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WIDE PEAK LAPEL SIX BUTTONS DARK GREY COAT Overcoats are basically long coats that are used to fight off the cold or other adverse weather conditions. With the winter overcoat approaching we will have to brace ourselves against the foggy mornings and cold winds. Overcoats are usually made of heavy materials like wool and fur which have good insulation properties. These materials thus keep the wearer warm and these coats are worn as outerwear over the daily outfits. Wool is the most famous fabric when it comes to mens overcoats. These thick fabrics are available in all price ranges unlike Cashmere which costs a fortune if bought in good quality. Wool on the other hand is affordable and also durable which makes it preferred by all classes of people. There are styles that are available which are lined and unlined. If the mens wool overcoat you purchase is for daily use then it is better to go with lined overcoats since they are more durable. If you feel that 100% wool overcoats are not in your price range or for any other reason not preferable then you can go with wool blends with cheaper materials like nylon since they bring down the price to a considerable level. This also works the other way round. For example if are a fan of Cashmere fabric but 100% cashmere is not within the affordable range then your best option is to go with blends. Wool and Cashmere blends are better than any blends since they combine both the fabrics advantages. Cashmere makes the fabric soft and comfortable and the wool in the fabric makes it more durable than the pure Cashmere ones.  BUTTON CAMEL SINGLE BREASTED WOOL OVERCOATMens wool overcoats are mostly available in two basic lengths - full length and 3/4 lengthsFull length mens wool overcoats are long coats that reach upto the wearers knee or sometimes one or two inches below the knee. If you are a tall person then it is better for you to go with these full length wool ones since they balance out the extra inches making you look good. The 3/4 length mens overcoats reach about the thigh length some inches above the knee. These knee length mens wool overcoats are best for medium height men but there is no perfect length when it comes to wool overcoats. You will have to consider your height and then choose one which works for you. It is always sensible to get the full length mens overcoats because you can reduce the length by taking it to your tailor but if the length is too short then there is little that can be done.
If you are purchasing your mens wool coat for a formal setting like to wear with suits or jackets then it is better to go with dark colored wool overcoats. Black is a classic color when it comes to overcoats. This is a good choice when you wear them over suits. Another choice is to go with navy blue overcoat since it is a great color that works well with most of the colors. Dark grey, burgundy and bottle green are some of the other colors that could work.


Wool is a breathable fabric and hence you can wear these mens wool coats in autumn and spring too if you pair it properly. If for warmer months it is better to go with light colors since darker colors absorbs heat and retains it also it is a known fact that lighter colors work good in sunlight. Off white, camel, light grey, red are some of the colors of mens wool overcoats that could work for the brighter months. If you like patterns in the mens overcoats there are options available like the plaid, checks and the herringbones overcoat which could up your mens wool coat fashion.

These mens wool overcoats have their origin from military like many of the mens garments. These traditional mens garments were first designed for military officers and at first only people in the higher ranks were able to afford the garment. They were after some time designed in water repellent fabrics which were still more popular at that time when this fabric was a relatively new innovation. CENTER VENT GRAY REGULAR FIT OVERCOATMens wool Overcoats are basically of two styles - single breasted and double breasted overcoats. The single breasted overcoats are of lighter build and were majorly used by officers in army. Soon the style carried on to the soldiers and became a part of their uniform because of their practicality. Many small details like the epaulettes and the D rings made the trench coat famous among the soldiers who fought in the field and trenches thus getting its name from it. Even after the soldiers returned home after the war they continued to don on their military styles overcoat of clothing which was soon picked up by civilians thanks to the tailors who by then have mastered the designing of military garments. There after many varying styles were incorporated into the design according to the wearers taste and also practical purposes. Some people replaces the buttons with zip fronts so better fight off cold. Belted versions of the woollen overcoats were extensively used for a period of time especially among the royals. Prince of Wales a fashion icon of his time was also seen wearing the belted style thus catapulting it to popularity. BUTTON WOOL FULL LENGTH CHARCOAL OVERCOAT
As for 2020, single breasted styles are considered to be more versatile than the double breasted styles. They can be worn with both formal and casual outfits whereas the double breasted styles naturally thicker is better to be worn with only very formal styles. This makes sense since these thicker wool overcoats were part of the uniform for the navy officers. As for the fit of the mens wool overcoats it is better to get slim fit overcoat if for formal styles. Get them one size bigger than your jacket size and you are good to go. In our online site we house all sizes and even big and tall sizes which is rare in many other shops and sites. The mens overcoat deals available are worthy of the money that you spend and even better than you get on the shop sales.


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