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When it comes to outerwear one of the classiest styles you can choose to go with is the trench coats. This style like many of the men's outerwear has its origins from the wartime fashion but what makes them different is that the style has been retained with every small detail as it was like in the start of the 20th century. Even today the mens trench coats are known to be one of the most prominent styles in both mens and women's fashion. In this article we discuss the gray trench coats and some of the best ways in which you can style them.

Before we go into the details of dressing in trench coats it might help to know some of the fascinating history of this classic outerwear. When the trench coat was designed originally they were used to keep the mud off the uniforms of the soldiers who were in the trenches during the world War. At first they were considered to be a luxury and the units top officers only were able to afford it. As for the design of the trench coats it is considered to be British owned by two companies - Aquascutum and Burberry. Aquascutum was the first one to design the waterproof wool coats that became a break through at that time. Their coats later became the inspiration for the Hollywood coats and even now is known to be the classic style. Burberry on the other hand invented gabardine and consequently won the contract for the military supply of the coats during the Boer war and after.

When you are getting the trench coat you will have to note some details since these details are what makes the trench coat unique. First of all the gray trench coat that you get should be atleast three quarters in length and this length has retained since the original design when they were used to keep the dirt and grime off their garments. The classic gray trench coats retain the original military details that were put in place at the time of origin. Some of the main details that you will have to note in the mens trench coats are the epaulettes which were used for the insignia of the rank in the military, D-rings which are the metal rings that are attached to the belt and they were originally put in place so that the soldiers can attach grenades and ammunition to it. There is also the provision of storm flap and the back vent that helps to drain the water when the person has been rained on.

The double breasted trench coats are the classic styles and this style was used at that time so that the soldiers had extra layers of cloth to provide them warmth. The belt provided on the trench coats also help the maintain the layers in place without them moving constantly. If you live in a place in which the winters involve snow then you should go with mens trench coats gray. Though this particular style of coats might not keep you warm much they can keep you very dry which is not the case with many wool coats. Also the design of the mens coat being stylish can also keep the wearer ventilated.

Today there are a lot of variations in the mens trench coat styles in terms of fabric, design, construction and weaves. It is best to go through the styles available and select the one that will be best for you. Depending on the reason for which you are getting the coat like if you are thinking of getting the winter gray trench coats you can choose to go with the gray wool trench coat mens which are also lined. But when you need a stylish top coat type look you can choose to go with the lightweight ones like cotton gabardine gray trench coats that come with half lining or no lining.

Poplin and twill weaves are most popular and when you go with a more expensive one then you get the additional benefit of waterproofing too. Depending on the weather at your place and you need you can choose from the different styles of the gray coats. As for the color of the mens gray trench coats they are available in different shades but the subtle and darker ones are considered to be the most popular. When you need a versatile choice you can choose to go with the black or navy blue trench coats but when you need a classy look you should go with the trench coats or the khaki trench coats.

As for styling the trench coats here are some ideas that we think might help you. When you need an outfit that you can wear to the formal occasions or as your workwear you can choose to style the trench coat men gray with a light blue dress shirt, navy tie and a pair of navy dress pants. When the event you are attending is a more formal one and you will have to dress up for it then you can choose to go with styling the charcoal gray coat mens with a double breasted navy suit paired with white dress shirt and red tie. You can complete the look by adding with the outfit a pair of navy leather oxford shoes.

When you need a casual look but do not want to let go of the classy style then you can choose to pair the light gray trench coat mens with a black crew neck tshirt and navy blue jeans. When you are opting to go with layers you can choose to style the gray long trench coat mens with a white crew neck tshirt, white knit sweater and a pair of navy blue jeans. For an effortlessly put together casual yet sleek look you can style the gray trench coat dress with a white tshirt and light blue jeans.


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