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GOLD YELLOW SHINY FLASHY PAISLEY BLAZERWhen it comes to menswear there are certain colors that dominate the market while some styles are particularly neglected. Black is one overrated color in menswear thus most men jump into the safe option and consequently missing out on other beautiful underrated ones like green and orange. Grey overcoat is one that has broke into the safe side but yellow due to its bright tone have not had much luck.

Yellow due to its accent pairs well with most of the colors and the range of tones available in this color makes them versatile color when it comes to clothing. If you are already cringing then you are obviously imagining the bright eye blinding yellow. In fact as said before yellow has a great range of shades most of them which are beautiful and elegant. Many listed colors in the clothing industry such as buff, butter, ochre, mustard, gold and even tan overcoat contains some of the yellow base.


Yellow is a color that works well under light. Therefore it is always better to incorporate them into spring or summer outfits. Some of the lower tones of yellow can be even treated as neutral thus making it a versatile wear that can be worn in multiple seasons and climatic conditions. It all depends on the shade for example a pastel yellow tie looks lovely when paired with sky blue suit in spring but same outfit may be too much attention garnering if worn in rainy season or even winter overcoat. For these gloomy seasons rich yellows that contain a smidge of brown works like an ochre overcoat.

two button closure yellow alberto nardoni tuxedIf you are going for a formal outfit then consider subtle shades of yellow like mustard and tan. A tan blazer paired with khaki dress pants and yellow overcoat is a clean look that looks balanced. If you figure out the colors that work well with yellow then it may be easier to style the outfit. Knowing this also helps you select the shade of yellow that looks good with your existing wardrobe. As said before yellow work we with almost any colors but some of them looks exceptional. Of you are interested then you have come to the right place.

The easiest color to pair with yellow overcoat is blue. They complement each other beautifully and effortlessly since they are almost exactly opposite in the color wheel. Blue is a classic color and hence they are one of the most used color in menswear be it suits or casual styles. Adding yellow to this classic outfit can give you a twist of individuality. But you will have to match the tones of both the colors for a proper balanced look. For example if you are wearing a royal blue suit overcoat then it is better to wear a bright yellow cotton tie, but when paired with dark navy suit the yellow should take a lighter tone. If you think that the yellow overcoat is too bright for you then you can opt for patterned styles since they have a subtler look than the solid styles.

SINGLE BREASTED YELLOW NOTCH LAPEL SUITAlso remember to keep in mind the season, warmer the season brighter the shades can be but cooler temperatures invite darker hues. You can also get your raincoats with hoods in these colors since it is better to get brighter ones when it comes to raincoats. Also yellow works with casual outfits in blue. A nice pair of blue jeans with stripes t-shirt and a yellow topcoat is a chic style.

Next to blue, gray is also one color that looks good with yellow. Gray being a subtle neutral color, adding yellow to it brightens the outfit instantly. If you are a person who thinks grey is a bit drab then pairing the outfit with yellow accessories can be a good choice to lighten up the outfit. Again you should match the tone, and hence grey is always a subtle shade it is better to keep the yellow also in subtler shades. Pastel yellow can work only with very light grey suits overcoat but for other greys keep the yellow subtle. A warm yellow overcoat jacket looks good with grey trousers and is complete with a crisp shirt and navy blue tie.

GOLD PAISLEY SHARKSKIN PARTY BLAZERWhile black is a bad background for yellow gathering unnecessary attention, brown is the opposite of black. If you are a fan of muted yellow shades like mustard and tan then brown is your go for pairing. They work beautifully together may be because of the fact that the two colors are closer in tone. The brown allows the yellow to shine while still maintaining its part without the yellow overpowering the full outfit. A navy blazer along with brown chinos and muted yellow overcoat is a great smart casual look. Yellow also works well with wool outfits pairing well with the fussy look. Pairing a yellow overcoat with a pair of wool chinos and a t-shirt and cardigan is a cool casual look.


Green overcoat is also in closer tone with yellow and hence pair well with the color. When it comes to the shades the earthier versions of the green look better with yellow overcoat. These are subtle colors and hence best for formal outfits worn in winter season. A ochre or camel overcoat looks good with dark green suit. They also can be worn in contrasting pieces like a ochre sport coat with an earthy yellow wool knit vest. Both the colors look good on pants given that they are paired well with complementing accessories.

single breasted winter camel pea coat mens cashmere woolBurgundy and maroon is other choices that looks good with yellow give they match in tones. These colors are better for colder months. A earthy toned overcoat along with a burgundy or maroon trousers is a nice fall look. When it comes to more casual style then pair tobacco chinos and a plain white sweatshirt overcoat with a slight orange overcoat. If you want to pair a yellow overcoat with black go for full contrast like wearing the overcoat with a black t-shirt and black chinos and black blazers since this full black look has an inadvertent cool look.


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