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lpeaky blinders overcoatWith the final season of the Peaky blinders finally on its way, we are all excited to see Tommy Shelby fight one last battles of his. One of the things that made Peaky blinders our favorite criminal gang is their style. Almost everyone would have admired the start of every episode with the iconic theme song and mostly this is a cast member walking the streets. So what made the simple event of a man walking through the streets, a treat to watch? The Peaky blinders attire has become a popular style but most importantly the Peaky blinders coats. Today we are going to focus on the outerwear of the famous series and we hope that you get some style points from it.
The series is set to happen in the 1920s and continues through the 1930s. The real criminal gang on which the story is loosely based on actually lived in the 1870s. If you notice closely you might notice that there are many series and movies that are based on the 1920s. This is because of the fact that the roaring 20s was the golden period of fashion. This was the time when the men realised that fitted clothing are much better than the loose ones. The roaring twenties seem to be the time where the base for today’s fashion was laid. If you like vintage but classy styles then you are in a treat with the 1920s outfits.

lpeaky blinders overcoatNow another film that was based in the 1920s was the Great Gatsby. But the contrast in fashion between the two works stems from the background of the characters. While the Peaky blinders cast sticks with the functional and dark clothing, the Great Gatsby cast goes all out with the extravagant outfits. If you are a lover of fashion then you would love to analyze the works of the fashion designers in the series and the film. Coming back to the mens Peaky blinders coat, the overcoat becomes an inevitable part of these men’s outfit since Birmingham cold is not to be messed with. But the costume designer of the Peaky blinders made sure to take full advantage of the overcoats with enough slow motion shots. If you “Take a look” at the title song then you would understand that the overcoats were destined to be in the series with all the hints about a tall handsome man in a dusty black coat and a red right hand. If you are loving the Peaky Blinders coat style and would like to try it for yourself then there are few things to note. We would suggest you to go with the dark colored overcoats since almost all characters in the series follow the unofficial uniform of the dark colored suits and overcoats. You might notice Michael gray missing out with the camel coats in a place or two but when it comes to Peaky boys dark colors like black and grey are the best.

lpeaky blinders overcoatAs for the fabric of the Peaky blinders coat, most would choose to go with the wool coats since it is the appropriate style. In the 1920s, overcoats were made to be thick so that the wearer would feel warm through the day. Today the overcoats and suits are much lighter. If you are looking for the exact styles of the Peaky blinders coat then you would have to take a look at the vintage collection. The Peaky blinders coat style has become quite popular and thus you could easily buy Peaky blinders coat online. Or if you are thinking about checking out the styles in person before making the purchase then we would suggest you to search the options like Peaky blinders coat shop near me to find the stores that have the style. You should check through the styles present to find the best Peaky blinders coat that would suit your need. If you look enough you might even find sites that have Peaky blinders coat discounts. ( Yes, that is us)

As for styling the peaky blinders coat, it would be best for you to think about the event for which you are dressing. If there is a costume party involved then you might want to be thorough with your costume. In that case, you should pick one of the characters and then follow the style. For example, if you are going to pick everyone’s favorite which is Tommy Shelby then you might want to find the best three piece suit that is fitted on point to your body type and then a dark coloredbrown thomasshelby trench coat. Add a watch chain since it is one of the iconic styles of Tommy and then a flat cap. But if you are choosing to go with Arthur Shelby then you should be replacing the neck tie with a bow tie in the suit. There is a style for everyone and you should be able to identify the details for the best outfit. If you are looking for peaky blinders coat ideas, here are some that you should check out. For the rugged Arthur Shelby look, you could style a grey tweed three piece suit with a white dress shirt and a black bow tie. You will now need a peaky blinders coat black and then a flat cap (possibly with razor) to complete the look. Add a watch chain that connects one vest button to the best pocket and do not forget the rings if you want to channel Arthur’s style fully. If you are choosing Tommy Shelby then you could style the grey tweed suit with a white dress shirt and a red neck tie. The watch chain with the red pendant is a detail that makes the outfit more authentic and then add a black peaky blinders coat with it. Other than the usual wool coats there are also other variations that have come into the market like the leather peaky blinders coat and denim peaky blinders coat.


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