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Mens Peacoat- navy inspired fashion with nautical vibe,mens black peacoats, gray peacoat mens are characterized by a short length, broad lapels, and double-breasted fronts. Deeply rooted to military and navy backgrounds, these black coats are the perfect additions for dashing gents looking to make an impression. There are several ways to make your black Mens coats look stunning i.e. pairing ways are endless. Bridging the gap between smart and casual, be it day wear or evenings, dinner or cocktails, they are apt for special occasions too and it all depends on the way you pair them, try our navy peacoats for men. Whether you are looking for double-breasted styling or the one that is leather made, browse through our range of Peacoats for Mens, mens peacoat and button up in one for a put-together winter style mens long peacoat and colors of grey peacoat mens.

Winter is coming. For most of us comes with it the worry of stocking your wardrobe with warm clothings. Wool coat clothes vary much with the summer style and for a person who cares about style and fashion this is a time consuming task. One of the staple outfits of winter wardrobe is overcoats. Overcoats are long coats that may reach below the knee or above it. They are outerwear that are worn over the outfits like suits and casuals. Their main purpose is to keep the wearer warm and protect them from weatherly elements like rain and wind. Many styles are available in overcoats and some classic styles like trench coats, duffel coats and peacoats for men have withstood a long time in fashion industry.

These coats are available in single breasted and double breasted styles just like in tuxedos. Single breasted overcoats are more versatile and can be worn over both formal and casuals. Double breasted coats on the contrary are considered more formal and are preferred to be worn over business suits. Double breasted overcoats are also warmer than the single breasted style due to the extra fabric in the middle. If you are a person who does not frequently suit up then it is better to go with single breasted overcoats. A peacoat is a double breasted coat that is made of wool. The woollen fabric has a natural breathability to it making it a ideal wear in fall, winter and spring. Traditional peacoats have a length that reaches up to hip or thighs and have two rows of buttons as in every double breasted coat styles. They have a wide notched collar that can be either buttoned up or worn laying down. Mens Peacoat are the classic overcoats that has the added benefit that can be dressed up or down. They can be used over an office wear and other formal occasions and at the same time pair well with casual shirt and jeans The cut of the peacoat produces a illusion that makes the wearer look taller and stronger than they are. When you pop the collar it seemingly elongates the body and naturally shifts the focus to your face.

They are often compared with parkas on the functionality aspects. A parka is a thigh length or longer overcoats that are well insulated and hooded coat. They are mostly waterproof and scores more in this than a peacoat. They are lined with furs on the hoods and hence obviously warmer than the peacoats. However peacoats are the go for if you are looking for a versatile overcoat that can be worn over both casuals and formals. Parkas do not give an appropriate look when worn over formals and definitely not the look you will need when going for say business meetings. The parkas can get suffocating on a cool fall day and are best only in frigid temperatures.The peacoats can be equally warmer if they are made of high quality wool and is paired with a hat and scarf. So if you are a person who frequently suits up then peacoats are your best pick unless you live in a place thatoften have harsh winter weather with snow flurries, blizzards and sub freezing conditions.Peacoats make a staple outerwear for people living in Pacific Northwest or western middle Europe.

Mens Peacoat were originally designed for sailors in European navy which then later spread to American navy Mens peacoat. The origin of peacoats traces back to atleast 300 years. The Dutch are considered the inventors and claim the naming rights. The word pea is derived from the dutch word pijjakker- pij which describes the strong blue woollen cloth that was used at that time and jakker meaning a mans short, heavy coat. The stylish aspects of peacoat was in fact are purely functional. The coat was designed short so that the sailor could have freedom of leg movement as they would need it for the activities on the ship. Some tasks like unfurling the sails and climbing the masts would be impossible with a long coat. It was designed as double breasted and with wight or ten buttons that can be easily fastened so that it could provide complete protection against wind, rain and spray. The top of the coat was snuggly fit with side pockets to keep the hands warm while the skirt flared to give free movement of legs.

Though they had their origin connected to war they later became a favourite of peace and love set. Many sturdy military items were available in surplus quantity after the World War II and peacoats were one among them. Hence they were later adopted by the civilians and hippie counter culture followers in 1960s. The double breasted overcoats are made from navy colored heavy wool. Until the 1970s the US navy used dark blue peacoats. Modern peacoats are made of heavy melton wool in variety of colors. This wool is tight but lighter than what the older coats were made of and durable. They act as a great insulator that keeps the wearer safe from cold and wind and sometimes even sea sprays.

The first peacoats most likely had short side vents or did not have them at all. Nowadays the navy coats have centre vent. If you want to avoid the cold seeping in it is better to reduce or better avoid the vents. The front side of the Mens peacoat has six or eight large outside buttons. They also have a button to close the collar of the neck and a single inside button which helps anchor the double breasted front.

