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single breasted herrinbone tweed cashmere 

grey top coatHerringbone- timeless standard in both the fashion and design

A herringbone overcoat is enduringly versatile and the pattern has been in menswear for many years. Typically used on suits and outerwear, they are a timeless standard in both the fashion and design. Elegant and masculine, the fabric is perfect enough to create a preppy look. Protecting your dapper look in winter, transform from boring to bellow with our herringbone overcoat collection. Browse through our range of Mens wool herringbone overcoats, which are available in regular and slim fit overcoatand much more to enjoy a priceless comfort while embracing a timeless elegance.

five button single breasted herringbone 

wool blend charcoal onercoatThe chills are around the corner and it is time to stock up your wardrobe for winter clothes. Be it sweaters, scarfs or overcoats anything that helps you keep toasty with dropping degrees is worth the price.

One of the staple garment in any mens wardrobe is the overcoat. Overcoats are outerwear that are worn over the daily outfits. The main purpose of the garment is to provide warmth and protection of the wearer from the cold and freezing winds. These slim fit coats are often made with heavy fabrics like wool and fur overcoat. This is because of the fact that these materials have natural insulation effects that help to retain the heat to the body thus in turn keeping the wearer warm. They are often confused with slim fit topcoats but topcoats are not made from heavy materials and most probably cannot be used as winter wears. Also overcoats often are longer in length than the slim fit topcoats.

single breasted gray 

herringbone tweed wool carcoatAs the overcoats are specifically designed to combat the chills the fabric from which it is made from is the key factor. The ideal fabrics for overcoats are wool, fur and cashmere. Overcoats made from wool are the popular picks since they are available easily and also pocket friendly. The simplicity of the fabric is which makes the appeal better. Pairing a wool overcoat with a decent woollen suit will give you a professional look.

Cashmere fabrics are definitely softer and warmer than their woollen counterparts and at the same time more expensive. This is because of the fact that cashmere is seen as a luxury item since the early times. Owing to its unbelievable softness the fabric also tends to wear off at certain points like elbows and cuffs. Cashmere overcoats are only recommended when you already have a collection of daily wear overcoats and only making a additional luxury purchase. Woollen overcoats are durable than cashmere ones and also have a reasonable price. There are blends of the wool and cashmere available that utilises the benefits of both the fabrics. Blended overcoats are softer and durable than the separate ones and are also relatively low in price.

mens three 

button herringbone tweed cashmere grey top coat mens peak 

lapel herringbone tweed wool gray overcoat plaid chesterfield over coats, 

full lenth wool coat men  FUR COLLAR FULL LENGTH WOOL 


Fur is another material that has a major part in the making of overcoats. When we think of fur our mind most certainly goes to women fashion and celebrities rocking glamorous styles on the runways. But in recent times fur is making its comeback in mens style. Overcoats being the winter garments better adopt fur better. Though full fur overcoats are not suddenly trending smaller adaptations of fur like fur hoods, fur collars and fur lined coats are increasingly being used. In furs too, blends are available that combines expensive furs like fox and mink with less expensive easily obtainable furs like alpaca and lambs. This also brings down the price of the otherwise expensive fur outfits.

Furs are used in mens wear like parkas in selective areas like hoods so that it serves many purposes. It keeps the wearer warm and also saves the face from heavy winds and blizzards.

 CASHMERE BLEND GREY TOP COATAnother major thing is the length of the overcoat. Overcoats are available in varying lengths ranging from few inches above the knee to few inches below it. There is no right length when it comes to selecting an overcoat but it solely depends on the customers preference. It can be styled according to the height of the wearer. If you have some extra inches to spare then go with full length overcoats that reach below the knee. Three fourth overcoats that end some inches above the knee mostly complement only certain body types. Therefore it is better to go with longer overcoats since they are considered more professional than the shorter ones. There is always an option of altering the height if it is long but with shorter coats the option is out.

The overcoats are available in two basic styles - single breasted and double breasted overcoat as in suit jackets. Single breasted overcoats are more versatile and are the best pick if you are the one who prefers casual style and does not suit up often. They can be paired with almost any outfit except the most professional ones. For those double breasted overcoats are the right option since this style is purely class and the best to be worn over professional suits. Its the obvious option of a person who suits up on a daily basis and attends many events that require a formal attire.

When it comes to choosing the color of the overcoat darker colors like black, navy and charcoal grey are the best. This backs the fact that darker colors work well in gloomy seasons like winter and fall. Other modern colors like tan, burgundy and herringbone are also available in the overcoat styles.


TOPCOATBlack is the classic color in overcoats and also the best when you attend strictly formal events that require you to dress up with a full three piece suit. They are the best for family events and other formal events. They are preferred for serious business meetings but otherwise are not for daily wears. If you feel that black is more cliche then you can always add details of your preference.

In terms of popularity navy slim fit topcoats are the best among all others. This may be because of the fact that navy is the color that effortlessly pairs with almost any colors and also because of its versatility. Navy overcoat works well with both formal and casual wears if you get a good texture.

