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Harris Tweed Overcoat

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COAT GRAY TWEED WOOL BLEND CAR COATAs the cold months approach if you are thinking of upgrading your winter overcoat wardrobe here is a article to help you select a stylish garment - tweed overcoat. If you are not aware of what tweed is the it one of the fabric that is popular but rare in use. Tweeds are considered a old fashioned choice especially among conservative types.
Tweed is a not your regular fabric and has a elegant color and texture of its own that is hard to rival. If you are thinking of getting this style then it is better to focus on the weave to keep it to striking or sober colors depending on your taste. Tweed is a heavy fabric and is used to keep the wearer warm. This fabric is more functional and versatile than what it seems in the first look. Also in recent times tweed is being rediscovered as a work wear especially in outerwear like overcoats, work jackets and gilets. COAT TAUPE WOOL BLEND CAR COAT
Tweed is basically a rugged wool fabric that are usually patterned. They are thick and thus greatly resistant to cold and water and also have good insulating properties. Tweed is said to have originated from Scotland and Ireland when the farmers of these areas wanted a heavy fabric to fight the chilly climate in those areas. Thus tweed was first hand woven and consequently was rough, felted and thick. This first as said was introduced as a working class garment and thus had muted colors. Also for the exact story of why the name tweed came into existence there are variations. One story suggests that the cloth was made in the Tweed valley near the Tweed river in Scotland. Another popular story is that the name got derived from the Scottish word tweel which is the weave of this fabric. It is said that the name got miswritten when a London overcoat clerk wrote tweed instead of tweel.


While the garment was in local use it became a mainstream in the start of 19th century. The luxury estates in Scotland went into the hands of English noblemen who wanted a lavish lifestyle. Prince Albert was one of the first by purchasing Balmoral and he was the one who designed the Balmoral Tweed. He created the fabric in blue with white sprinkles and crimson color so that it matches the area around Balmoral. Soon it began the rage of designing these Estate Tweeds that were specific to their own estates. They also had tweeds according to their clan that was the same style for all the members of the same family wherever they may be located. As for the estate owners they designed it for identity and also for functionality. The colors were designed to be blendable with the terrain of the estate so that they helped to camouflage in hunting and deer stalking. Also at the end of 19th century and early 20th century then it became an ideal sporting attire which soon became popular among the English coat gentry. They also became the best choice for vintage bicyclists especially for modern day cycling called Tweed run. These leisure fabrics were of lighter color than the business fabrics that were of dark shades.


Today there are many types and styles of tweeds available with it varying according to type of sheep the wool is from, geography, functionality and brands. One such popular brand of tweed garments is the Harris tweed. It is a original fabric that are woven by the islanders in Scotland and which takes years of training to produce. It has a rugged hand feel to it and the dense texture and beautiful color is something that cannot be matched.

Not only the look, the feel and the functionality of the Harris Tweed garment is top notch. It was originally worn only by the farmers but the quality of the fabric made it the object for barter and soon becoming a currency for the islanders. By the start of 20 the century the tales of the quality of this natural garment reached out of the island and soon many weavers who intended to capitalise this product started imitating the style. Over the years Harris Tweed has reached the height of popularity even in the silver screens of Hollywood thus easily becoming a coveted garment. After the rise of synthetic fabrics the sales did go down but recent times have given people the choice of choosing quality over quantity thus bringing back Harris Tweed in style. Harris Tweed has many garments like the suits overcoat, overcoats, jackets and such thus you have a lot of options to choose from. They also have some popular styles like the herringbone ones that is one of the most sought after styles in Harris Tweed brand.

single breasted winter camel pea coat mens cashmere woolAs for styling these garments one of the best styles you can go with is the laid back style. Harris Tweed is a flexible fabric that is very soft and thus can be worked into all manner of styles. They make good fabric for bomber jackets and chore jackets. You can wear the tweed jacket with a pair of jeans to get a cool look. You can also tryu tweed overcoat trousers instead of jeans that gives a laid back dressed down look.
When it comes to smart casual styles a two button tweed jacket is a good choice. You can easily wear them as your office wear when paired with flannels and brogues. You can wear a unstructured jacket with chinos for a contemporary look and also try textures like herringbone.

DOUBLE BREASTED OVERCOAT MENS NAVY WOOLTweed is known to be tough and long lasting so getting a suit in tweed might be a good choice. Also since the tweed is known for its toughness and insulating properties getting outerwear like overcoats in tweed might be a smart move. Nowadays you can get quality tweeds on sale in many shops and also online sites have become better offering quality fabrics in cheap cost coat. Thus getting to know about these fabrics and buying a quality one may add a great variety to your wardrobe.


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