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Men's fur collar overcoats

Chances are high that you already have atleast one overcoat in your wardrobe. Overcoats become essential to get through the chilly days but it might be impossible to determine the kind of overcoat everyone has. Of course we can guess it but no one can surely bet on it. But one thing that we can be sure about is the fact that the majority of people won't have mens fur collar overcoat in their collection. This is because of the fact that we tend to stay with the safer styles. But today we are here to talk about the rarer style which is the mens fur collar overcoat and the reasons why you should consider adding it to your overcoat collection.

Often men consider even the slightly flashy styles to be a women's style and totally ignore it. This is the same with fir and there are still people who believe that fur overcoats are reserved for rich women. But the times are changing and with it the fashion. Numbers report that the sale of mens fur overcoats have increased a great deal in the recent years. Thus leave out your inhibitions and try out the styles to see whether it actually suits you or not.

If you are a person who likes to try out the fur overcoats but aren't fully confident about pulling off the style then we would suggest you to go with the fur collar overcoat mens. These aren't too flashy when compared to the fur overcoats and would help you get used to the style. Also if you live in a place which can get cold during winter then fur collar overcoat is a great style to have. Apart from the aesthetic aspect the fur collar in the coat protects your neck and when Turned up your face from the harsh winds and cold. There are various styles of mens fur collar overcoats available and depending on your need you can choose the best one.

The fur collar overcoats were at the peak of popularity in the 1930s. The fur used in the overcoats were usually expensive at that time like mink, beaver and more. But today faux fur collar overcoats are also available and these are preferred by people looking for cheap styles and also by people who are against using animal fur in the clothes.

If you do not mind having animal fur on the garment then there are various styles from which you could choose. While the mens wool overcoat with fur collar is the most prominent choice there is also the option of wool cashmere fur overcoat. Usually the men who purchase the fur collar overcoats reserve it for the special occasions unless they live in extremely cold places. Mens fur collar overcoat provides an elevated and dressed up look which makes it possible to blend in for the special occasions. In that case the wool cashmere fur overcoat becomes the best style to have. Cashmere is softer and more sophisticated than wool coats.

The length of the mens fur collar overcoats is another thing that you should note. If you are looking for formal styles that make you look like you stepped out of a vintage film then you can choose to go with long fur collar overcoats. These were the styles that were extremely popular in the 1930s and 1940s. Usually these fur collar overcoats reached the knees and some below of the wearer and they were styled with the formal garments like suits and tuxedos. If you are a person who likes to go with vintage styles then you should try going with these long mens fur collar overcoats.

On the other hand if you are looking for a more casual and stylish look then you can choose to go with ¾ fur collar overcoats. These half length overcoats usually reach the mid thigh portion of the wearer and can be styled with both formal and casual garments but ideally with the latter alone. Your height along with the body build might also determine the length of the overcoat you can ideally choose. For example if you are a tall and lean person then long fur collar overcoats are usually recommended. The long overcoats usually suit all body types and heights except the people who are too short. If you are one among these people and feel like you are drowning in the fabric then choose the ¾ fur collar overcoats or the short fur collar overcoats instead of the long ones. But if you are in doubt then always choose the longer ones since you have the option of chopping off the extra inches with the longer ones.

If you went through the mens fur collar overcoats online but did not find a style that is a good match to your taste then you can make the overcoat yourself. The fur collars are available separately and it is a simple job for the tailor to stitch it on an overcoat. But you should choose the wool overcoat or any overcoat for that matter with care. Check out Alberto nardoni wool overcoats to check out the available choices and then make your pick. Go with the overcoats with smaller lapels since you do not want your lapels to be peeking out of the fur collars. Ideally notch lapel overcoats are preferred for attaching the fur collars. Single breasted overcoats are more versatile but if you want a stylish and sophisticated look then you can try your hand with double breasted fur collar overcoats.

There is also the option of removable fur collar overcoats and these styles are becoming popular in the recent times. These winter fur collar overcoats come with the fur collar attached but when you do not want it you can remove and then reattach them whenever you need. This way you can use these fur collar overcoats for both the mild winters and the extremely cold ones. A comfortable choice which also saves you money.


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