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Red is a color that most of us consciously avoid while looking for garments. But recently there have been a surge in the number of people who are daring to include some actual colors in their outfits. That way we are here to promote the long red coats for this winter season. Usually our instinct would suggest us to go with the most subtle and monochromatic overcoat present in the store but where is the fun when we always bury ourselves in the black and grey coats and become Invisible? Sometimes it is okay to get noticed and thus red coats could be a great addition to your wardrobe.

The reason why most people avoid red is because of the fact that it is eye catching and also most believe that they cannot pull it off. But in reality red is like any other color and when you get to know the basics it becomes as easy as putting on a black coat. Thus give yourself a chance to try out the new looks now and then so that your style keeps evolving. Now when it comes to purchasing the mens long red coats there are few things that you will have to note.

The first thing is to select the right shade of the red coat. Usually the shade of blood pops up in the mind of people whenever we mention red but there are a lot more shades available and you can choose the one which would suit you the best. For example if you are a subtle dresser and trying out the red coat style for the first time after much contemplation then we would suggest you to go with the dark long red wool coats. These are the most common choice and thus can be paired with almost any garment be it formal or casual. The dark shade of the long coat would help you get used to the style without giving you much of a whiplash. But if you are looking for a casual style and don't mind much about being noticed then we would suggest you to try out the brighter shades.

As for the fabric of the red coats, wool is the most preferred choice. A dark shade of wool long red dress coat can even work when paired with your regular office garments. On the other hand if there is a special occasion involved there are other choices like cashmere wool red coat or even the long red velvet coat.The quality of the fabric determines the durability and the price of the garment and thus it would be better to spend some time in finding the right one that fits your need.

For people who are quite new to the red coat style it might be hard to just jump in the ship. In that case you can start with trying out the long red jacket blazer or the more casual styles like the long red denim jacket. This way you will get used to the style better than directly choosing the long coat style. Go through the different styles present in the long red coats sale to find the right one. Now as for the styling here are some tips which might help you find the best red coat outfit.

For a classic and polished look you can style the long red coat mens with an formal outfit of navy suit paired with a white dress shirt and a navy striped tie . To add style points to the outfit further then you can choose to add with it a pair of black socks and charcoal fringe leather loafers. If your office allows a smart casual outfit you can style the long red dress coat with a grey double breasted blazer, grey turtleneck and a pair of navy chinos. To get a polished touch you can add a pair of grey socks and tan suede Oxford shoes to the mix.

While the long red coats obviously work when paired with the right style of the formal garments they can be easily paired with the smart casual and casual styles. The laid back vibe of these casual outfits easily suit the attention grabbing vibe of the red coats making it a perfect match. For example if you are dressing for a party event and choosing a chic look for the event then we would suggest you to style the long red sport coat with a black turtleneck and a pair of black ripped jeans. Add with the outfit a pair of black sunglasses and black leather Chelsea boots to make it a success.

On the other hand if you are attending a semi formal wedding with an outdoor venue then you can style the long red jacket blazer with a white dress shirt, red tie and a pair of black ripped skinny jeans. While there are different ways to complete this outfit adding a pair of white print canvas high top sneakers is a cool way to finish it off. For a more casual and cool look you can style the long coat mens with a simple white crew neck t-shirt and a pair of grey plaid chinos. If you like to get creative and tone down the look of the outfit a little then add with it a pair of black and white canvas low top sneakers.

One of the trending outfit styles among the younger generation is to pair a hoodie with the overcoats. For example you can choose to style the mens long coat with a black hoodie and a pair of blue ripped jeans. This simple yet stylish red long coat outfit can be completed with a pair of beige suede Chelsea boots. You can also choose to go with the patterned red long coats if you are trying to go with a new style. Plaid long red coats and printed long coats are some of our top recommendations.


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