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blackcoatOvercoats are an essential part of the winter wardrobe both for men and women. In recent times the overcoats have surpassed the line if being only worn for warmth instead wearing purely for fashionable purposes too. The outerwear industry has evolved a lot and the fashion sense of men with it. Thus there are lot of styles in overcoats available in the market and you should learn about them more to choose the best one for you. Among many things that you will have to note about the garment length of the overcoat is the most important one. In this article we discuss the floor length coats and some of the best ways in which you can style the garment.

People buy overcoats for various reasons and depending on your reason you can choose the best look for you. Whichever the reason for you might be full length mens coats would be the perfect style for you. For example if you are getting the overcoat to get through the winter then mens full length coats provide the best coverage thus keeping you warm even when the weather is too cold. If you are getting the coat for fashionable use then the full length coats are best at providing the swishy looks making them more preferable than the short ones. Thus be you the conventional dresser or a trendy one, a floor length coat is a staple for you.

When choosing the floor length coat the fabric of the coat is one of the most important things to note. It ensures the comfort of the wearer especially when it comes to floor length winter coats. Thus put some time and effort in considering your need and then pick out the best fabric for the coat. If you are looking for an efficient winter coat that would keep you warm even under shivering temperatures then floor length wool coats are your best choice. Go with thick overcoats but also breathable so that you will comfortable wearing them. Here are some of the winter outfits with the floor length wool coats that would work for you this season.blackcoat

For a sophisticated and masculine style you can choose to style the grey floor length coat with a light blue dress shirt, dark green tie, navy blazer and navy chinos. To complete the look you can add with the outfit a light blue scarf and a pair of black leather derby shoes. For a dapper and classy look you can go with the floor length coat outfit that consists of navy wool coat with a navy turtleneck, navy suit and a navy and white polka dot scarf. To step up this stylish look with an air of casualness you can add with the outfit a pair of brown leather brogue boots.

Now if you are a person who likes textured styles more then you should try going with the tweed full length coats. These are also thick in nature and can provide protection against the cold. It has a grainy look which makes the outfit look vintage and sophisticated. For a smart look you can choose to style the brown full length coat with a brown corduroy suit and light brown knit wool turtleneck. For a best way to complete the look you can add with the outfit a pair of beige socks and dark brown suede loafers.

blackcoatIf you live in a place with unforgiving winter then the wool full length coats might not be just enough. In this case we would recommend you to go with the floor length fur coats since there is no better option when it comes to offering warmth. While most men would shy away from the style reasoning it to be too flashy or too womenly know that the fashion industry has matured a lot and fur has become a favorite for both men and women’s clothing. The fur floor length coats would be a great choice to be worn with almost any garments but they look the best when it comes to casual clothing. If you like the idea of fur coats but do not know much about styling then here are some of the ideas which might help you.

For a casual outfit with modernized spin you can style the brown fur floor length jacket dress with a grey sweatshirt and a pair of navy jeans. To complement the laid back look of the outfit you can add with the outfit a pair of grey athletic shoes. For a practical yet awesome look you can choose to style the camel floor length coat with a beige crew neck t-shirt with a pair of black chinos. To complete the outfit you can add with it a pair of white socks and beige athletic shoes. If you are still hesitant about going with the full fur outfit then you can go with the floor length coats with fur collars. For a casual yet dapper look you can style the floor length black jacket with fur collars with a white long sleeve shirt, black crew neck sweater and a pair of black chinos. To aid the all black look you can add with the outfit a pair of black suede Chelsea boots.

Most of the coats we have mentioned before can work in place of floor length formal coats but when it comes to special occasions you need something eye catching. For this you can choose to go with the floor length velvet coats which offers a richer and dandy look for the wearer. Make sure to carry the style with confidence since the sheen of the fabric will be sure to capture the attention of the guests in the event. Other than this when you want a casual garment that you want to wear for a simple day out then you can choose to go with the floor length denim coats. For a modern and trendy look you can also try floor length camo jacket or the floor length hooded coat.


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