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Looking stylish while staying warm is the whole idea of winter outfits and overcoats play an major role in making this happen. The long robe like coats indeed have the advantage of making you look mysterious and you can swish through the corridors but when it comes to practical ones of lesser length are preferred especially if you are more into riding vehicles. Peacoats are your best pick in this case and it can be a versatile addition to your wardrobe. In this article we discuss the hooded peacoats and some of the best ways in which you can style them.

It is common knowledge that the peacoats are the classic styles and have their origin from the military garments. The peacoats were first designed for the naval officers and all the details involved were developed to make the naval soldiers comfortable. For example the thigh length shorter length of the peacoats helped them climb the masts easily and also find their footing on the decks. What makes the peacoats a classic is that the historic silhouette of the peacoats have been retained and all the details on the peacoats are even more noted on the recent styles.

The hood on the peacoats is a recent style since the classic style did not have this addition. With the fashion world changing in the fast pace it is important to adapt to it but without changing the basic essence of the style. When you are looking for a style that can help you ward off the cold but also make you look stylish then you should think of going with mens peacoats. The addition of hood to the peacoat will help you keep the chills off your neck and face which is not the case with the usual overcoat and peacoat styles. You can always turn up the collars but that will not provide you full coverage like that of the hoods. Thus if you live in a place with harsh winters and would expect one or two blizzards then you should definitely go with the mens peacoats.

When choosing the mens peacoats the first thing that you will have to note is the fabric from which the coats are made from. The fabric of the peacoats will determine the quality of the garment and also the comfort of the wearer. Merino wool hooded peacoats are the ones that you should go with the classic peacoats style. The wool peacoats will offer you with the best insulation and keep off the cold. When the winter is expected to be harsh or you get chilly easily you can choose to go with the peacoats that come with fur on the hoods. Even men who are hesitant about going with the all fur coats reasoning that it is too flashy can go with this fur peacoats or the fur lined peacoats since they give out a simple look but would provide you with better insulation than the wool coats. While these winter hooded peacoats have their main purpose to keep the wearer warm there are styles that you can wear as a fashion statement. In that case you can choose to go with the lightweight hooded peacoats which will not suffocate you too much and when the temperature gets chilly you can simply add some layers to make it work.

Other than this you can also go with leather hooded peacoats when you need a more stylish look. If you consider the wool peacoats to be too pricey then you can choose to go with wool blend hooded peacoats which will bring the price bar a little down. When you go with these blended mens hooded wool peacoats make sure that the natural fabric is more in percentage than the synthetic ones so that the wearer is comfortable while using the garment.

As for the color of the mens peacoat with hood you should select it based on how you are intending you use it. When you are looking for a versatile style you can choose to go with the classic colored ones like black peacoat with hood and navy peacoats. When you go with these choices you can wear them with almost any garments and the color will also make it blend for any type of the events be it formal or casual. Now when you need a more casual style then you can try out the lighter colored peacoat mens or the brighter ones like white peacoat beige. Other than the peacoat black you can choose to go with the charcoal grey peacoat. If you consider the long black hooded peacoat to be too basic then you can choose to go with the ones with textures so that it adds more depth to the fabric.

The length of the mens peacoat is another important thing that you will have to note. The ideal length of the peacoat is the thigh length ones but you can choose to go for the shorter ones too. The long peacoat with hood reaches the thigh of the wearer and suits any body types. You can easily wear these peacoats with both formal and casual garments. But when you need more casual style you can choose to go with the hooded short peacoats. These shorter ones usually come upto the hip length covering your backside properly. These shorter peacoats are best to be worn with the casual garments like t-shirts and jeans.

The fit of the mens peacoat should be perfect for the look to work. Because of their double breasted design the hooded peacoat for men are usually fitted more when compared with the usual overcoat styles. Hooded fitted peacoats should be selected keeping in mind the best choice for you le body type. While selecting the peacoat you can wear the garments that you intend to wear underneath it so that it fits properly.


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