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With the winter approaching if you are thinking of updating your wardrobe then you can choose to go with the pea coats. It is one of the most popular classic styles in outerwear that is preferred by both men and women. There are a lot of styles in overcoats but each have unique characteristics and design that makes them special. In this article we discuss the mens pea coats and all that you need to know about the style before you purchase one for yourself.

heWe were not joking when we said that mens pea coat is a classic style and this particular style has been in use for over a century. True classics retain the design even if the details are not particularly functional in today's use. This is the reason why the mens pea coats and trench coats are considered to be some of the true classics. The origin story of mens pea coats is not definite since there are different stories that people claim to be true. But every origin story points that the mens pea coat style originated from navy and this design was originally made for the sailors.

The mens pea coat style is believed to be in use for over 300 years since the fabric used for the naval jackets which is the twilled blue ones with nap on one side seems to date back to the 16th century. Now when you choose the mens pea coats the fabric is the one thing that you will have to note. The mens pea coats come in double breasted style and they are usually made of heavy wool and the traditional ones were made from heavy melton cloth. If you want a classic mens naval pea coat style then you can choose to go with the melton wool pea coats since they are durable and tight. The mens wool pea coats will provide you with best insulation and can keep out the cold winds and sometimes save you from the drizzled too. The wool mens pea coats are the best for regular use but if you are looking for a coat that you can wear to the special occasions then you can go with the cashmere pea coats or the blends of it. If you live in a place with harsh winters then go with the fur pea coats or the wool pea coats with fur collars or fur hoods.

The cut of the mens pea coats is another important thing you should note. The narrow cut of the mens pea coats with it flaring near the hips is one of the defining characteristics of the garment. The mens pea coats also come with an oversized collar which can be turned up. This was designed in such a way to protect the neck and face of the sailors from the cold winds. The double breasted design of the mens pea coats gives the garment two overlapping layers which increase the insulation properties of the garment and prevent the heat loss. The mens pea coats come with pockets and some high end designs even come with inside pockets. Most of the mens pea coats come without vents or short side vents. The U.S navy pea coat style has a center vent. Spend some time to get these details right when choosing your mens pea coat.

As for the color of the mens pea coat the classic choice for you is to go with the mens navy pea coats. Other than this the black pea coats and charcoal pea coats are also some of the popular styles in mens fashion. When you go with these styles you get a versatile garment that you can wear with both semi formal and casual styles. But if you are feeling like adding some color to your outfit then you can choose to go with the darker colors like burgundy pea coats or the green pea coats. Mens pea coats are more of a casual style when compared with the classic overcoats and thus it will be better if you style them with smart casual and casual outfits.

As for styling the mens pea coats here are some ideas that we think might help you the best. If you are dressing for a casual day at office then you can style the menswool long pea coat with a white dress shirt, violet tie, navy sweatshirt and a pair of plaid dress pants. To complete the style you can add with the outfit a pair of black leather tassel loafers. For a stylish smart casual look you can choose to style the grey full length pea coat with a grey wool turtleneck and a pair of charcoal plaid chinos. To complement the look you can choose to add with the outfit a pair of brown leather casual boots.

If you are in love with black outfits then you can choose to style the black mens heavy pea coat with brown knit wool turtleneck and a pair of black jeans. To add a twist to the otherwise standard look you can pair it up with black suede Chelsea boots. For a basic but killer look you can choose to style the trench pea coat men's with a white cable sweater, grey scarf and a pair of dark brown jeans. To complete the look you can add with the outfit a pair of brown leather casual boots.

Now if you are looking to style the mens pea coat for the weekend look you can go with the basic styling of tshirt and jeans. For an effortlessly stylish yet laid back look you can style the mens pea coat slimfit with a navy long sleeve shirt and a pair of light blue ripped jeans. For a sophisticated and club worthy look you can style the leather pea coat men's with a black crew neck T-shirt and black ripped jeans. For a cool look you can style the denim pea coat men's with white long sleeve shirt and navy ripped jeans.


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