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Men's fur coats with fur collar

The winter is nearing and we are discussing winter clothes. Yayy!! We might resent the cold but we cannot argue against the fact that the winter clothing is dope and people look great in it. Everywhere we turn there is a swish of a coat and sometimes even a hat. Everyone is like a fashionista and if you are looking to join the trend then we have the best recommendation for you –fur coats with fur collar. We can almost see people just fading away from the conversation after hearing the suggestion but we request you to stay and hear what we have to say. Fur coats with fur collar is a attainable style which would work for you only if you tried. Know more about the style and the styling aspects involved by reading the article further.

Mens fur coats are vintage style for most people since modern men have sworn away from anything that makes like they understand the recent fashion. The fur coats were popular among men in the 20th century and the fashion is said to have peaked during the roaring 20s and the early 30s. From then the fur coats have been in and out of style. During the 1990s the anti fur activists emerged strongly and thus the use of fur greatly reduced. Since then the fur coats have become a women's style which even women sometimes avoid.

But there was a sudden surge in the selling of the fur coats and what was surprising is the fact that they were increasing among the men. This temporary effect was found to be Leonardo DiCaprio. Yes the man single-handedly brought back the style that has been dormant for some decades. For his film Reverent he was seen wearing different fur coats. Even when the look wasn't aesthetically appealing (the film not the man) as posing on the cover of the magazine the man seemed to have made an impact. The power of Leo maybe! People have started to realize that mens fur coats with fur collars is an easy style to put on and with the people breaking the fashion barriers we think that it might be the time where the fur coats are going to be in style.

Now for people who consider the fur collar with fur coats to be too flashy, it is indeed flashy. But when you know to style it right – with the right combining garments and for the right event then you can make it work without a glitch. Instead of thinking about wearing them with your work clothes you should think of wearing them for a party event or such events which require a little extravaganza for your outfit.

Now if you are a person who is against the use of animal fur but still like the look of the fur coats then you have an option to look good also without going against your principles. Faux fur collar coats are now being widely popular and they can look like real fur coats. Also for people who are looking for mens fur coat cheap you can choose to go with faux fur coats.

The fur coats are often viewed to be the status symbol and we have the Hollywood to blame. During the 1920s the fur coats were expensive and people who wore a fur coat were considered to be high in wealth and social position. The fur coat with fur collar became affordable in the long run but Hollywood liked the previous idea and stuck with it. Since then the rich and snotty people were the ones who always a wore a fur coat in the films and this became a stigma that carried on to the real world.

This century with time is becoming the century of breaking stigmas and this is another one that needs to be broken. If you live in a place where the temperature is too low to survive on a simple wool coat then you should feel free enough to don on a mens wool fur coat or full fur coat without the need for judgement. Also you can wear a fur coat when you feel like it even without the reason of extreme cold. This is currently happening and we cannot be more happy. If you are loving the fur coat style and want to try it for yourself then this is the right time to do it.

If you are worried about the styling then here we are to alleviate it. Look through these fur coat and fur collar peacoat outfits to find the style which would suit you. If you are starting out for the first time keep it simple by styling the black fur coat mens with a charcoal grey print crew neck t-shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans. Contrast the monotonous outfit with a pair of white leather low top sneakers. While black and navy are great colors for the fur coats and are the best for people trying out the look for the first time you can also choose other colors to bring out the real essence of the fur coats with fur collars.

For example camel fur collar mens peacoat and white fur coat mens are much more eye catching and rich than the black and navy coats. For example you can style the tan slimfit fur collar peacoat with a grey hoodie and brown chinos for a stylish winter look. Throw on a grey beanie and a pair of white canvas high top sneakers to complete the look. If you are planning to attend a classy event and want to dress up for it then you can style the printed fur collar winter peacoat with a black fitted suit and a black turtleneck. Round the look off with a pair of black leather Chelsea boots. There are various styles in the fur coats with fur collar and when you patiently go through them we are sure that you will find a desirable style.


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