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Fashion has come a long way since the early times when all the garments were only for functional purposes. Nowadays there are a lot of garments that are worn for pure fashion needs rather than functional purposes. One of the examples of this fashionable garments is the mens long topcoats. The topcoats are often confused with the mens overcoats since they are similar in appearance. But the thing with overcoats is that they are bought as winter garments to ward off the cold while the mens topcoats are mostly worn in the warmer months of summer and spring as fashionable garments. In this article we discuss the mens long topcoats and everything you need to know about it before you but one for yourself.

Mens long topcoats in recent times have become one of the staple item in the wardrobe of a sartorially elite man. It is a statement making piece in the outerwear collection. The mens long topcoats add a finishing touch to your outfit that will make it look even more elegant and refreshing. When you are purchasing for the mens long topcoats there are some details that you will have to note do as to find the right style.

The mens topcoats are similar to the mens overcoats in many aspects and they both come under the outerwear category. Therefore it is important that you know the main features that distinguishes the two from each other. The weight of the coats of one of the major factor that differentiates the mens coats and mens overcoats. As mentioned before the mens overcoats are purchased as winter garments and therefore must be thick to keep the wearer comfortable in the cold. But this is not the case with the mens coats since they are got for fashionable purposes. Therefore the mens long topcoats are mostly made of fabrics that are lighter than the ones that are used for the making of mens overcoats. You may select the weight of the mens topcoat fabric keeping in mind the climate at which you are intending to wear the garment.

Most of the time the mens overcoats are made of heavy wool or fur fabrics since these materials provide good insulation properties. As for the mens long topcoats the first recommendation for you is to go with the lightweight wool mens long topcoats. The mens wool long topcoats are available in different weights and this serves as a great advantage in regards to the varying intensity of climate at different places. Long wool mens topcoats are also reasonable in price and are available easily in the market. Wool is well known for its durability and thus if you maintain the coat right it will be a worthy investment for your outerwear collection.

If you live in a place with mildly warmer climate through the year then you can go with the cotton mens long topcoats. The mens cotton long topcoats are lighter in weight than the wool coats and are also breathable. This property of the mens long cotton topcoats will help the wearer cool even in hot temperatures and you will also not have to battle with the sweating much. Other than this you can also go with the linen mens long topcoats since they also perform well in hot temperature but keep in mind that pure linen tends to wrinkle easily. Thus it might be a better option to go with the blended mens linen long topcoats since they wrinkle less.

The mens long topcoats are also available in synthetic fabrics like polyester mens long topcoats and rayon mens long topcoats. These synthetic mens long topcoats might not be much durable like the natural fabric ones but will cost you less when compared with the natural fabric ones. Thus keeping in mind your budget and the climate at the region you live in choose the right fabric of the mens long topcoats.

The next main feature that distinguishes the mens coats from the mens overcoats is it’s length. Most of the time the mens coats are shorter in length when compared with the mens overcoats. The overcoats come in full length that reach upto one or two inches below the knee portion of the wearer. The mens topcoats are shorter and mostly end just above the knees. The length of the mens coats should be selected according to the height of the wearer and the body type. For example if you are a short person then you can go with the classic mens topcoats length which ends above the knee portion of the wearer. If you are a tall person then you can go with the mens long topcoats so that it complements your body type.

After you decide on the length and the fabric of the mens coats the next thing that you will have to note is the fit of the mens long topcoats. The fit of the garment plays a major role in the look that it offers and the mens coats are no exception to this. Make sure that you go with the proper fit that will make the garment look elegant and sophisticated when worn with the outfits.

Mens long topcoats are outerwear and most of the time they are lighter in weight. Thus when it comes to deciding on the fit you can choose the imagine the mens long topcoats as a extension of your sweater or the shirt you are wearing. The fit of the mens long topcoats should be not be too loose but must be enough for the wearer to move freely without much restrictions. The outfit over which you are planning to style the mens long topcoat is one of the major things that influences the fit. If you are going to wear the mens long topcoats with formal garments then you should look for the coats with the armholes and the sleeves that are tailored in a way so that it accommodates the jacket or the blazer that you wear underneath it. If you go with a smaller fit then it results in a bulky look which is undesirable.