The Navy used peacoats usually have metal buttons displaying a fouled anchor which is the personal seal of Lord Howard of Effingham. This practice started as early as 1920s and is still followed now with little changes in design. Even today many Navys use peacoats of varied styles. The US Navy adopted the style from the British Navy and so on. The fouled anchor design is interestingly carried on with slight variations. They are also made of different materials in Navy for buttons like brass, gold plated and anodized aluminium being some. However in civil world the materials change along with the price range. Expensive Mens coats have buttons made of horn, mother of pearl and wood while the cheap ones have plastic ones The Mens coats are also famous among women although it is basically a menswear. They have a different cut for peacoats worn by women. These cuts are designed to give an illusion of curves to a otherwise straight body shape. It is better to not wear the collar up when you are not wearing makeup since it naturally shifts the focus to your face.

With consideration to the long history the peacoat has there are different styles of peacoat available now. The most common style of peacoat is the classic style with it featuring a cropped, double breasted cut that flairs at the hip portion. This style is the basic style that was the original of the first designed Mens coat without much changes. The large collar is provided so that it can keep the wind off your neck and if let up your face also. The lapel provided is usually notch but shawl lapel can also be seen in some coats that gives a looser shape around the shoulders The bridge coat was originally designed for the officers on the bridge of the ship. The major difference in the style is the length. The large collar and the double breasted remains the same as in classic style but the coat reaches thigh or even sometimes knee length leaning more towards the overcoats style. This can be selected if you want a dressed up look.Although most of the peacoats are double breasted style, there are single breasted coat versions too. They were present in early times too. They lack the overlapping flaps of the double breasted style and have only a single row of buttons. This style is preferred if you prefer a look more casual sharing elements of a worker jacket.

When it comes to the fit of the peacoat for men, there are options there too. As the main purpose here is the warmth it is always better to go with close fitting style. It should have a wide high collar and should naturally taper towards the waist portion and then flairs towards the hips.Mens slim fit Mens coat is an item of clothing that is close fitting and tailored such that it hugs your figure perfectly. It should be noted that the bottom of the jacket should just sit above the hips and then flairs slightly below to allow free movement. This is preferred by younger men who have a good figure and would not mind showing it off a little. It is better to wear it with the bottom button undone like you would in a double breasted blazers.

As for overcoats it is important to get the close fit but it is a good idea to get one size larger than the perfect fit. This is to offer space if you plan to wear it over chunky knitwear or multiple layers. If the weather gets cold you can loose the scarf and pop up the generous collar to look elegant and chic. Make to get the right fit since it greatly influenced the whole look because once you button up the overcoat people do not see what you are wearing inside and the coat makes or breaks your look. Peacoat has undergone some modifications after entering the fashion world and long peacoat are one of them. If you are buying a long Mens coat it is better to have a corporate wear to pair it with. To get a more relaxed style it can be loosely slung over the shoulders.

When it comes to Colors selection of the coats black is considered the ultimate shade but the classic cliche Color can sometimes hinder other combinations. Combining a dark coloured peacoat with other classic Colors like red and whites Mens coat gives a simple yet elegant look. A chino of different tone can work well with the black peacoat when paired with textured scarfs to provide a distinction among the dark shade. For relaxed casual look don a simple sweater underneath the black coat. The black peacoat is a classic that can work well as a corporate wear also especially when paired with a grey suit. A nice change from the traditional black is the grey peacoat. White is a good shade to complement with the lighter tone of the grey peacoat. Other traditional Colors like navies, burgundies and emerald green work well with charcoal greys.Navy is the versatile Color that is appropriate for almost any situation and peacoats are no exception. When teamed with jeans and chinos it becomes the cool casual outfit while when paired with a decent suit becomes instantly a proper work wear. Turtlenecks and close knit sweaters particularly pair well with the peacoats to give a preppy look.

Green is not a traditional Colors in Mens overcoats as in navy but a worthy alternative. Emerald, forest and khaki greens are the best shades to get if you decide on a green peacoat. This Color is versatile and complements richer and classic tones like burgundy, deep navy and dark wine Colors. Black also works well with green thus pairing a green Menscoat with black denim jeans and black t-shirt or standard black suit may be a good fashion idea. Camel is the Color for men who favour neutral colors. They are considered as a posh Color and brings warmth to your existing pieces. Pairing wour camel Mens coat with warmer tones like beige and khaki gives a traditional look. Camel also works well with black which gives you a modern and youthful look, but only if the tailoring is done properly. Also make sure the match the overcoats with accessories that boost the appeal of the outfit.

Mens peacoat also belongs in the same family as camel is a great Color for a peacoat. A peacoat work perfectly well for work wears since it almost pairs with almost anything. Navy pairs well with coat and hence if you are a fan of navy a rich is a great investment than a black one. A younger modern fit is the key to ensure its stylishness. Mens overcoats are a classic style of overcoats that have a long history and are the best in terms of style and elegance. Thus if you do not own one already it is the best time to purchase the classy overcoat.


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