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Overcoats are one of the garments that can effortlessly make your outfit look still more elegant or stylish depending on your choice of the garment. If you are a person who takes real interest in your outerwear collection and not just seek out when the temperature turns freezing then you would have known that there are a lot of styles in overcoats that you can style in the summer and spring seasons too. These types of overcoats might not be as popular as the winter overcoats but they are starting to get a lot of attention especially among the younger generation. In this article we discuss the mens duster coats and why you need to have one in your wardrobe.

For people who are hearing the term mens overcoats for the first time we owe an explanation before we go into the details. A duster coat is a lightweight and long loose fitting overcoat unlike the heavy winter overcoats. These light weight mens duster overcoats are mostly worn for fashion purposes in the warmer months since they will not provide much protection against the cold in the chilly days. The mens coats have long been in style in mens fashion and one of the most adored style in Hollywood western themed films. As for some of the history of the overcoats it was originally designed for the men to wear while riding on the horseback. The construction of the coats were also done with the details aiding for the wearer to easily mount and dismount the horse. The original mens coats were of full length and had a slit in the back upto the hip level to provide easy movement in the legs and hip portion. These rear slit was buttonable and also came with leg straps that held the flaps in place. These mens coats were first used by the Texas Rangers and other western cowboys so as to provide protection for their garments against the trail dust while riding on the horseback.

As for the fabric of the coats they were originally made from the canvas or linen so that they have the lightweight nature intended for the coat. These linen mens duster coats were mostly used in the summer and spring seasons. But for the rainy seasons the men had waterproof mens duster overcoats that were usually made from waxed cotton or oilcloth. In the end of the 19th century and throughout the early 20th century both men and women wore duster overcoats when riding in the motorcars which had open tops at that time. These duster overcoats were at that used with the accessories like riding gloves, goggles and such to protect the wearer from the dust and dirts during the road travel. In winter much thicker ones called the car coats were used for the travel instead of the lightweight duster overcoats.

The overcoat that are available in recent times carry much similarities to the one of older times. The style is now more flexible with the details like the length and fabric from which the overcoats are made from. Nowadays the overcoat are available in different materials and you can choose the style that is suitable for your convenience. Cotton mens duster overcoats are one of the most common ones in the market. The advantage with the mens cotton duster overcoats is that they are breathable and thus can keep the wearer comfortable even in the warmer months. Other than this when you need an authentic style then you can go with the canvas duster overcoats or the mens linen duster overcoats. These are also materials that are good for the summer and spring styling. When you need a cheaper buy you can choose to go with the synthetic ones like polyester mens overcoats and the rayon overcoats but you should keep in mind that they might not perform as well as the natural fabric ones in terms of both comfort and durability especially the latter.

All these coat can be used as both formal and casual style but when you need a stylish garment that is mostly reserved for the casual style then it is a good choice for you to go with the mens leather duster overcoats. The leather mens duster overcoats seems to be one of the major trends among the younger generation in recent times. The leather duster overcoats have been a hot commodity ever since it was featured in the film The good, the bad and the ugly. The leather jackets and the leather overcoats saw a surge in popularity in the early 20th century since the Western style at that time gained a lot of attention.

Most of the time people tend to confuse leather overcoats with leather trench coats. While the structure might be a little similar to both one major difference between the two styles is not have a lapel but the trench coats on the other hand come with collar lapel. Also another one of the iconic characteristic of the overcoats is the presence of the flap over the shoulders that is provided to protect the wearer from the rain. Also the fit of the coats is much looser when compared to snug fit of the trench coats especially around the middle portion.

While most of the men tend to go for the thick overcoats which they style over the garments for only the winter season of might be a good option to have a lightweight overcoat like the duster overcoat for fashion purposes. This adds more personality and style to your wardrobe without the basic need of functionality. Also mens coats are comfortable garments that will never go out of style even in the future. Also mens overcoats are one of the best garment to have in your wardrobe if you are a person who travels on a daily basis to work. There are very few chances that you reach your workplace or the college in a bike but the overcoats are a good style even if you travel by other means. Thus it might be a wise choice to invest in a mens overcoat if you are focusing on upgrading your wardrobe for this summer.

There are a lot of ways in which you can style the overcoats both with formal and casual garments. There are also different styles in overcoats that you can choose from. Here we list some of the best ways in which you can style the coats with various garments and we hope that it will help you in the process when you decide to get one for yourself.

The color of the coat is one of the most important things that you will have to note while purchasing for the garment since it attracts the most attention. When you need a versatile mens duster overcoat that you can pair well with both formal and casual garments then it is best to go with the conventional colors. The traditional duster coat are mostly of darker colors and are the ones that are most preferred. Dark brown mens overcoats and the dark green mens dcoats are the two that are most recommended for a versatile style. The olive green mens tancoats and military green overcoats give an authentic look for the garment. Other than this you can also go with the black m overcoats and charcoal grey overcoats when you need to go with the conventional garments that you can wear with both formal and casual styles.

The fit of the overcoats are another one of the unique features that you will have to note in the garment. Make sure you go with the loose fitting ones since they are the signature style of the garment. The longcoats are the ones are most recommended for the casual styles and they often reach below the knee portion. Custom made overcoats are a good choice but it is not much needed since you do not have to have a perfect fit with the duster coats. It will be a good choice to go with the classic fit mens overcoats or the big and tall overcoats when you need to have a desirable fit for the garment.

As for styling the overcoats most of the time the coat is recommended for the casual styling. For a cool and confident style then you can wear the khaki mens duster overcoat with a pastel orange crew neck tshirt and a faded out light blue jeans. You can complete the look by adding with the outfit a pair of white canvas low top sneakers. You can go with the baggy and loose fitting jeans when you pair the jeans with the coat.

For a little more dressy look that you can wear for the fun events like the parties and clubs you can pair the mens olive green duster overcoat with a multicolor pattered short sleeve shirt and navy blue dress pants. You can complete the look with a pair of black leather lace up oxford shoes. For the summer style you can go with the heavily patterned shirts like the floral shirts and other tropical printed shirts. When you style these floral shirts you need to pair it with simple garments so that the shirt becomes the main piece of the outfit. The lightweight nature of the duster overcoats are a good choice to pair with these tropical styled outfits.

For a little more simple summer look you can pair the dark colored mens overcoats with the light colored simple garments. For example you can pair the mens military green duster overcoats with the light blue striped grandad shirt and navy blue dress pants. You can complete the look with a pair of dark green and white smart leather trainers. This is a dressed down type of look that you can wear for the casual day around the city.

Now if you are attending a summer beach party then you can pair the light colored coats with a casual garment like the tshirt and shorts look. For example you can go with the tonal look of pairing the navy blue polo shirt with a black casual shorts and then add a tan mens coat to the mix. You can complete the look with a pair of white and black canvas low top sneakers. For these styles it will be good to go with the slightly short duster overcoats instead of the full length mens duster overcoats.

For a more casual summer look you can go with the full linen look. For example you can pair the white linen crew neck shirt with a beige linen pants and mens linen duster overcoats. To match with the casual outfit you can add with it a pair of dark brown leather sandals. These are some of the styles in which you can style the overcoats with casual garments for the summer and spring season.

While these are some of the best styles that you can style with both semi formal and casual styles when you need to go with the stylish look you can opt to go with the Western mens duster overcoats. These are considered to be the Western equivalent to the mens trench coats. These are more rugged versions and can be more durable than the simple cotton and linen mens trench overcoats. These mens Western duster overcoats and the cowboy mens duster coats are some of the styles recommended for the men who love to go with the Western styles.


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