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Double Breasted Camel Hair Overcoat

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KHAKI CASHMERE BLEND LONG TOP COATCamel hair overcoats have become a must have item in every mens wardrobe, at least for the ones who tend to put some effort into their style. The tan overcoat color of the camel hair works well with almost any outfit. Some people argue that the camel hair overcoats are out of style but with some style and effort you can make this one of the most versatile garment in your wardrobe.
The warm color looks great with classic colors like blue, grey and other formal colors. Be it any garment jackets, camel hair overcoats or topcoats the camel hair gives it a sophisticated look. Also some have the assumption that the camel hair overcoats are reserved for only formal attire but remember that they also look great with denim and laid back styles. They even pair well when worn over even hoodies and joggers.

First of all, although it is highly unlikely, for people who have never heard of this style, what is a camel hair overcoat? What are they made of and how is it made? What are the best shades to buy? Knowing all this it can be easier to select a coat that matches your style and enhances your existing wardrobe.


The camel hair overcoat is mostly long overcoat that are with sharp lapels and are double breasted overcoat. They are usually made of heavy fabrics like wool or fur thus making them a warm garment that is best for autumn or winter. If you need an all season wear then you can choose the single breasted styles. The first made camel hair overcoats were made from original camel hairs but nowadays it had shifted to natural fabrics like wool and cotton.
Jaegar was the first heritage brand to get this style into Britain in 1919 and then when the war soon broke out it became the national uniform. The original styles were both warm and lightweight and the camel hair was seen as a potential alternative to wool since wool was in very short supply at those times due to the ongoing war.

After the war ended the fabric restrictions were lifted and wool and cashmere overcoat were back in the game. Thus the color was originally tan and even after we shifted to natural fabric the rich color was retained to the shade between beige and brown thus in turn retaining the name. The color also soon expanded to other classic war time favourites like peacoats and trench coats.

MENS BROWN FOUR BUTTON CUFFS PEACOATSetting aside this long history the camel hair overcoats have remained in style still dominating the sales. Now if you are thinking of getting this classic style then you will have to know about the various options available making shopping for it easier. There are three main things you will have to get right when buying these camel hair overcoats : the cut, color and the craftmanship.

There are many shades of camel hair overcoats that are available in the market most of which are the wrong color. The classic color of camel is the one that has a softer shade of tan along with a peachy undertone without the yellow domination which will make it look cheap. When in wool a quality camel hair overcoat will make you look leaner and taller but with bad quality of wool it will take up extra wool which will definitely make you look bulkier. You will want the one that regardless of the body shape slim fit overcoat straight through the body and the look you will get out of it can be worth the price you spend on it even if it is expensive.

The camel hair overcoat looks good on most men regardless of their style and fashion taste. The classic style of camel hair overcoat is long and are available in both single and double breasted styles. Wool and cashmere are the best fabrics for winter and trench coats made of cotton are best choice for summer and spring. These are the ones that reach up to the knee or sometimes even a few inches below it. These camel hair coats in single breasted styles are the best for big and tall sizes and for leaner silhouettes double breasted styles can do justice.


The camel hair overcoats that are of medium length such as peacoats and duffel are the best options for men of shorter stature since the long overcoats may make them look even shorter. These medium length camel hair overcoats are often thigh skimming and also looks best on plus size men. There are also styles that are best for fighting off extreme cold like the parkas that are made of wool. These are the ones that people who live in colder regions prefer and have fur incorporated in it. Some of the famous brands like brooke brothers and ralph lauren overcoat have styles that are suitable for men who do not like excessive incorporation of fur in their coats or jackets. Theses styles have minimal incorporation of fur like in the collars or hoodies thus giving it a minimalist look while still maintaining the sophisticated look. wool blend dress coat camel overcoat
The short camel overcoats are more like camel jackets. These jackets look great with casual styles and has great insulating properties. While dressing up for a formal occasion then try to pair the camel overcoat with grey flannel or navy blue suits. The double.breastef style is the best for the formal styles and also provides more room for layering. While wearing this formal style it is best to keep the rest of the outfit simple but also exchanging the shirt with roll neck sweater for a more rich look.
You can also match camel with camel but you will need to work in the toning. The camel hair overcoat paired with same color outfit gives a strong look. But you will have to create a clear distinction between the top and bottom with the knit sweater in different shade and the pants in another shade of camel. Lastly keep in mind to complete the look with suitable shoes that complement the outfit be it leather overcoat ones or simple white sneakers.


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