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MENS GRAY HERRINGBONE TWEED OVERCOAT DOUBLE BREASTED TOP COATTweed is one of the traditional fabrics worn by the powerful or upper class men . It is rough, thick and heavy which makes it water and wind resistant. It originated in Scotland and Ireland. Tweed overcoats are well known to be a country set. It is used for hunting, fishing and shooting activities as they blend with the surrounding. Tweed coats are usually dyed with the shades of brown. Tweed overcoats are crafted from wool coat, that are woven in a plain or twill weave. Tweed overcoats have a surface of diagonal parallel ridges with a plain or twill weave to give a classy look. Tweed is the most refined fabric that keeps you warm and fashionable all day. Some men think that tweed coats are old fashioned, stuffy and professional types of overcoat. Tweed overcoats are commonly worn during Autumn season. As the trend changes, Tweed coats are made with lightweight wool to be worn in summer. They bring out the classy look for after sunset events. Lightweight Tweed overcoats are suited for people who love adventure like hiking and cycling. Nowadays Tweed is regaining and witnessing its own fashion and trend.

Wool Tweed overcoats are made with different patterns and color to achieve the product that customer yearns for. But the common ones are plain patterned overcoats as they are woven in a single thread to bring out the unique design protruded on the surface of the fabric. There are eight different types of tweed, so choosing the Tweed according to your taste and utility is important. Harris Tweed overcoat is made by hand with pure wool. Harris Tweed overcoat is more consistent with roughness of finish that makes it stuffy and stretchy. Designer western overcoats will give you new inspiration to your look. Designer Tweed overcoats with a suit and blazer will upscale your entire outfit. It gives a strong impact on every occasion.


Herringbone Tweed overcoat is particularly iconic and never goes out of style. It produces a pattern of fishbone or V on the surface of the fabric. Herringbone Tweed overcoat when paired with denim jeans and boots are an innovative way of pairing to get an interesting outfit. Herringbone Tweed overcoat with flecks in different colors can be paired with any kind of accessory that lightens up the entire outfit. Herringbone Tweed overcoats are favoured by both men and women to bring out the fashion.

Dark shades of blue tweed overcoats have countless paring ways to dress up from formal to casual wear. Blue Tweed overcoat , grey trousers and black shoes give the best formal attire.Blue and brown Tweed overcoats give a contemporary look. Brown Tweed notch Lapel overcoat, country boots and a hat makes a country set. Brown and Green Tweed overcoats are particularly used for hunting due to their camouflage nature.

White Tweed overcoat gives an instant classy look and will uplift your style instantly. White cashmere Tweed overcoats will be perfect to update your winter or fall wardrobe.White Tweed overcoat with faux fur trims, oversized lapel will transform your look into a surprisingly impressive one. Lighter colors like beige, tan and off white will give a luxurious look. Light colors are mostly saved for night events to get all the attention without any effort. The combination of a black and white Tweed overcoat with a black skinny jeans gives an effortlessly elegant outfit. A black and white Tweed overcoat with a pair of white sneakers gives a semi casual menswear will add a fun vibe with sophisticated and sharp look. Black and white tweed overcoats come in different patterns like V, square, stripes, dot and abstract pattern to stand out stylishly. Ronald black Tweed overcoats are constructed from a high quality wool offering you the much needed warmth. Black overcoats paired with petrol blue gloves and contrasting color scarves gives the visual treat.


Charcoal Tweed overcoat works with every kind of clothing in the wardrobe. Charcoal and grey overcoats are visually more appealing when compared to other colors. Charcoal tweed overcoat and white jeans bring extra classiness to your ensemble. Green Tweed overcoats will bring a fresh vibe to you. Green single breasted, peak lapel Tweed overcoat and leather shoes are a smart option to finish a formal outfit. Green double breasted Tweed overcoat and black chinos are the smart and easy casual combination without any second thought.

Checkers, stripes and windowpane are the patterns of menswear. The windowpane pattern is simple geometry of lines forming rectangles rather than a perfect square. The color and size of the panes decide the overall look of the coat. The contrast colors of the pane makes them bold while the same color shade pane is said to be conservative. Window Panes are considered as old fashioned and are rarer today. Windowpane Tweed overcoat gaining its place as olden fashion is the latest trend. Mens windowpane Tweed overcoat creates an impression of a wider chest and compliments you more than any other garments. A windowpane overcoat paired with solid pants and tie are a safe choice. Try the windowpane Tweed overcoats to see the effect that creates on you.

HERRINGBONE TWEED WOOL TAUPE CAR COATCashmere Tweed overcoats are a blend of cashmere wool coat and Tweed wool which gives you cloud-like softness. Cashmere Tweed overcoats give you a luxurious look with utmost warmth and comfort. The cashmere Tweed overcoat is light weight and has a sleek finish when compared to other Tweed overcoats. Three button Tweed overcoats with darker shades express your uniqueness and looks stunning with any of your formal or casual outfits.Three button tweed overcoat gives you a smart casual look when paired with loafers and denim jeans. A single breasted peak lapel Tweed overcoats makes the best formal attire while double breasted notch lapel overcoats are perfect for your night outs. Double breasted Tweed overcoat paired with chinos gives you a pure classy look.

Overcoats are the ones to define you with the instant look . Tweed overcoats are popular for a rough, long lasting and distinctive texture. It is a sport coat since it gives you a relaxed feel and high flexibility. Try the whole parade of fashionable overcoats on our website for exciting new arrivals.


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