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MENS OVERCOAT – NOTCH LAPEL WOOL COATAs winter days near, it is time to upgrade our wardrobes to get through the season without freezing. Among all others one garment becomes very important since it has a versatile purpose. Be it for office or a party or any other occasion we will the overcoats to keep ourselves warm in the upcoming chilling weather. This garment is one of the staples of mens wardrobe that come in many different styles which you can get according to the type of outfit that you want to wear it over. Be it informal, dandy, sporty or elegant there are appropriate styles for every kind.

Overcoats are basically long wool coats that are made of heavy fabrics so that they keep the wearer warm even under adverse weather conditions. There are varying styles according to the lengths too. Some of the styles are available in lengths that reach a few inches below the knee and are called full length overcoats. Some are available in knee high lengths and also some that reach the thigh height. It all depends on the wearers taste and preference. CARDUCCI CASHMERE WOOL COATSNow as for the materials that the overcoats are made of, it should be heavy duty and have good insulation properties which retains the heat. Fabrics of the overcoats is one of the most important thing you will have to decide before you purchase one whether you get it from online sites or sew one yourself. This is the key to know how warm the heavy overcoat will keep you or how long could it last. There are many heavy overcoat fabrics that are available in the market and select the one which matches your requirements.

Wool is one of the most popular fabric when it comes to heavy overcoats. This is a natural fabric and hence has great breathability. These materials are very soft to touch and the fuzzy fabric gives good insulation properties. If you do not mind spending a amount on the quality fabrics then you can go for the ones that are 100% wool. But if you need one in lesser price then you can opt for blends of wool. In blends they combine wool with some cheap price coat fabrics and the resulting fabric is best in properties but has lesser price than the 100% ones. One added benefit of the sheeps wool is that they come in all sorts of finishes which offers you more choices to choose from. Boiled wool, gabardine and felt of some among the numerous options. They also come in water resistant styles which can be a great help when it comes to snowy weather


Cashmere is a luxury fabric that are more expensive than wool but it can be a real show stopper. They are better than wool in most aspects such as softness and comfort. The silky feel of the fabric makes it comfortable but also at the same time gives a sheen to it that in turn provides a posh look. But the extra softness is what makes the materials wear out soon in the major use points like collars and cuffs after frequent use. Therefore cashmere is a better choice when you already have heavy overcoats that serve your daily fashion and you just need a one that is exclusively for special occasions. Cashmere also requires special care but it is always worth the risk to have one. If you find the price of the pure cashmere overcoat too hefty then go with the blends. A wool cashmere blend is a smart choice since it contains the best properties of both the materials. This resulting blend is as durable as the wool and also soft and warm as the cashmere and not to say easier to maintain. TOPCOAT - OVERCOAT THREE QUARTER
Mohair is one fabric that has a distinctive frizzy look to it and is a sought after fabric for winter garments. They are made from the fleece of the Angora goats. The overcoats made of this fabric are tough and durable making them a worthy investment. They have good insulating properties and their fuzzy look earns them a place in both men and womens winter fashion. You can get them pure or in blends and it is a all season wear overcoat.
Tweed fabrics is one of the famous choice among the people who loves contemporary styles. This fabric is heavy and is durable. They are one of the classic styles that become a versatile addition to your wardrobe. They are usually of wool or wool blends and the most distinguished factor of this fabric is its color. This heavy fabric is available in classic colorways and mostly in earthy tones. Harris Tweed is a iconic choice when it comes to heavy overcoats. They were one of the best quality ones and for quite some time even used as the goods in barter thus basically becoming the currency in the islands that they originated first. The beautiful color combinations of this heavy fabric makes them a nice getaway from the normal solid ones. This also makes them versatile and these overcoats can be worn with both formal and casual outfits. QUARTER MENS OVERCOAT-CAR COAT-PEACOAT
Fur coolar overcoat is considered to be one of the oldest materials that man used to keep himself warm. They are also available in different types like mink, sable, chinchilla, beaver and fox being some. When we say fur most of us imagine womens fashion but in recent times fur is making a comeback in mens heavy overcoat styles. If you are not the fan of a full blown mink coat then opt for minimal ones. There are heavy overcoats that incorporate the furs in important places like the hoods and the cuffs making effective use of the fur. The gorgeous look and texture of the fabric is a rich style. If you are against the animal furs there are styles available in artificial ones called the faux furs. Therefore there are numerous options when it comes to fabrics of heavy overcoats. The basic points to remember is that they should be heavy duty and preferably more durable since they are outerwear.


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