The fit of the mens long topcoats in the chest region is a crucial point to remember. Make sure that there is enough room for the outfits that you wear underneath and still you should be able to button the coat without much of a tension between the buttons. The middle button of the mens long topcoats should be without tension with you being able to button and unbutton it without much effort. Also make sure that it is not too loose and for this it is best to have a space of about two fingers between the coat and your body. The shoulders of the mens long topcoats should end right on the sides without being too tight or hanging off the shoulder blades. The shoulders of the mens topcoats receive the most attention and hence make sure that they are of the right fit.

Custom made mens long topcoats and designer mens long topcoats are great choices in terms of getting the perfect fit but the price involved might be a little high. In that case you can go with off the rack mens long topcoats since nowadays the fits are more accurate and are accommodating most body types. If you are going to wear the mens long topcoats with formal wear then it might be a better choice to go with the classic fit mens long topcoats. This fit is slightly roomy and hence can accommodate the layers involved in formal clothing like the jackets or the blazers. But when you want a casual mens long overcoat that you can style with jeans and t-shirts then you can go with the slim fit mens long topcoats. There is also the option of big and tall mens long overcoats if you are not convinced with any of the above mentioned fits. You can purchase the one that you think will complement your body type and then you can take it to your tailor to make some alterations that would further enhance the look of the mens long topcoat. It is always best to go with a high quality mens long topcoats since the low quality ones usually come with poor fits. When you go with a ill fitting mens long topcoat then the purpose of wearing the top coat in itself is lost thus make sure you go with the right fit of the mens long topcoats.

The mens long topcoats are a versatile style that you can style with both formal and casual outfits given you know how to style it right. You can take a simple outfit and elevate the style of it by adding with it a mens long topcoat. Now here are some styling points that we think might help you when you decide to get a mens long topcoat for yourself.

The color of the mens long topcoat that you choose is also important since it is the detail that gets noticed easily. Stick with the conventional ones like the black mens long topcoats or the Navy mens long topcoats when you need a versatile style that you can wear with almost all outfits. But when you want a casual style then you can go with lighter ones like the camel mens long topcoat or the beige mens long topcoat. You also have the option of trying out patterns and textures which adds a interesting look for the garment. Herringbone mens long topcoats and the windowpane mens long topcoats are some of the recommendations.

One of the best examples of rightly styling the mens long topcoats is James Bond. There is no introduction needed for the long running franchise that has worldwide fans. James Bond is equally well known for his impeccable dressing style as much as his impossible stunts in the secret missions. And one of the style factors that you can take from the man is his perfect styling of the mens overcoats and the mens coats.

Most of the time you can see James Bond wearing his formal mens long overcoat over a suit, blazer or a tuxedo. Mens formal topcoats are designed to be worn over the jackets or any other layer and thus you will have to select the fit according to it. You can also note that bond does not wear overcoats or topcoats over the tweed jacket since the tweed jackets are considered to be outerwear on their own. Nowadays the style of wearing mens long topcoats over the dress pants and the dress shirt has become famous and is a good option for a regular office day attire.

The mens long topcoats that bond wears most of the time are double breasted especially in the early movies. The double breasted mens long topcoats are best to remain buttoned all the time while you have the liberty of wearing the single breasted mens long overcoats both buttoned and unbuttoned. When it comes to Daniel Craig you can see that he buttons only the second button from the top of his mens long topcoats. As for the color of the James Bond mens long topcoats you can see that he still sticks with the subtle concept by going with the conventional ones like the mens black long topcoats or the charcoal grey mens long topcoats and in rare occasions a brown mens long topcoats.

The mens long topcoats should be maintained properly for it to last for a long time. When you remove the coat make sure that you hang it so that the shape remains the same without much changes. You should also check the instructions on the mens long topcoats when you need to wash the coat since the washing instructions may change according to the fabric of the mens long topcoats. High quality mens topcoats can last for a long time given that you maintain it right.


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