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When you go shopping for any garment it is always tempting to play safe. This is especially true with overcoats since they are a seasonal wear that we do not use all around the year. Most of the men tend to get the simple long classic overcoat that you can use for all occasions. But the thing with the overcoats is that there are a lot of styles available in the garment and you can choose the one that would suit your style. In this article we discuss the camel peacoat mens and some of the best ways you can style the garment.

The overcoat is the only garment that will be visible for the viewer since you wear it over your garments in the winter. The one for all approach might be tempting but when you want to up your style game it is better to have more than one overcoat style in your wardrobe. There is a high chance that you already have a classic black overcoat in your wardrobe which is the most versatile style of overcoat that you can get. But when it comes to the selection of the next overcoat it is better to vary the style a little so that you can obtain a variety of looks with the overcoats.

Peacoats are a good choice when you need to try out a different style than the classic overcoat. The construction of the mens peacoat is much different than that of the usual overcoats thus providing you with new possibilities in which you can style the overcoat with the different outfits. We agree that the black peacoat or the Navy peacoat id the usual style that you can style with both formal and casual outfits. But in recent times the garments are not bought focusing only on the practicality instead the fashion factor also have taken a major place in deciding the style of the clothing purchased. Most of the time you already have an overcoat in a classic color thus it will be a better choice if you can experiment a little by going with the peacoat mens.

If you are still hesitant to try out the lighter colors like the beige and pastels then camel is one of the best recommendation for you. peacoat mens and other camel overcoats are becoming a major sensation now with some of the prominent celebrities like Kanye West also rocking the style with ease. The reason why camel performs better when compared to the other lighter and brighter shades is because it does not lean much on either side mostly remaining in the neutral. The fresh color at the same time is not monotonous and offers a nice look which you can pair with most colors.

While the camel as a color hasn’t scored much in other garments it is one of the most preferred style in overcoats. The peacoat mens or the camel overcoat mens have been in style for a long time ever since the last century. It was the time of the world War and the wool fabrics that were usually used to make the winter overcoats were short on demand making the manufacturers turn to other sources of raw material. Then the camel hairs were used to make the winter coats which became one of the most preferred raw material. This was because of the excellent properties of the camel hairs which aided in the making of the winter garments. The camel hairs were light in weight but provided maximum warmth and comfort thus making it a great pick for winter styles. The first camel hair overcoat was produced by heritage brand called Jaeger and brought to Britain in 1919. When the second World War hit the government when used the camel hair coats as one of the mandatory clothing scheme. When the war ended most of the overcoat manufacturers went back to the wool as a raw material. The camel hair coats went out of style but the rich color of the camel hair which was the perfect middle of the road one between the beige and brown became a favorite among men and women. Picking on the demand the clothing manufacturers starting providing dyed peacoat mens and camel duffle coats which were made from wool but we’re dyed in the exact camel hair color.

Coming to the peacoat mens, the peacoats are also classic garments that has a rich military history to it. The origin of the peacoat dates back to over two centuries since there are records of its usage from the early 1800s. The mens peacoats are said to have first designed for the dutch sailors as soon protective garment against the harsh and cold winds while at the sea. There are also other origin stories concerning the peacoats and there is no definite proof for which one came first.

If you are new to the peacoat mens style then it consists of a cropped coat that is double breasted in design. The original style of the mens peacoats was retained and even now the details of the coats remains the same without much changes. The peacoat style was greatly popular and was worn by many celebrities in the Hollywood films making it one of the prominent styles.

The peacoat mens is easy to style since it comes with a snug fit unlike the classic overcoats. The mens peacoats are warm and were originally made from the melton wool. They are perfect winter garments that come with a tapered silhouette that will make the wearer look more stylish. You can style this peacoat mens with almost any garments because of their neat fit. When you know to style it in the right way the mens can be one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe.

