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When it comes to overcoats trench coats are a popular style among both men and women. The classic garment has its origins from the military and have managed to stand the test of time over the century. While the classic trench coats are usually made from wool nowadays there are different variations available in the market. One of the newest style that seems to be trending both in menswear and womenswear is the denim trench coat style. In this article we discuss all you need to know about the mens denim trench coats and some of the best ways to style them.

The trench coats are considered to be the classiest among all the overcoat designs since it seems to have maintained the intricate details even over the century of constantly changing styles. The classic trench coat style is followed even today and manages to be one of the most popular ones at that. The trench coats also managed to capture the hearts of the major Hollywood filmmakers resulting in almost all of our favorite actors properly rocking the stylish garments. With all this popularity it is only right that the variations of trench coats styles come into the market.

Among all the other styles the denim trench coats seem to have garnered the spotlight of the younger generation. The denim trench coats follow the classic design of the trench coats and come in three quarter length with all the small details perfectly in place. The only variation is that of the fabric. The denim trench coats are a unique style that can make you stand out among the crowd of usual dressers. Thus if you are a curious dresser then it would be a good choice to try out the denim trench coat style.

For getting the perfect denim trench coat style there are details that you will have to note. The mens denim trench coat is double breasted and is usually used as a winter coat style. The traditional style of the denim trench coats will retain the details like the epaulettes and the D rings that are attached to the belt. Other than this the denim trench coats will also be provided with the storm flaps on the shoulder. All these details on the trench coats are the result of designing the garment originally for the soldiers at war.

The trench coat was originally designed for the army officials of a certain rank. But with time when the benefits of the coat were realised it was soon issued for the soldiers fighting at the trenches. Until then the army employed great coats which were heavy and long. But when the trench coats came into existence the lightweight nature and also the waterproof characteristic of the coat made the soldiers prefer the garment more.

The double breasted denim trench coat design that we have now is the result of the designers styling the garment so that the soldiers can stay warm under the harsh climatic conditions in the open trenches. Other than this the coats were also provided with the belt and cuff tighteners when the weather turns. The epaulettes on the trench coats were used to indicate the rank of the officers and D rings were used to suspend pouches and grenades with easy access. Though the length of the trench coats were long like the great coats these were provided with a back vent so as to facilitate easy movement of the soldier in trenches and also allow the rain water to drain from the body easily.

There are a lot of styles in denim trench coats and you can choose the style that you feel most comfortable wearing. The denim trench coats have a stylistic versatility that has the trench coat style thriving all through these years. You can easily pair the denim trench coats with both smart casual and casual clothing. While you can easily wear the wool trench coat over the suits and tuxedos the denim trench coats over these formal clothing might look a little out of place. Thus it may be a better choice to style the stylish denim trench coats over the smart casual and casual clothing.

The color of the denim trench coat you are choosing to go with is the most important factor that is connected with its versatility. When you need a style that you can wear with almost all type of outfits it is best to stick with the classic colors like navy and black. On the contrary if you are going for a casual denim trench coat then you have the liberty of choosing from the light colored ones too. Here are some styling ideas of denim trench coats that might help you in the process.

For a smart casual look that you can style to your casual office day you can wear the navy denim trench coat over an ensemble of light blue dress shirt, beige crew neck sweater and navy dress pants. Other than this you can also opt to style the charcoal gray denim trench coat over an outfit of white dress shirt, camel crew neck sweater and dark gray dress pants.

For a little more laid back and stylish look you can wear the black denim trench coat over an all black outfit of black turtleneck paired with black skinny jeans. If you are looking for a light spring style then you can wear the light blue denim trench coat over an outfit of cream crew neck tshirt and black ripped skinny jeans. Other than the usual styles of denim trench coats you can go with the fashionable picks like vintage denim trench coats and denim trench coats with fur collars. There are also new styles like denim trench coat with patterns and printed denim trench coats available in the market. The length of the denim trench coats should be based on the body stature of the wearer. The long denim trench coats are the best for tall men.


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