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Long coats are essential garments in the wardrobes of men especially if you live in places with cold climates. The length of the coat that you choose can influence a lot of factors like the overall look of the outfit, the amount of protection against the cold and so on. Thus when choosing the overcoat one of the important things to do is to take some time in getting the right length of these coats. There are a lot of styles for you to choose from and you can make a pick depending on your need. In this article we discuss the floor length coats and how you can style them in different ways.

Now we all would have been infatuated with the robes in the Harry Potter movie one time or the other. The mysterious appeal of the long coats and them swishing along with the wind when moving has been some of the reasons why the long coats have survived all these years in the fashion. This is also the reason why Hollywood absolutely loves the style. Now all the coat styles were long in the beginning but when the vehicles were introduced people found it hard to get on and off these vehicles with the long coats. Thus the length of the coats were shortened especially in the favor of motorcycle riders. But given that very few of us ride motorcycles on a daily basis to get to the workplace or for any reasons there is no reason to avoid going with the length coats.

Mens floor length coats might seem like an impractical for some even a weird choice but when you understand the benefits involved with the garment then there might be a chance for you to change your view. First of all there is no better garment for you provide best protection from the cold other than the length coats. When you choose the thigh length coats or even shorter ones like the peacoats your legs are completely exposed to the cold winds. But this is not the case with the floor length mens coats since they provide the best coverage.

The next thing to note is the visual appeal that we have already mentioned. length coats provide you with a look that will make you look dressed up and elegant without you even trying much. All you have to do is to just throw on the floor length coat on the outfit that you are wearing and at once the look becomes elevated than it already was. This has attracted men of all generations to go with this style for over centuries and continue to do so. Even the men who do not spend time dressing up much would have one or two of these long coats in their wardrobe. Whether you be a person who is new to formal styles and the one who likes to stick with the casual styles having these length coats in your overcoats collection will definitely open a window of opportunities for dressing up.

length coats tend to work well for men of all body types. For example the thigh length coats can sometimes make the men look boxy or shorter but this is not the case with mens floor length coats. If you are a tall person then going with the length coats for men style would give out a balanced look. It will also suit the medium height people but if you are a very short person then there is a chance of you looking drowned out in the fabric of the length coats. In this case you can choose single breasted floor length coats that come in light fabrics than the double breasted ones since there is less fabric involved. Other than this when you go with the length coats you have the option of altering it according to your need in the future that is if you want to shorten it you can proceed. But this is not the case with the shorter coats and thus the length coats become the more practical choice.

Classic length coats might be a versatile addition to your wardrobe given that you know how to style it in the proper way. Floor length dress coats work well both with formal garments like suits and blazers in the same way with the casual ones like jeans and t-shirts. Thus you have the option of experimenting more with the existing styles in your wardrobe when you choose to go with length coats.

As for styling of the floor length coats here are some ideas that we think might help you figure out the best style for yourself. First figure out the reason for which you are purchasing the coat. For example if the main purpose here is to ward off the cold then choose wool floor length coats. While these are best for regular use when you require something more special then you can choose to go with floor length cashmere coats. Other than this you also have the option of going with the lesser known styles like floor length fur coats and floor length tweed coats..

Now if you are getting the coat to wear over your workwear then floor length formal coats would be a good pick. If you are more into stylish looks then you can try going with the floor length maxi coats since they are currently trending. There are a lot of styles in the floor length wool coats and you can choose the one that will be best for you. If you are looking for a floor length winter coat that you can wear with both formal and casual styles then go with simple ones like duffle coats or classic coats. But when you need a style that you can style with mostly casual styles then floor length pea coat mens would be a good choice.

