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Overcoats come in different varieties and all have their own advantages. While some with their thick design will provide you some warmth in the cold the waterproof ones keep you dry during the showers. While some are formal some are best to be worn over casual outfits. But when you need a overcoat that would have most of these advantages bundled up in one it would not be wise to pass up on the opportunity. This is why we recommend you to go with the mens coat . In this article we discuss on everything you need to know about this garment and some of the best ways to style the mens peacoat slim fit .

The length of the classic mens coat is usually shorter than the usual overcoats. The best length for the mens coat is to go with the one that extends one or two inches below the hip portion. It is usually double breasted and is also widely known as reefer jacket in some places. The slim fit pea coat is a classic style and it would be a wonder if you haven't heard about it till now. Like many of the other overcoats style the mens coat also had it's origin dating back to the military with the slight change of it being navy. The fit pea coat is known to be first designed for the sailors though the exact origin story and the dates are ambiguous.

The rich naval heritage and the elegant design of the mens coat has made it famous among the men and this only amplified and still do when the Hollywood stars like James Dean to Daniel Craig developed a liking for the style. The fit of the mens pea coat is the main thing to note while purchasing the coat. The mens pea coat should lie close to the body but make sure you keep in mind the outfit you are going to wear underneath it. It might be a good choice to try the mens pea coat over the sweater or T-shirt whichever you are planning to wear underneath the overcoat and then see whether you are comfortable with the fit. For an elegant and warm style it is most recommended for you to go with the slim fit pea coat rather than the looser fits like the classic fit mens pea coats and big and tall mens pea coats.

The fabric from which the mens pea coats slim fit are made plays an important role in the quality. The traditional mens pea coat were made from Melton wool so as to keep the sailors warm against the cold winds and rain. Nowadays the 100% wool mens peacoat slim fit are hard to find and if found it might be a little high for a budget buy. In that case you can go with the wool blend mens pea coats slim fit with synthetic materials. 80% wool and 20% nylon or 20% synthetic fiber might be a good choice. For the perfect quality of the mens peacoat slim fit you should focus on the construction and details of the garment. You can go with the heavyweight wool garment which is also fully lined when you need a winter mens coat . If you live in a place with a mild winters then you might find the thick wool mens pea coat to be a little stuffy. In this case you can go with the cotton mens pea coat . These lightweight mens pea coat can be used for all seasons when you pair it with the right combining garments. Other than this there are also other fashionable ones like leather mens peacoat slim fit which are rare.

The color of the mens pea coat is one of the most important factors that influence the look that you project. While selecting the color of the pea coat it is best to consider the purpose and also the garments in your wardrobe and choose the color that suits best with most of your garments. Here are some styling tips for the mens pea coats slim fit that you can try out.

For a formal look you can wear the navy mens pea coat over the ensemble of navy three piece suit paired with a white dress shirt and navy tie. This is a hallmark outfit for a corporate office attire. You can complete the look with a pair of black leather Oxford shoes. The navy blue mens peacoat slim fit is considered to be somewhat of a classic since it was the one that was issued to the naval officers. For a smart casual look you can style the charcoal mens peacoat slim fit over the outfit that consists of gray wool turtleneck and gray dress pants. The tonal look can be contrasted with an addition of burgundy scarf and dark brown tassel loafers. Other than this you can also go with the classic choice of black mens pea coats slim fit since all these are considered to be the most versatile picks for the mens pea coat .

If you want a little more bright look you can opt to go with the lighter tones of the mens pea coat . For a stylish look you can go with the light gray mens peacoat slim fit worn over the outfit of navy long sleeve T-shirt, gray striped scarf and light blue jeans. Other than this you can also go with the beige mens peacoat slim fit styled over the outfit of tan turtleneck and black jeans for an effortlessly smart look. For a little more dressy look you can also opt to go with the mens pea coats slim fit with fur collars.


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