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3 Button Sport Coats

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BUTTONS JACKET BLAZER NOTCH LAPEL COATNo denying on the fact, sports coat is the best item in mens wardrobe that exactly reflects mens style and taste. Every single man should have at least one sports coat that is both fashionable and slim fits sport coat. A three button sports coat makes men appear trimmer and taller and mainly amazingly sexy. Who does not want that look actually? After all, everyone loves looking sexy and catchy to others. In the earlier days, three button sports coat was a rare breed but nowadays with a huge demand for such item in fashion industry, this item is produced extensively to meet the fashion desires of men. This mens three button sports coat will give you a clean and neat look that no other coats can easily give. This coat goes well for slim men whereas bulky men feel little hard when they stay buttoned for a prolonged time. The construction and look of this 3 button sports coat is an extremely important element to consider, as, it makes a man look good all the time.
Buttoning rule

  • First one – Either be buttoned or unbuttoned (optional)
  • Second one – Should be buttoned
  • Third one- Should be undone

    The wearing process of 3 button sports coat goes same with two button coats. The 3 button sports coat should be fastened while standing and loosened while sitting. You can fasten your 3 button sports coat in two ways, buttoning the top and centre buttons. Always keep the last button undone as it is classically cutaway and will not match up with its matching buttonhole. No matter the cut of the 3 button sports coat, always choose to button the centre one alone. This particularly goes for when the lapel rolls above the first button and rolls down to the centre button and for anything in between. This 3 button sports coat does not have the elongating effect found in single button coats and two button coats but this is visually flattering to a higher degree. Also, this kind of 3 button sports coat seems to be most trend-elastic and it helps you move around freely.

    Important considerations
    Body shape and height
    Body type is the first factor to consider and three button suit sport coat in style perfectly suits taller sport coat and slimmer men because buttons on the coat come up higher on your chest level and it will look great eventually. It will suit dwarf men too. These adoring 3 buttons create a level of comfort and visual style in men. BUTTONS NOTCH LAPEL BROWN SPLIT JACKET
    Fashion is the next consideration. Three button sports coats usually give off a retro-style look which was on-trend during 60s. It does not mean that this 3 button sports coat is stuck back in that 60s period though. These are eternal clothing pieces that come with classic cuts and designs that are comparatively resistant in varying fashion trends. The fashion we see today will disappear tomorrow, but the eternal space remains the same irrespective of the changes. Alike is the three button sports coat model.

    Our lifestyle plays a major role in deciding which coat to wear. These three button sports coats mens are perfect for office spaces and they help you look unique amongst the masses and give you a proud feel. For casual coats meetings and events, this coat is less preferred.


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