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When the winter comes around we all turn to the overcoats for refuge. There are different choices you can make for the overcoats and there is a style for everyone. The choosing of the overcoat can look easy on the first glance but on the closer look there are details that you will have to note. The overcoats are the ones that are most preferred by men for the winter. The long length of these coats can provide the wearer with maximum protection against the cold and this is the main reason why these extra coats are the most preferred.

When choosing these long coat mens there are details that might look insignificant at times but in reality they are of great importance. First of all the long length of these overcoats are the hot topic of discussion for a long time. When you go into the web you might find questions asked about which is the right length for the overcoats. While you might find various answers you might also find them to be conflicting. This perfectly portrays the answer you are looking for since there is no proper length that is defined for the overcoats. Depending on your body type you can choose the ones that will suit you the best.

For example if you are a short person then the extra long overcoats might feel too much for you since it can feel overwhelming. Instead of drowning in the excess material of the overcoats you can choose the short length of the overcoats. The thigh length overcoats are the ones that are most recommended for the shorter persons. But if you are a person who has a height that you can flaunt then these extra length overcoats mens can feel add a jewel to your look since they make the tall men look stylish. Thus analyze the type of long coat mens that looks flattering on you and then make the best choice.

The fabric of the long coat mens plays a major role and we cannot miss emphasizing this on a daily basis. You are buying the coats to provide warmth and thus they should always perform their job perfectly. Long wool coat mens are the ones that are most preferred especially of you are buying it for formal use. Other than this when you are choosing the coat for regular use and the price cap you have set is less then you can try long wool blend overcoats. Going with the wool silk blend coats and such can raise the quality of the pick but if you want a cheap extra long overcoat style then you can go with polyester wool blends and such.

There is an increasing trend of people buying coats that they can use for the slightly warmer months too. These are termed as topcoats and they are considerably lighter than the wool overcoats. If you are wanting to try this trend then we would recommend you to go with the long cotton overcoats or the long denim overcoats.These are light in weight and mostly serve aesthetic purpose for your outfit.

For the special occasions you would need a flashier look and this is where the mens long cashmere overcoat style comes in. This will make your outfit look instantly classier and richer thus perfectly matching the event. The extra long coats fabric should be determined according to the type of event for which you are purchasing the coat and also the level of warmth that you expect from it. While wool extra overcoat can provide you with durability for people who like textures you can try going with mens tweed long overcoats.

After you have selected the basics of the extra long overcoats you will have to focus on the styling aspect. For business use go with the subtler choices of the colors for the extra overcoats. The lighter colors are now becoming popular and if you are a fashion forward individual then you can try your hand with these overcoats too. Here are some outfit looks in every color that can make the job much easier for you.

Let us start with the long black coat mens since it is one that is considered to be the most popular choice. For a formal office style look you can style the charcoal grey suit with white dress shirt and black tie. When you throw on the black extra long overcoat along with black leather tassel loafers you are left with an outfit that can pass for any event. For a simple yet stylish smart casual look you can style the grey crew neck t-shirt with black skinny jeans and black leather Chelsea boots. You can finish off this cool look by adding a black extra long winter overcoat.

Next you can choose to go with the navy extra long overcoats especially if you consider the black overcoats to be too basic. Without question you know that navy extra lovercoats would work for the formal attire. We will thus move on to the smart casual and casual styling of the extra overcoats. For a foolproof look you can style the extra long double breasted long overcoat with an outfit that consists of navy cable sweater and blue chinos. To instantly boost the style you can go with dark brown leather driving shoes.

The lighter color extra long overcoats are more casual in the look but will give you a style that will stand out from the rest. Our first recommendation will be to go with the mens long camel overcoats since they are greatly popular. Once you get used to the look you can move on to the ones like white extra long coats. If you are trying out this style for the first time then you can start with styling them for the casual events.


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