The mens length coats are more often worn during the winter months. Styling the mens floor length coat in winter can be fun as well as difficult because you have to deal with many pieces. Wearing the length coat for men during the colder months is all about layering the right way and in the right style. The best part about this mens length coat is that they can be worn both casually and formally and can be easy to pull off. If you are clueless about when and how to wear the mens length coat, do not worry! Here you can find many options to wear them with new designs and accessories. If you are buying it for winter, you can go with the length coat made of wool and prefer cotton fabric for the fall and spring season. The color of your floor length coat is an important factor to consider while shopping for it, Make sure the sleeves of your length coat cover well your shirt’s cuff. Avoid picking a baggy coat, for a classy touch keep it in slim fitting. Don’t be afraid of styling your length coat with casual wear like hoodies and ripped jeans. If you are a coat lover, then you will definitely want to buy this length coat for a perfect style. Choose any of these styles and wear them in the way you like. Generally, the length coats are ideal for plus size men or if you are stout. This mens length coat helps you create a slimming illusion. Ensure that you should not go for baggy coats because they will make you look like a sack. Stick to a well-fitted one if you want to look sophisticated. You can comfortably wear the mens length coat over formal pants and collared shirts. Get up and go shopping, buy yourself a trendy coat with a soft fur collar, and pair it with a matching black shirt and shoes. You can also introduce gloves and sunglasses to the mix for an elegant look. You can also have a hoodie but you might feel cold in this outfit when it’s freezing outside.

Styling the floor length winter coat is not just for women. Just avoid pairing your floor length winter coat with striped and printed pants. It makes you feel weird while trying modish fashion. The pairing of your floor length winter coat with a camel color suit also looks fine. Add a pair of white shoes to the mix, go out and roam around. This outfit really helps to enjoy your day. Changing your warm sweatshirts and pants helps to get out of your comfort zone. If you want to keep yourself warm enough as well as stay cozy, then try your floor length trench coat over your office dress. Adding Ripped denim jeans to the floor length trench coat outfit are assuredly considered the most ideal and perfect for creating a casual yet trendy look. Team it with a simple t-shirt, this will provide you with a clear look whether you are going to run errands or randomly hang out with your friends. If you are not clear on what to do with your old high neck sweater, now you can easily turn it into a classy outfit by teaming it with a trendy floor length trench coat and can pull it off easily. Styling the floor length men’s coat up a little formally by layering it with the help of one short coat and one long is another approach for a trendy look. For a floor length men’s coat that hides a thick waist, you should try a fit-and-flare style. These coats for men fit tighter around the waist and then flare out at the hips. The floor length dress coats are often double-breasted, and there are strategically placed seams on them to create a thinner look. To look thinner, consider a solid black and vertical striped floor length dress coat. If you would like to create the illusion of smaller hips, you can pick a coat that has a large collar such as a shawl collar or a large faux-fur collar. Belts add dimension to long and straight floor length wool coats. Look for a floor length wool coat with a thick wrap-around belt if you would like to make your thin frame look curvier. Choosing subtle pleats around the waist also helps to add curves. Sticking to the perfect colors and patterns adds dimension for a thin person include light colors and plaid. Today, most younger men like to wear knee-length coats, but that looks best on trim men who can wear a more form-fitting coat. length coat dresses go past the knee to the mid-calf, and they are nice for disguising a heavier figure. The length coat dress is also considerably warmer, so they are ideal for chill climates. The floor length sweater coat can easily swallow up a short person. The only way to solve this issue is to keep the floor length sweater coat around knee-length or just past your knees. Opting for a large collar double-breasted floor length cashmere coat keeps a proportioned look to a longer coat worn on a petite person. If you are of an average or taller height person, you can easily pull off the floor length pea coat that goes past the knee to your mid-calf or below. It is not tricky to buy a floor length pea coat that’s too small because the length of the coat may make you think it fits you. To check, you can try the length coat for women or men and wrap your arms around yourself, trying to touch the opposite shoulder with each hand. You should go with the next size up if the coat feels really tight in the shoulders or elbows. On a properly fitting floor length coat, the shoulder seams should line up with your shoulders.


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