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A lot of mens overcoats have their origin in the military like the bomber jacket and the trench coats. Likewise the mens peacoats also have a close connection to the military and is one of the most popular styles in the menswear. While there are the usual navy mens peacoats and the black mens peacoats that are dominating the market we recommend you to step out of the mould and try out some brighter styles of the mens peacoats. In this article we discuss the mens peacoat and why you should add one to your overcoat collection.

The mens peacoats has their origin dating back to the 18th century and was designed for the sailors in the Navy. These coats were designed in such a way that the characteristics helped the wearer ward off the cold winds and tackle the extreme conditions during the sail. The first mens peacoats were double breasted which came with large notch lapels and bug buttons. The mens peacoat style that we have now is not much different than the original design making them truly a classic garment.

While the conventional colors of the peacoats like the Navy mens peacoats and the charcoal gray mens peacoats have been faring well for the two centuries from its origin for a distinct look you can opt to go with the mens peacoat. The reason why most people tend to avoid mens peacoat or any other bright colored ones is that it is seen as hard to style and even harder to pull off. If you are thinking about mens peacoat but is lost on the department of styling it then here are some tips that might help you.

Maroon goes by many names like burgundy or oxblood and many more but the actual color is wine hued with a mixture of red and brown. Maroon is a rich color that matches with almost all colors be it the neutrals or the bright ones. By going with the mens peacoats you can easily make a bold statement without being too flashy. Since mens peacoat is a versatile style you can wear it over various kinds of outfits thus making the best use of it.

For a classic look that you can wear for your regular office day you can wear them with formal garments like suits and blazers. When you pair the mens peacoat over the neutral toned office suit it gives you a subtle yet stylish twist to the outfit. For example you can wear the peak lapel mens maroon peacoat over the ensemble of three piece charcoal gray suit paired with a white dress shirt and a black tie. You can complete the look with a pair of formal black leather oxford shoes. Other than this you can also pair the formal mens peacoat over an outfit consisting of windowpane Navy suit paired with a light blue dress shirt and Navy tie. You can complete the look with a pair of dark brown leather tassel loafers.

When you need to pair the mens peacoat over equally bold styles of outfits you need to be careful for the styles not to clash with each other. It is easy to pair the mens peacoats with neutral garments since they will balance out each other perfectly but this is usually not the case with contrasting garments. Therefore take some time in properly styling the outfit so that they complement each other. For a trendy look you can pair the casual mens peacoat over the outfit of light blue plaid blazer paired with a white dress shirt, navy dress tie and Royal Blue dress pants. You can complete the classy look with a pair of burgundy leather tassel loafers. The bright style of mens peacoat paired with the Royal Blue dress pants will cancel out each other.

You can also opt to go with a tonal look when you style the mens peacoats. A notch lapel mens peacoat paired with a white long sleeve tshirt and khaki chinos might be a cool and smart look. You can finish off the look with a pair of black and white canvas hightop sneakers. Usually the peacoats are short and reach the top thigh portion of the wearer but if you are a tall person then you can opt for the long mens maroon peacoat styles or the big and tall mens peacoats.

Maroon is a rich color that pairs exceptionally well with black and other dark colors. For a elegant smart casual look you can style the double breasted mens maroon peacoat over the ensemble of black turtleneck paired with black dress pants. For a casual style you can style the modern mens maroon peacoat over the outfit consisting of dark green crew neck sweater and light blue jeans. To jazz up the style you can add a pair of tan suede work boots.

As for the fabric of the mens peacoats wool is the most common fabric. Wool mens peacoats are available in different weights and affordable prices making them a fabric among most people. But nowadays the garments is available in almost all fabrics ranging from the cotton mens maroon peacoats to the leather mens peacoats. Synthetic ones like polyester mens peacoats and rayon mens peacoats

are also available.

Apart from the solid styles you can opt to go with the latest trendy mens maroon peacoats like the patterned mens peacoats and mens peacoats with fur collar. For example the red and black gingham mens maroon peacoat worn over a white crew neck T-shirt and dark brown dress pants is a stylish and sophisticated outfit choice. Other than thus you can also style the red and Navy plaid mens peacoat over a light blue dress shirt, grey crew neck sweater and black wool dress pants when you need a super easy styling of a smart casual outfit.


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