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Overcoats are winter essentials in any man’s wardrobe but they often do not get the attention which they deserve. While the suits and the blazers have lot of articles dedicating on how you should purchase them, what to look for and how to style them the articles for the overcoats are comparatively very low. Some might think that there isn’t much to consider while getting the overcoats but there are some important points to note and lot of styles that you should know before you make the purchase. In this article we discuss the mens navy blue overcoats and why it is a must have for your collection.

When it comes to overcoats men tend to have two or three of them in their wardrobe and some even make do with the one for all approach. Whichever type of person you are we recommend you to have a mens overcoat in your wardrobe. This is because of the fact that the mens navy blue overcoat is considered to be the most versatile choice you can make in the overcoats department. The mens navy coat is a neutral choice that is considered to be a staple for the formal use. Thus you can easily style the mens overcoat for both formal and casual events.

After you decide on getting the mens navy coat the next thing that you should do is to browse the different styles of mens overcoats that are accessible for your purchase. The choices might be limited when you are purchasing it from your nearby stores but when you opt for the online shopping then the choices are endless. You just have to find a site with the mens navy blue overcoat sale and then you have hundreds of choices. But when you go with the mens overcoat online purchase option make sure that you know your measurements so that you can order the one with the perfect fit. The online clothing sites nowadays come with the size chart in which you can compare your size and then order the right fit of the garment for your size. For this you can take the perfectly fitting overcoat that you already possess and take the measurements from it or you can go to your tailor and get your measurements.

Custom made navy coats are always the best in terms of fit but the high price involved with it makes most people avoid the choice. Nowadays the off the rack options come with perfect fits and you can get the one that you feel most comfortable in. Mens slim fit navy coats and mens modern fit overcoats are good for a closely fitting look while the mens classic fit navy blue overcoats gives a roomier fit. Since you have to wear the overcoats over the days outfits it might be a better choice to consider the extra space required for it in the fit. After you get the garment you can still take it to your tailor and make the small adjustments to get the desired fit.

As for the type of the mens navy coat you can go with the classic overcoats or any other specific styles like the mens navy trench overcoats or the mens navy peacoats. The classic mens coats have the basic design and is the one that is most popular. It comes mostly in single breasted style but they are also available in double breasted style. When you go with the classic style you can easily style them for almost any events be it formal or casual. As for the formal look you can go with wearing the peak lapel navy blue overcoat over the ensemble of white dress shirt, charcoal grey blazer, black tie and grey plaid dress pants. To properly complete the look you can add a pair of black leather Chelsea boots.

For a smart casual look you can style the notch lapel navy coat over the dark ensemble of navy turtle neck and navy chinos. If you intend to break the monotonous look then you can add a pair of light pink canvas low tip sneakers to the outfit. For a casual laid back look you can wear the classic single breasted overcoat over the simple outfit that consists of a grey crew neck T-shirt and charcoal chinos. To tone down the look you can add a pair of white canvas low top sneakers to the ensemble.

The overcoat is a great choice of an outerwear when you want to go with the colorful outfits. This is because of the fact that the neutral look of the mens will balance out the bright choice of your outfit thus providing you with a neutral look. For example a ensemble of white crew neck T-shirt, orange hoodie and navy chinos worn under a casual navy coat will provide you with a effortlessly sophisticated outfit. You can complete the cool look of the outfit by adding with it a pair of white canvas low top sneakers.

The double breasted overcoat have a slightly dressier look when compared with the single breasted style and it is better to keep this in mind while styling it. A double breasted coat with fur collar worn over an ensemble of navy turtleneck and white jeans is a sharp and refined look of a sartorially elite gentleman. To properly complete the look you can add a pair of black suede Chelsea boots.

The fabric of the mens coat that you choose is also an important factor to note. The popular recommendation is to go with the wool navy coat since there are a lot of varieties available to choose from. For a luxurious style you can go with the cashmere navy blue overcoat. For lightweight choices go with the cotton overcoats. As for the length it is best to go with the one that suits your body stature. The full length navy blue overcoats are the ones recommended for tall men but you can also try out the half length navy blue overcoats which ends near the mid thigh portion.


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