There are different styles in peacoats and you can get the one that would suit your style and need. The details on the peacoat mens were mostly given to aid the functions of the sailors in their time at sea. For example the classic peacoat mens had a cropped look and the cut slightly flares at the hips. This double breasted camel mens peacoat with the slight flair is provided so that it provides the wearer with enough space to move around like in case for the sailors to climb the rigs and such. Also these camel classic peacoat mens come with large collars that can be tugged up to protect the wearers face and neck from the cold winds. Most of the time the notch lapel peacoat mens are available but you can also see the shawl lapel peacoat mens available in the market. The camel shawl collar peacoat mens are rarer than the camel notch lapel peacoat mens and give a looser fit around the shoulders of the coat. The classic mens peacoat is considered to be the simplest style of peacoats and if you are trying the style for the first time then it would be better to go with these classic peacoat styles.

The length of the peacoat mens is another one of the main aspects that you will have to note while making the purchase. Usually as mentioned before the peacoat mens are cropped in length and the coat ends in the top of the hips. But if you want a longer choice then you can go with the bridge coat that is similar to the peacoat design differing only in the length. The camel bridge coat mens are also double breasted in design with large collars but come with the thigh or the knee length of the peacoats. The original peacoats use brass buttons but nowadays there are very few styles that come with brass buttons. Some of the brass buttons have the naval anchor design on it and if you need a authentic look then you can opt for these styles. The bridge coat can give the wearer a dressed up look that can be used for getting a formal look.

While the original style of the peacoat mens are double breasted there are also styles that come with the single breasted design. These single breasted camel peacoat mens comes without the overlapping flaps and a single row of buttons. This camel single breasted peacoat mens give the wearer a slightly casual look when compared with the double breasted styles.

As for styling the peacoat mens you can style them with both formal and casual outfits. You can style the peacoat mens with formal outfits like suits or blazers but it is mostly restricted to the casual styles. The advantage with the peacoat mens is that it can be styled in almost all seasons be it winter or fall and even in the spring season. Here we provide you with some styling ideas for the peacoat mens which can be helpful if you decide to try one for yourself.

For a formal look you can pair the mens camel color peacoat with an ensemble of a light blue long sleeve shirt and black dress pants. You can complete the look with a pair of black leather oxford shoes. This is a good look when you need a semi formal winter outfit. For a casual layered style you can pair the mens light camel peacoat with an ensemble that consists of a grey crew neck sweater, white crew neck tshirt and charcoal dress pants. You can complete the look with a pair of black suede low top sneakers.

The fabric from which the peacoat mens is made from also plays an important role in the performance of the coat. If you are getting it as a winter garment to ward off the cold and stay warm then it is best to go with the coats that are made from thick fabrics. Wool peacoat mens is considered to be one of the most preferred picks when it comes to winter style. The camel wool peacoat mens are available at reasonable prices and provide you with suitable warmth. You can use this mens wool camel peacoat for your daily use and it is a durable style that can last for a long time especially when maintained right.

When you need a luxury garment that you can wear for special events then it might be a good choice to go with the cashmere peacoat mens. The camel cashmere mens peacoats are softer and more comfortable when compared to the wool coats. The price of the cashmere mens camel peacoats will also be higher than the wool peacoats since it is considered to be a luxurious style. It is best to reserve the mens cashmere peacoats for the special occasions since extensive and frequent usage can make the soft cashmere to wear out soon.

Other than these two you can also opt to go with the melton wool peacoat mens when you need an authentic look. Fur peacoat mens are also available in the market but if you consider it to be an overdo then you can opt for the camel peacoat mens with fur collars. These are the ones that are often used by men who live in places with extremely cold winters.

The fit of the peacoat mens is another one of the important factors to note. As metioned before the peacoat mens come with a snug and tapered fit that will give a rich and refined look for the wearer. Considering the climate at which you are going to use the coat make sure you go with the right fit. For example if you are planning on wearing the coat with a lot of layers then you can go with the classic fit camel peacoat mens. Instead if you are going to pair it with formal style then you can go with the slim fit camel peacoat mens.


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