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Men's red overcoat

We all like to try out new styles. But sometimes we get too used to the standard styles that we stay comfortable with it. When it comes to outerwear black coats and navy coats have become the comfortable styles and it being a seasonal garment people do not pay much attention to it. But it is always best to break the pattern a little. Thus for this holiday season we have a recommendation for you that does not have anything to do with the monotonous styles. Mens red overcoats might seem like a big step especially for men who have been used to the navy and grey coat styles but believe us when we say that they would definitely become your favorite in a matter of time. Today we will talk in detail about mens red overcoats and some of the ways in which you can utilize them.

You might be wondering where to start with the red overcoats since you consider it to be a bright style that you usually avoid. But when you get comfortable with the color and learn the basic nuances of styling it then it becomes another color similar to navy or black. Thus the first thing that you will have to do is to build your confidence and get comfortable with the idea of wearing the red overcoat. This way you would get into the style more easily.

Now you can skip the purchasing part if you already have a red overcoat mens in your wardrobe but we highly doubt it. While choosing the red overcoat the first thing to focus on is the shade of the garment. You might already know this but there are various shades in red. Depending on your need and the one that you feel comfortable with you can choose the right shade. For example if you are looking for a coat that you can pair with the formal outfits then we would suggest you to go with the dark red long overcoats.Burgundy and wine red are some of the shades that are being widely popular among men in recent times. But if you are looking for a casual and stylish garment then try the lighter or brighter shades of the red blazer overcoats. Know that all the shades would work but the darker shades are easier to style and are more versatile.

As for the fabric of the mens red overcoats it is obviously important since overcoats are the ones that are required to fend off the cold. In that case make sure that you go with Quality fabrics. Red wool overcoats are the ones that are most preferred and the one that you should probably choose if you are intending to style the garment with different outfits. On the other hand if the winter is quite harsh in your area or you are just the fashionista type then red fur overcoats are the best. Go through the styles to find the one which will suit you and your need.

Now that you have the right overcoat the next thing that might bug you is the styling. Truth be told this might be the first red colored garment in most men's wardrobe and thus it is completely normal to feel lost when it comes to styling it. If you are looking for some inspiration to style the garment then here are some ideas which might help you.

For a polished and smart look you can style the wool mens red overcoat with an outfit that consists of navy striped suit paired with a white dress shirt and a navy tie. To match the laid back look provided by the overcoat you can add with the outfit a pair of black socks and charcoal fringe leather loafers. For a cool smart causal winter outfit you can style the red overcoat with a double breasted grey blazer, grey turtleneck and a pair of navy chinos. For a refined way in which you can finish off the style you can add a pair of grey socks and tan suede Oxford shoes.

Now moving on to the casual outfits there are a lot of styles you can try out. When it comes to a modern garment like red overcoat they look better when they are paired with the casual outfits. If you are a person who is trying out the style for the first time start with the casual outfits.

For a stylish yet no brainer look you can style the Burgundy red overcoat with an ensemble of black Henley shirt and navy jeans. Throw on a pair of black leather casual boots to complete the look easily. If you are dressing for a casual event but still want to look your best then you can choose to style the red velvet overcoat with an outfit of black and white striped crew neck sweater and a pair of black chinos. To match the elegance of the velvet coat you can add a pair of black leather casual boots to the outfit.

If you are dressing for a casual event but the weather is slightly chilly then you can choose to style the red cotton overcoat with an outfit that consists of white long sleeve shirt and a pair of grey ripped jeans. What better way to finish off this look rather than to add a pair of white canvas high top sneakers. If you are a simpleton then pairing a black print crew neck t-shirt with a pair of grey striped chinos would be a cool look for you. Adding a red dress overcoat with the style along with a pair of white low top sneakers shoes would be a perfect way to inject a dash of trendiness to the red overcoat outfit.

You can purchase for the red overcoats online or you can visit the store to find the right style. You can even choose patterned ones like red plaid overcoat or red striped overcoat when you are feeling experimental.


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