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ALBERTO NARDONI BRAND BLAZER JACKETOvercoats are available in an extensive range and liked by men of all ages and walks. These days, instead of dressing up formally and wearing a customcoat over regular ensemble, men prefer to go for an idiosyncratic styled suit called mandarin collar sport coat. If you are unmindful of the term mandarin collar, it is a short, stretched out stand-up collar on an overcoat which usually starts on the neck opening and raises vertically around 2 to 5 cm. In fact, it is the western interpretation of Manchurian collar which is now used by large number of people, irrespective of the season and occasion. This kind of dressing is originated from European counties and still the western society has this garment as the weekly uniform of catholic priests.
Mandarin collar is usually short and erect and these mens mandarin collar sport coats impart a distinguished look that every man likes greatly. This collar is totally different from regular collars, as this collar stands up straight on the shoulders and chest. But it is not in the case of regular collars. The mandarin sport jackets are unique in their buttoning like single button sport coat style too. The buttons on the jacket end only when the mandarin sports coat is tightly closed up at the neck. Mandarin collar sport jackets usually have five or six buttons and it excellently complements the overcoat style. But remember, you should put on a mandarin collar sport coat over a mandarin collar shirt underneath. Most of the people in eastern countries use this mandarin collar sport coat as their business suits. The collar of European mandarin suit is smaller than American/British mandarin suits.


Mandarin collar sport jackets have slowly developed to replace the traditional overcoats in most celebration moments. Wearing this kind of mandarin collar jacket is actually one of the finest ways to look like a cine celebrity or rock star in almost all occasions. Mandarin collar jackets are preferred by people who wish to have modest fashion sense in their dressing style. These days, tie is avoided by lots of people and the place of tie is excellently replaced by the mandarin collars available on jackets. The US Armed force makes this as their standard army combat uniform in order to feel distinction amongst other men. In fact the idea behind this is to help safeguard men against chafing and to protect the neck portion from various equipment they may be required to carry or wear all through the practice session or war time.

BRAND BEIGE TWO BUTTONS LINEN BLAZEROne more example, you might have seen in movies that priests and pops in churches wear mandarin collar long white sport coat suits. This kind of dressing makes them stand out from the crowd and gives them a distinctive look. Until a few years back, this kind of garment was used only for functional purposes, but today it is both functional and fashionable. So, are you ready to buy one mandarin collar sport coats mens? Then, Overcoat USA is the right place to land and our coats can serve you and your occasions by making you look stunning. Visit us through overcoatusa, dig into the collections and choose one coat of your individual tastes and fashion preferences.


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