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Mens light grey overcoat

With the winter back at us with full force it is time to restock our wardrobes with the outerwear. Usually when people purchase overcoats most go with the dark colored ones like navy and Charcoal grey. This has become the common scenario since these are the safest choices. Navy and Charcoal grey overcoats are indeed versatile choices but there are a lot more options to explore. While navy suits and Charcoal grey suits have become the inevitable parts of our wardrobe this is not the case with overcoats. Thus we suggest something that is different from usual styles but also will be versatile choice. Light grey overcoats are the current favorite trend and rightfully so. Find out more about the style and how you can utilize it to the maximum by styling it with different garments.

We often shy away from the light shades since we consider the style hard to pull off. But with light grey overcoats this is not the problem since it pairs well with almost all styles. For the conventional dressers the suits and blazers are usually dark colored and thus throwing on a light grey coat will create a nice contrast and heightens the elegance of the outfit. It adds a laid back and relaxed look to the light colored garments thus making it a versatile style to add to your wardrobe collection.

Before going into the styling aspect of the light grey overcoat it is important for you to be clear with the basics. Overcoats are usually purchased for winter so that the wearer can keep warm. If you are thinking of getting the coat for fashion purposes and the weather in your place is not too harsh for the overcoats then you can choose to go with topcoats instead. Topcoats are made of lighter fabrics but give out the same aesthetic appeal of the overcoats while keeping you comfortable.

While choosing overcoats make sure to go with the right fabric since it is the most important thing. Grey wool overcoat mens are the ones that are most preferred especially by people who are purchasing the coat for regular use. On the other hand grey cashmere overcoats and fur grey overcoats are usually purchased by people who want a style that they can wear specifically for the special occasions. Thus figure out your need and then make sure to choose the appropriate fabric for your light grey overcoat.

Long overcoats are usually recommended since it suits people of all sizes and heights. But if you are a very short person and you feel drowning in the fabric of the full length overcoats then choose to go with the thigh length ones. Shorter ones like the light grey peacoats are also available. While the longer ones and the thigh length overcoats can be worn easily with both formal and casual garments the shorter overcoats are usually reserved for the casual garments. Keep this in mind while picking out the garment. Also you will have the option of altering the length of the overcoat with the longer styles.

If you are looking for some ideas in the styling of the light grey overcoat with different outfits then we are here to help you. Go through the styles and outfits mentioned below and choose the ones that suit you.

Formal outfits

For a chilly day office wear you can style the light grey wool overcoat with an outfit of grey blazer paired with a white striped dress shirt, grey crew neck sweater and navy dress pants. Give the outfit a more relaxed look by adding with it a pair of white leather low top sneakers. For a dressier and elegant style you can style the textured light grey overcoat with a grey plaid suit paired with a grey dress shirt and a black tie. To finish off this classy style, a pair of black leather tassel loafers along white socks would be a good pick.

Smart casual outfits

More casual the outfit gets you have more options with the styling. Starting with a fashionable outfit we would suggest you to pair the grey long overcoat mens with an outfit that consists of a dark purple knit wool turtleneck along with a pair of blue plaid chinos. A dark brown suede tassel loafers would be a cool way to add flair to the stylish ensemble.

If your office allows smart casual outfits then you can choose to style the mens grey overcoat with a tan turtleneck and a pair of black jeans. This simple ensemble would be perfectly pulled together with the addition of dark brown suede double monks to the mix. You can even throw on a tan check scarf for the extra warmth.

Casual outfits

We are fans of all black outfits and we are not missing the chance at creating the perfect contrast with the light grey overcoats. Attain this wonderful match by styling the grey slim fit overcoat with an ensemble that consists of white long sleeve shirt with black crew neck sweater and a pair of black skinny jeans. There is no better way to complete the stylish all black ensemble rather than adding a pair of black leather Chelsea boots.

Blue works incredibly well with grey and you can utilize this in your outfits. For example if you do not feel like dressing up but still want a flattering outfit then you can style the 3 button mens gray overcoat with an outfit of blue knit wool turtleneck and a pair of black jeans. Add with it a pair of black sunglasses and charcoal suede Chelsea boots and you are good to go. If you are dressing for a casual weekend party then you can style the grey check overcoat mens with a black print hoodie with a pair of black ripped skinny jeans. Finish off the cool look with a pair of black leather Chelsea boots. If you want a slightly dressier look replace the hoodie with a black crew neck t-shirt.


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