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With the winter closing in there are many things to worry about - wet pavements, soggy shoes and many more. But one good thing that comes out is that we get to wear overcoats again and it is enough reason to navigate winter. Most of the men have an obsession towards the big coats swishing them during walking or turning and turning up the collars in James Bond style - all thanks to Hollywood. If there is one thing Hollywood glorified then it is the overcoats. In this article we discuss the mens long dress coats and some of the best ways in which you can style them.

One good thing about overcoats is that most of the styles are classics and thus you need not worry much about your, coat going out of style. If you are getting a coat chances are high that they look relevant even after decades. This makes the mens long dress coats a quality addition to your wardrobe. As for style it is a given that the mens long dress coats elevate the look of your outfit be it formal or casual. You can put them on your suit to look authoritative and wear them over jeans and tshirt for looking dressed up.

Now there are a lot of styles in mens coats and you should choose the one that will best aid your need. For example if you are a person who suits up often or required to wear suits to office on a regular basis then it will be best for you to go with the formal styles like mens long dress coats. But when you need a casual style and intend to use it only with the casual garments then you can go with the mens casual coat styles or the jackets. But if you are a person who is getting their first coat then we recommend you to go with mens long dress coats. This is because of the fact that the mens long dress coats are versatile and you can wear them with almost any garments. It is rare for the mens long dress coats to look out of place be it formal or casual event.

Thus when you choose the mens long dress coats make sure you consider all the small details especially if you intend to wear them with both formal and casual styles. Mens long winter dress coats that are got for the purpose for keeping the wearer warm should be made of quality fabrics. But if you live in a place with mild winters and getting the coat mainly for fashionable purposes then you can choose to go with the lightweight mens long dress coats.

Mens long wool dress coats are the ones that are most preferred since they have the best insulation properties and retain the heat. Wool is also a durable material and thus would be a good choice for people who are getting the coat for regular use. But if you are getting the coat which you can wear to the special occasions then it will be best for you to go with the mens cashmere long dress coats. These mens long dress coats are softer and more comfortable to wear but the price involved might be considered too high by some people. In that case you can choose to go with the blended mens long dress coats which combine the two fabrics. In case of wool and cashmere blends the price range is brought down and the durability of the wool coats also makes it a superior choice. In recent times the mens long tweed dress coats are also becoming a popular choice among men.

When you go with the mens long dress coats you are provided with maximum coverage which is the best choice for winter. If you are a person who is dramatic and would love the swishing then the long coats are for you. You can also easily style them with the formal and casual styles. Also the thigh length overcoats can give you a boxy look especially if you are a tall person. When you go with the mens long dress coats you have the option of trimming them with the help of your tailor when you feel it to be too long. But this is not the case with the shorter coats and thus make a wise choice while selecting the coats.

As for the color of the mens long dress coats since you intend to wear them with the formal garments you should be careful in the selection of the color. There are some colors that are considered to be office appropriate and these colors are almost appropriate for any events. These are also the best choice if you are getting the coat for the first time. Here are some of the styling ideas which we think might help you while dressing up for work or for any event.

Black mens long dress coats is the most popular option and rightfully so. You can make the garment work with almost all colors thus help dressing up easier. For example when you need a smart casual style you can choose to style the mens long black dress coats with an outfit that consists of grey suit and black turtleneck. To complete the look you can choose to add with the outfit a pair of black leather monks.

When you need a more formal look you can choose to style the navy blue dress long coat men with a grey suit, white dress shirt, blue check tie and complete the look with a pair of brown leather oxford shoes. If you are more into lighter shades then you can choose to style the men's long camel dress coat with an outfit of turtleneck with black single breasted suit. When you need a distinguished look you can choose to go with the specific styles like the mens long duffle coats or the mens dress long trench coats.


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