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In the earlier days, pea coats were worn by the men and women of the U.S navy and these were the staples for navy uniforms in the earliest of 20th century. Now, all these rules have gone and everyone makes use of these slim fit overcoats because of their durability. These coats are made to endure harsh cold elements and help you keep warmth. Navy blue is the most formal color of pea coats and it will usually be double-breasted. Tempting features of this pea coat are its eternal style and slim-fit nature.

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Slim fit men's blue pea coat is a great way for today's trendier youth to look at his best all the time. A slim fit pea coat for men is designed by giving consideration to broad shouldered men. In a huge crowd, you will be easily identified with your distinctive slim pea coat. These coats feature wide and rounded lapels and front closure buttons. These buttons have fitted anchors etched to it. Day by day, the craze for these slim fit pea coats are increasing and everyone wants to add it to their fashion wardrobe.

These days, they are becoming a fashion clip and add a bit of elegance to your normal wears. Wherever you go, a business meet, sports event or even parties, these slim fit men's overcoats fit perfectly into your body shape and do things good for you. You can wear this slim fit pea coat with a sweater underneath and go for a winter walk around the town. Since these pea coats are usually made of cashmere wool and cotton, you will find yourself safe with the warmer effect given by the overcoat. The lighter weight will give you a higher level of comfort while walking and working.

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