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While some might argue that a single overcoat might cover all purposes we like to differ. The winter coats are the ones that the people are going to notice on you on your way to work and not the outfit that you are wearing underneath it. Thus like the fact that a single navy suit might not be a good choice you will need to have at least two or more overcoats in your collection. In this article we discuss the herringbone overcoats and why you should consider buying it.

If you are new to the overcoats style then you might certainly wonder about it's name. Herring is a type of fish and since the pattern resembled the this fishbones it was named as herringbone. If we dive more into the origin of the pattern you can note the same pattern in a road system that was developed in Rome around the 500 B. C. The herringbone pattern is similar to the pattern known as Opus spicatum which creates the interlocking pattern on the roads which will also absorb a lot of compression during the movement on the roads. As in fabric the herringbone pattern were first used to denote a certain variant of twill in which the pointy chevrons were created by reversing the twilling periodically.

overcoats or any herringbone patterned garments are one of the easiest patterns to wear and thus have been used a great deal in mens clothing till now. The vintage style of the overcoats will make it look like a step above the usual solid overcoats. The overcoats are popular in recent times and pop up among the famous fall or winter styles every year. While the overcoats are a subtle look that you can wear without garnering much second looks mens fashion have become bold now with many rocking the herringbone suits and many other styles of the pattern.

There are a lot of styles of coats that you can try and to choose it according to your taste it might be a better choice to get to know the ones that are available. The coats are available in different lengths, types and colors. Sort out your need for the garment and then pick the one that ticks all the boxes. As for styling some of the variants of the overcoats here are some ideas that we think you should take a look at.

The overcoat offers the wearer a subtle look and thus you can easily pair them with both formal and casual garments. The details like the color and length of the overcoats are the things that influence the look and thus it might be better to pay some attention to it. For example if you are styling the outfit for your regular office day then you can wear the gray herringbone overcoat over the formal ensemble of navy three piece suit paired with a white dress shirt and light violet polka dot tie. Complete the look with a pair of black leather Chelsea boots. For a still more professional look you can go with the navy coats worn over the navy suit and white dress shirt.

The dark colored overcoats are the ones that are most recommended since they will blend in well with the dim climate of the winter and fall. But when you want to go with a little more color for the season then you can try out the lighter or brighter colors of overcoats. For example a light gray herringbone overcoat worn over an ensemble of burgundy turtleneck, gray wool double breasted blazer and khaki dress pants is a refined outfit. To best complete the outfit you can add a pair of burgundy leather loafers. For a smart casual style you can go with the camel herringbone overcoat worn over the outfit that consists of navy plaid double breasted blazer paired with a white dress shirt, navy tie and khaki chinos. You can complete the look with a pair of tobacco leather derby shoes. For a bold style you can choose the burgundy herringbone overcoat worn over the outfit of navy turtleneck, grey wool waistcoat and black check chinos. The bright overcoat over the subtle outfit will create a contrast making you stand out among the other usual styles.

As for the type of the overcoat, single breasted overcoats are the ones that are most preferred since they are flexible to use with both formal and casual styles. For example a single breasted mens overcoat worn over an ensemble of windowpane navy suit paired with white dress shirt and navy striped tie will look equally impressive when the same overcoat is styled over a casual outfit of orange crew neck sweater and white chinos. The double breasted overcoats might be a little hard to style with formal clothing. When you want to go with the double breasted style it might be a better option to choose the peacoats.

The fabric from which the coats are made plays a major role in deciding it's quality. If you are purchasing it as a winter coat using it as a shield for cold days then it might be a better option to go with thick wool overcoats or the overcoats with fur collars. This will provide you proper insulation in the freezing temperatures. But on the contrary if you are going with these coats as fashionable garments that you can even wear in summer or spring then it might be a better choice to go with cotton herringbone overcoats or synthetic ones like polyester herringbone overcoats.

The fit of the overcoats is another thing to carefully note when you need a perfect look. If you purchasing the coat for winter then go with the classic fit overcoats which might be good for layering. For using it as a fashionable garment go with the slim fit herringbone overcoats.


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