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With the summer fast approaching we edge towards our inevitable transition of our usual wool suits and blazers to the lightweight clothing. Summer is usually considered to be the season of celebration and you will have the opportunity to try out the brighter and bolder styles that might have stood out like a sore thumb in winter or fall. Thus it might be a good choice to add one or two bold garments while still on the process of updating your summer wardrobe. In this article we discuss the floral sport coats and some of the best ways to style the garment for this summer.

The floral sport coats are considered to be a bold style especially if you are a person who is used to the conventional styles like the navy blazers and charcoal gray suits. While these are the best for any formal events related to work it might make you look a little dull and possibly a killjoy when you wear them to the fun events like parties and such. Thus make sure that you have two or more of the floral sport coats that you can easily style for these events. If you are already contemplating on adding the floral sport coats style to your wardrobe here are some things that you should consider before deciding on the one.

For a perfect floral sport coat the key point to note is the fabric from which it is made from. The floral sport coats are definitely a bold style and thus it would be a hard feat to style them for winter or fall events. Thus since the floral sport coats are mostly restricted to summer use it might be a better choice to go with lightweight floral sport coats that you can wear without being much concerned about the heat. Lightweight wool floral sport coats might be a good look for styling for formal events like summer weddings. Other than this you can also opt for cotton floral sport coats and linen floral sport coats for a cool summer style. When you need a rich looking garment that you can style for special occasions like weddings and dinner events you can go with the luxurious floral sport coats. Though they are rare the silk floral sport coats and velvet floral sport coats might be a great choice for men who like the rich look of these garments. For a budget pick you can go with the synthetic ones like polyester floral sport coats and rayon floral sport coats.

The weight of the floral sport coats also should be noted. Go for the medium weight ones since the extremely lightweight ones will make you compromise on the drape and look of the garment. The weave of the floral sport coats will influence the comfort that the garment offers. Tight woven floral sport coats will restrict airflow while the open weave floral sport coats will give you a breezy garment. Consider the climate at which you are going to style the garment and then select the weight of the fabric and weave according to it.

When you are purchasing the casual floral sport coats for styling to summer events most of them might be held in the outdoor venues. For these type of events it is important that you go with the unlined floral sport coats or partially lined floral sport coats. The unlined versions means that they will not have lining even in the sleeves which might make the garment catch the shirt material making them get wrinkled easily. Instead you can go with the half lined ones which will have silk lining or any other lining of soft material in certain places like shoulders and sleeves. The half lined floral sport coats will be more comfortable and offer a good fit when compared to the full lined and unlined ones.

The color of the floral sport coats is where you can enhance the bold style of the garment. We personally would recommend you to go with the bright colored floral sport coats since they capture the vibe of the season perfectly. Also they will make you blend in with the celebratory atmosphere of the fun events like beach parties and rooftop parties. But if you are attending a relatively formal event like a wedding you would have to go with subtler colors of floral sport coats. Especially if you are not the groom make sure you avoid the bright styles of floral sport coats since you would not need to divert the attention of the crowd from the couple on their special day.

Here are some styling ideas that would help you use the floral sport coat to their maximum extent. For a subtle style you can go for the black floral sport coat paired with a white turtleneck and black chinos. To complete the look you can add a black wool hat and a pair of black leather derby shoes. Other than this you can also try out the other dark colored ones like navy floral sport coats and charcoal gray floral sport coats.

For a smart casual style you can pair the burgundy floral sport coat with a burgundy dress shirt and white dress pants. For a matching look you can add a pair of burgundy leather tassel loafers. For a casual look that you can easily wear to a party you can pair the tan floral sport coats with white crew neck T-shirt and blue skinny jeans. When you need a dash of confidence then go with pop of color in your outfit. For example a light blue floral sport coat paired with a hot pink crew neck sweater and black chinos might be a unique look.

The fit of the floral sport coats is an important factor to note since they greatly influence the overall look of the garment. Slim fit floral sport coats and modern fit floral sport coats are best for fitting look while the classic fit floral sports coats are best for formal use.


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