Grey is a charming alternative to otherwise boring black and navy. They work well in traditional white collar environment and sometimes in casual events too if worn right. They are also available in different shades ranging from light grey to charcoal grey. While the darker shades are appropriate for formal events while the lighter shades work well in semi formal and casual events.




If you are not the one to often suit up then you can purchase a tan slim fit topcoat. They go well with almost any winter colors and also have a wide range of shades in the color spectrum. If you can spend time on getting the right shade then the luxury of the color seeps in and give a whole new twist to the outfit.

single breasted 

herrinbone tweed cashmere grey top coatHerringbone are another popular type of overcoat for the ones who would prefer variety in their outfits than the same old black and navy. It is more of a pattern than a color and a classic style in menswear. They are also called broken twill weave and represents a V shaped weaving pattern that are usually found in twill fabric.
The pattern resembles a broken zigzag or the bones of the fish such as herring and hence the namesake. They may look similar to chevron but instead of the zigzag lines flowing across the fabric, the lines are broken up by alternating colors in each direction. Herringbone patterns are usually used in wool fabrics and popular among suits and outerwear. Tweed garments are mostly woven with a herringbone pattern.

Herringbone pattern may still look trendy but it originally traces back to the Roman Empire where it was used in buildings and roadways. This pattern was used as an interlocking system and was built on a base of crushed stone. This absorbed the compression of traffic and football thus in turn making it stable and durable for a long time. This revolutionary practice picked up fastly since the powerful infrastructure was the key goal of the Roman state.
The pattern is also found in Ancient Egyptian jewellery that were worn by the elites of that time. But in terms of fabrics the earliest herringbone garments were found in Ancient Italy. While the cloth is being made, the twilling is periodically reversed that results in pointy chevrons. They also found their way into Irish textiles where they were used to make rustic tweed overcoatsuits. They also have Celtic history because horsehair herringbone cloth is being used in Ireland from around 600 B.C. which explains why its the obvious choice for tweed.


BROWN TWEED CASHMERE BLEND TOP COATEven after a couple of centuries, herringbone has remained one of the easiest patterns men can wear. The most popular combination in herringbone pattern is the black on grey. This is considered one small step above the basic charcoal suit and can be paired with a classic button down and a tie. Another current trend is the black and white version that can be effortlessly styled with a grey tailored trouser, crisp white shirt and black Oxford lace up.

Herringbones are still as popular as ever and usually crops up when the fall collections makes its debut. Wool is the popular fibre used for herringbone but other fibres like light cotton, thick wool and cool linen are also being used. Nowadays a lot of bolder colors like brown and red are seeing the rise.
You can find herringbone styles in almost any mens garments from shirting to knitwear. This is mostly attributed to its versatility since it is the easiest and subtlest way to add patterned outfits to your wardrobe. They are smart enough to be worn to the office but also can be easily dressed down with jeans and boots. While other patterns may overpower the outfit but herringbone is a subtle pick which looks solid because of its geometric shape. There is also options for people who would prefer bolder styles. You can pick larger herringbone patterns and much bolder colors to give you a swanky outfit.
When it comes to overcoats it is better to get a pattern that is over scaled and large while for suitsand sport coats smaller patterns are the best. One of the famous styles in herringbone is the Donegal tweed which has a rougher texture which are made from hundred percent wool combined with contrasting colored flecks. There are also lighter colors combined into darker colors. For example a brown herringbone overcoat has flecks in blue, green, pink and orange that lightens the entire outfit. It also makes it easy to choose colors of the accessories and sometimes pants too since its already a part of the overcoat and thus blends in with the outfit. For example you can wear a blue and grey scarf that pairs well because of the blue flecks in the overcoats.


NOTCH LAPEL LUXURY WOOLPairing a grey herringbone overcoat with a white turtleneck and grey quilted gilet gives a manly look. Completing the look with a charcoal plaid chinos and white athletic shoes may be the smart casual look you are searching for.

You can also go with bolder colors like camel herringbone overcoat that gives a sleek look. Pairing the herringbone coat with tan knit turtleneck and charcoal wool overcoat chinos is a best unconventional look. Notch it up a bit with bolder color shoes like for example a yellow low top sneakers.

If you yearn for a casual look pairing a larger patterned grey herringbone overcoat with a white long sleeve t-shirt and blue jeans can be your pick. Select a pair of shoes that match well with outfit preferably in black.

If you are picking out an outfit for your monday morning fret no more. A brown herringbone overcoat over a nicely pressed grey vertical striped suit paired with a white long sleeved shirt completes your office look without much effort.

65% WOOL FULL LENGTH GRAY ~ GREY OVERCOATBlack is a color that looks exceptional with grey and thus casual whole black outfits when paired with grey overcoats gives a chic look. A charcoal grey herringbone overcoat over a black hoodie and black crew neck t-shirt complete with black ripped skinny jeans puts a elegant spin to an otherwise utilitarian look.

For a more professional look go with a whole black look overcoat. A black herringbone overcoat over a blackwool suit and black turtleneck with black leather loafers kicks up a wow factor to the ensemble. You can also pair it with a cashmere scarf and cool sunglasses for a posh look.

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