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BREASTED 3/4 LENGTH CAMEL TOPCOATWhen we are buying any new garment our first instinct is always to play it safe. We have black overcoat which pairs good with almost anything, or we can go with navy which is a classic pick and other than this we also have gray which makes you look smart. But if you look back on your collection at this rate you can only see these three colors in entirety. This is the safest choice but you need not go with all the same. Once you have enough safe choices in your wardrobe it is time to start venturing out to new styles.


TOPCOATOvercoats are one of the staple garment when it comes to mens wardrobe. They come under the category of the outerwear, and they are worn over the outfits that you wear. Overcoats are mostly used during winter so that the wearer can keep warm due to this additional layer. Because of this the overcoats are made of wool, fur collar overcoat and other thick fabrics. This was the original purpose but with time the overcoats were also used during the warmer months of summer and spring. They were used simply for fashion purposes and these coats were made from lighter materials. These light coats are widely known as topcoats.

Now when it comes to overcoats apart from the fabric another major thing that you will have to note is the color of the coat. Again your instinct will be to go with the classic colors like black, navy and gray overcoat. These colors are good but you should select in accordance with the purpose of the overcoat. If you are thinking of using these overcoats for formal purposes then you can go with the above mentioned classic colors. But if you already have those and want a new coat that is fashion purposes and casual wear then classic mens tan overcoat must be your choice.

camel mens peacoat 65% wool full length overcoat SINGLE-BREASTED CAMEL 




You would have known about the famous color in overcoats which is camel. Tan is a color that is more golden brown when compared to camel. This is a rich color and gives you a smart look. Classic mens tan overcoat is a good choice when you need a smart outerwear that you can pair with almost any colors. There are different shades in the classic mens tan overcoat styles and you can choose the one that suits you. When choosing the shade of the classic mens tan overcoat make sure that the shade looks good with your skin tone and also your hair color. Light shades of classic mens tan overcoat may look faded out when worn by a fair skinned man. Apart from the shade of the classic mens tan overcoat you can also focus on the details while purchasing for it. There are a lot of variations in the small details like the number of buttons on the overcoat, their collar, lapels, length of the overcoat and many more. Keep in mind the purpose of the overcoat and then decide on the details.


FABRIC TOPCOATSThere are two main types in classic mens tan overcoat which is the single breasted style and the double breasted overcoat style. As to select from these two styles you need to know for what you are purchasing the classic mens tan overcoat. For example if you are intending to wear this classic mens tan overcoat with formal outfits then it may be best for you to go with double breasted style. The double breasted tan overcoat gives you a professional look that is best to worn to important events like business meetings and such others. The double breasted style of classic mens tan overcoat elevates the outfit instantly and makes you look serious and professional. On the contrary if you are thinking of using this classic mens tan overcoat with casual outfits are using it with both formal and casual outfits then you can go with the single breasted tan overcoat. Single breasted style of overcoats is more flexible than the double breasted version and looks great with almost any outfit whether be it casual or formal. This is the reason why the single breasted style of overcoats is always more preferred than the double breasted style. If you are getting your first overcoat then you should go with single breasted style since it is more versatile.

As for the fabric from which the classic mens tan overcoat is made from, most of it in the market is from wool. Wool tan overcoats are soft and sturdy and the added benefit of them being available in different price ranges makes it still more desirable. Apart from this you can also go with cashmere tan overcoat, fur tan overcoat or even man made materials like polyester tan overcoat and many more.


BREASTED TOP OVERCOATThe length of the classic mens tan overcoat also matters a great deal. There are two main lengths available in classic mens tan overcoat - full length tan overcoats and 3/4 length tan overcoats. Full length tan overcoats are long and reach up to the lens portion or a few inches below it. As for the 3/4 length of classic mens tan overcoat it is a few inches shy from the knee and end in mid thigh portion. The person who is purchasing can select the length of the overcoat keeping in mind their height and body structure. The fit of the classic mens tan overcoat should be in a way such that it comfortably accommodates the outfit that is worn beneath it. Regular fit tan overcoat is the most preferred fit among all. You can also go with the big and tall tan overcoat depending on the height and weight of your body.

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