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As the temperatures plummet it is time to reinvent your winter wardrobe. There are a lot of styles in the overcoats and you can choose to go with the style that is best for you. The coats are classic styles that originated from the military and there are also some styles that have modified over the time. But the craze over the simple long overcoat still remains and this is the most preferred style. In this article we discuss the long black dress coat and some of the best ways in which you can style the garment.

Some would say that the long black coats are overrated and are boring. But there is a reason why the long black dress coats are remaining to be winter wardrobe essentials even after all these allegations. There might not be a lot of details involved with the look but the versatility of the long black dress coats is what makes them thrive all through these years. You can literally wear them with any kind of outfit and still make the look work. Black is a neutral color and thus you need not worry much about whether it will complement the outfit that you are wearing. You can easily style the long black winter dress coat with both formal and casual garments and thus it becomes a go to style for everyone. Also when you don on a long black coat the sleek design of the garment helps the outfit look more sophisticated and instantly elevate the look you are aiming for.

While choosing the long black dress coat mens there are a few things that you will have to note. The fabric from which the coat is made, the color of the coat or the fit might seem like inconsequential details but when put together they can make or break the look. Thus take some time to go through the different styles available and choose the one that will benefit you from all aspects. Now since you are purchasing the coat for winter and the main purpose here is insulation the fabric of the coat becomes the most important detail.

If you are purchasing an long black coat men's and the main aim here is to ward off the cold then it is better to go with very thick fabrics of the coats. Wool is a great fabric when it comes to coats in general. Long black wool dress coats have great insulation properties which helps the wearer to keep warm even under freezing temperatures. If you live in a place where the winters are harsh then you might need to go with very thick long black coats or the ones that incorporate fur into the design. Most of us would avoid going with fur coats thinking it as a women's style but men can rock the style nonetheless - all you need is a little confidence. Black long dress coats with fur collar or fur in hoods and cuffs is a great choice if you want a subtle long black fur dress coats. Wool long black coats are the best when you dress for formal events and hence it is better to go with classic colors like black, navy or dark grey.

Cashmere long black dress coats are the best choice if you need a luxury garment. These long black cashmere dress coats are incredibly soft and the more comfortable than the wool coats. But the softness comes with a high price and there is also the concern of them wearing out fast near the collars and cuffs. Thus it is better to get these luxurious long black dress coats if you already have a collection of coats that you can use regularly thus reserving the cashmere coats for special occasions. The high price involved with cashmere is one thing that makes wool favourable more than Cashmere since the former is affordable and also available in varieties of styles and colors than in Cashmere. Also the wool long black coats are more durable. Wool can be also designed into lightweight coats thus making them comfortable for different intensities of winter.

If you would like to get the coat for aesthetic purpose rather than for insulation then it is better to go with long black dress topcoats. The main difference between overcoats and topcoats is that the latter is usually made of lighter fabrics that that of the winter overcoats. These long black dress topcoats comes in slim fit designs and look more stylish. When you need a casual style then go with topcoats but if for professional purposes then it is better to go with long black coats since they give you a dressier look.

As for styling the mens long black dress coats here are some ideas which might help you. When you are dressing for a regular day at office then you can style the black coat long dress with grey wool suit, white dress shirt and black tie. You can complete the look with a pair of black leather tassel loafers. When you need a smart casual look that is also on the laid back style then you can choose to style the black long sleeve coat dress with a white long sleeve shirt, tan crew neck sweater and a pair of black chinos. Complete the look by adding with the outfit a pair of dark brown leather casual boots.

For a stylish yet easy to put together look you can style the long black dress trench coat with a grey single breasted suit, black turtleneck and a pair of black leather monks. When you need to let loose and would like to go with something more casual then choose to style the long black fitted dress coat with a black turtleneck, black quilted gilet and grey ripped jeans. You can complete the look by adding with the outfit a pair of white canvas high top sneakers.


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