Slim fit topcoat

Don’t get drowned wearing overcoats that are sagging, opt for a slim fit topcoat instead, because it’s worth investing in one.

When autumn and winter is approaching, it gives you the stress of investing in the right overcoat which is a tricky task. The most baffling part is to settle on the right fit, seeing that flabby overcoats are a pure sore, you should opt for the one that best fits your body. Having said that, slim fit topcoats are not for everyone; well, if you have a slightly more petite frame then it’s worth investing in a slim fit overcoat. Now let us have a look at how an overcoat should fit.

The Shoulders: One of the trickiest parts in achieving the right overcoat fit depends on the shoulder measurement. Because a lot of men wear it with and without a jacket and/or heavy sweater underneath, make sure that you look for an outer covering that gives a touch snug with a tough suit under it. Another important thing is to have the shoulder part to be gently hugging the body, with no hang-time over the line of the arm. By this means, you can be sure of avoiding an ill-fitting look.

The Length: An overcoat’s length is another crucial thing to take into consideration. In general, it is suggested that you have them covered a couple of inches above the knee. That being said, the key to good tailoring is to balance the body’s natural proportions.

 The Collar: When deciding on an overcoat, you can take into consideration the same principles to fitting a suit. The most imperative component of an outer coat fit, comparable to that of a suit, is the neckline, because this is where the piece of clothing falls or hangs from. Hence, the collar should drape around the neck intimately and effortlessly, without any gapping. Having said that, you shouldn’t be able to notice the suit collar from the backside, nor any of the suit lapels from the front side! A full coverage in total is what considered good.

The Sleeves: Seeing that, an overcoat is designed with an intention of full coverage, it is necessary to have your wrist covered and you shouldn’t see any shirt cloth or jacket at all. Without giving you a restricted feeling, the sleeves of your overcoat should be as trim as possible. With this being case, you can be sure of enjoying a flattering fit.

A well-fit overcoat should hug the body perfectly and give you the right amount of insulation and there is a misconception that such topcoats cost a fortune, not at all. We at overcoatUSA house a wide range of overcoats for men that are no less than your well-tailored suit and the best part is that, they are available at prices ranges you would love to shop.