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RED LONG JACKET MEN, WOOL THREE QUARTER CAR COATWinter is almost here and stocking up your wardrobe so that you get through the season without freezing is now the priority. Mens red wool overcoats are a staple wear when it comes to winter. They are basically long coats that are worn over any outfit so that the wearer can keep himself warm regardless of the chilling temperatures outside. Since their main purpose is to keep the wearer warm they are made of heavy fabrics like wool, fur or tweed. Some confuse the overcoats with the trenchcoats but both are different. One major difference you can easily tell is the fabric of these coats. While the overcoats as said before are made of heavy duty thick materials the topcoats are made of lighter materials. As a result these coats are lightweight and are not meant to be worn during winter since they do little to ward off the cold. Some mens overcoats also come with waterproof provisions that are helpful during rain and snow.

 PEACOAT ~ CARCOAT ~ OVERCOAT WITH FUR COLLAR BURGUNDYAs for the materials with which the mens red wool overcoats are made one of the most common is the wool. It is easily available and also comes in all price ranges. They are soft and comfortable to wear which is one of the most important aspect of any clothing. They are also incredibly durable when compared to other luxury fabrics like Cashmere. While the cashmere is softer and more comfortable than the wool fabrics it may cost you a fortune. Also they also wear off soon in the places like the cuffs and fur collars overcoat thus making them fitting only for special occasions. Wool on the other hand is very durable and has a long life thus making them suitable to worn for daily purposes. Unless you are a fashionista who has an array of red wool overcoat styles it is always better to go with red wool overcoats especially if you are getting your first one.


Some of the famous styles of red wool overcoats that are in trend is discussed below in this article. If you are thinking of getting a new red wool overcoat then it is always better to know the styles of overcoats that are available and in trend before purchasing one. Knowing the options available makes you understand the styles that are in trend and makes you choose better. As for choosing the style of the overcoat keep in mind the purpose of you purchase and the occasion for which you are purchasing the overcoat.

There are different styles of red overcoats for different styles like the formal and casual styles. If for formal occasions try sticking on to the classic styles of red wool overcoats and mostly the solid colors. If you are thinking of patterns go with smaller ones. But if also have suits of smaller patterns then go with larger patterns so that they do not clash. Plaids and checks are a good choice and as for textures herringbone overcoat is a popular one in trend. The main key in wearing patterns is that they look blended and do not stand out as separates. OVERCOAT WITH FUR COLLAR FULL LENGTH
Chesterfield is a popular style of red wool overcoats which is named as the Earl of Chesterfield overcoat. They had their origin about the mid 19th century and over all these years the derails have only changed insignificantly with the overall design remaining the same. They usually do not have waist seams or front darts which was a popular style at that time. They are mostly single breasted and have short notched lapels. The side pockets in these red overcoats are straight and are jetted. They always have a single back vent so that they provide freedom of movement in the legs region. You can incorporate velvet collars into these red wool overcoats but it purely depends on the wearers choice. But if for business purposes it is best to forgo the velvet collars and keep it simple and professional. They are usually available in dark colors like black and grey overcoat but you can also go with darker shades of green, red and burgundy.
Most of us would have known the famous style that is the trench coat. This is one of the Hollywoods most favourite style and have featured in numerous movies. In fact Hollywood is one of the major reason that this overcoat has a reputation of gangsters and Godfathers. This trench coat style is a timeless one and have been in use even before the war times. But it was at the time of war that this style soon rose to popularity since it was a favorite among the military officials. These overcoats actually go their name from the war times when the soldiers in the trenches preferred these overcoats thus making them go into demand. This was because of the fact that these overcoats had small details like the epaulettes, D rings and mainly waterproof qualities which helped the soldiers to a great extent. Because of the water repellent qualities they were used as raincoats and they also covered the body full length making it a quality investment. WINTER BIG AND TALL RED COATS WOOL FABRIC
Duffel wool overcoats are a famous style that is a favorite among younger generation. They too like trench coats have a long history of military service. These classy outfit is warm and waterproof having a smart casual note to it making it best for any casual night outs. As this is a casual style you can go with lighter colors like grey, camel or red. You can wear them with chunky knitwear and heavy denim for a cozy outfit.
Peacoats are characterized by their wool fabric, double breasted overcoat style with tall collar and large lapels. They were first designed for mariners and made of thick fabric that was proved to be durable to water, wind and salt. Soon the style turned civilian when the soldiers returned home and continued wearing these styles. Today the shorter cuts of the peacoats is preferred by people who wants ease of movement while wearing these overcoats. You can go with traditional colors like black or navy but if you want to stand out then go with darker shades of red, green and blue.


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