pants. All you have to do is to select a style that would work for you and then buy it.
sports coat is also known as odd jacket since it lacks a matching pair of pants. They are nearly as formal as a suit and less dressy when compared to blazers. They can be worn with denim overcoat and a casual button up for a classic yet stylish look. As this is a smart casual look you can incorporate in it bold patterns like plaids so that they are distinguished from a regular suit coat. It is better if the sports coat include in it small yet defining details like pleats in the back and some odd pocket treatments. A plaid sports coat paired with a heavy denim and a checked shirt is a good smart casual look. You can also add a patterned pocket square for a more distinguished look. When it comes to waistcoats plaid vests are the best for formal purposes. black window pane plaid 100% wool overcoat 3 button full length top coat
navy plaid overcoat with subtle pattern is a good office look when paired with light blue chinos and a navy sport coat. You can also go for a stylish look by wearing a grey plaid overcoat with grey chinos and white long sleeved shirt. For a more formal purpose you can go with brown plaid overcoat with navy corduroy suit along with a navy plaid overcoat. You can also wear a nice colored plaid overcoat with matching plaid pants along with a white dress overcoat shirt and velvet blazer.
Plaid is a great pattern if styled right so make sure that you incorporate it to its maximum use. There are different sizes and patterns in it. A plaid overcoat can be paired with blue jeans for a cool look. If you are going for wool or Cashmere styles Prince of Wales plaid overcoat is a good choice since it gives a rich feel. Some major brands like Gucci even offer embroidered styles. Our site offers these garments at best price without compromising on the quality and all you have to do is check out the styles and select the one that suits you.


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