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We all go to a store or open the online clothing sites thinking to buy a certain garment. But almost all of us get lost in the drift and spend hours going through the different options. The lucky ones find the one they are looking for but majority of us get out of the store confused more than ever before. Same goes for the overcoats even though there aren't very many options available like the suits or the blazers. Mens wool overcoats are the usual choices for the winter months but there are still options among the styles. Here we intend to discuss your various options so that you will have a near clear idea of what you will need.

While mens wool overcoats seem like a simple choice in reality there are a lot of factors that you should consider before you actually make the pick. For example if you are getting the garment to wear with your office garments then you should go with the sturdy ones that can take wear and tear better. But if you are getting it to wear for the special occasions that happen once or twice in a year then go with the luxurious wool overcoats like the cashmere or angora wool coats.

Why wool?

Before we go into the details of the varieties in the mens wool overcoats let us explain that your first choice for the winter overcoats must always be wool. The first reason why the mens wool overcoats score the best is because of its insulating property and it offers the best warmth among all the other fabrics. But the fundamental reason why wool overcoats mensare greatly preferred by all men is because of the versatility. The subtle look that comes at a reasonable price can work for any event be it formal or casual. When you have a single breasted wool overcoat in your wardrobe you don't have think about getting new coats for each occasion.

Wool is a fuzzy fabric but it can also can be waterproof to an extent. In fact it can hold upto 20 percent of its own weight of water before it starts to feel soggy. Thus when wearing a wool mens overcoat you can brave an unexpected light shower. Also the slight weight of the fabric means that the drape offered by it will be better than the lightweight fabrics and thus with a good cut your wool overcoat will offer you a dapper style.

Now that you know that mens wool overcoats are your best pick for the winter it might also help to know about the different wool fabrics available in the market. Wool coats are made from the natural fibers that are got from the fleece of the animals.

1. Lambswool:

This is the most common type of wool and thus is the easiest to acquire. There is a rarer form also commonly known as virgin wool since there are got from the baby sheep's first shearing. When you go with these lambswool overcoats it will be soft and smooth. While the virgin wool coats are hard to get and expensive you can get the common style everywhere. This is the one that we would recommend when you are looking for a formal wool overcoat that you can style to your daily office day.

2. Merino:

If you are looking for a soft and shiny wool overcoat style then merino should be your pick. These are another popular style and most preferred by the people. Merino wool overcoats are the best type of style you will need if you are thinking of styling the overcoat throughout the year since they regulate the temperature both in hot and cold weather. About 25% of the wool market is owned by Australia and the merino sheep is found largely in this continent.

3. Melton:

If you are looking for a tougher style that can work for outdoor adventures then you should go with melton mens wool overcoats. You can try the wool pea coats or the double breasted wool overcoats for adding to the warmth. These Melton wool overcoats come usually with a twill weave and they have a good reason to be worn outdoors in harsh weathers. They are weatherproof to a good degree and also best at wind resistance and water wicking. Thus if you are a person who often packs for trips or treks then these casual wool overcoats should definitely be in your collection.

4. Camel hair:

Most of us people go with the safer and versatile choice of black wool overcoats and navy wool overcoats but there are people who prefer colors more in the outfit. If you are one among the exciting ones who love the slightly golden glow of the camel color then camel hair overcoats should be your choice. The golden brown fine wool is usually combined with the cheaper wools to give a softer and affordable choice. Camel wool overcoats would be a great choice for the semi formal events but you can also wear it occasionally with your workwear.

5. Cashmere:

Our next choice is slightly expensive when compared to the above mentioned styles and thus is considered to be a luxurious pick. Though cashmere wool overcoats can burn serious holes in your budget it is still worth the feel since it is one of the softest and most comfortable style you will find. Cashmere is not easy to obtain and thus the high price. You can have a cashmere overcoat in your wardrobe for the most important events but remember that you will have to take special care since they are not as durable as the other wool.

These are the most common types of mens wool overcoats but there are also other options like angora wool and mohair wool. Thus go through the mens wool overcoats online, know their characteristics and what they have to offer carefully before you make your pick.