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mens black slim fit topcoatIf you are thinking about what to wear for the Halloween or what to dress your child then do not think further. What is more best than to dress as the iconic Doctor Who. This television program has been one of the greatest science fiction show to be on air. Though being an extraterrestrial being Doctor Who had an unique and epic style when it comes to our dressing. Some of the styles he wore in the last century is still relevant now. Now as for why you have to dress as Doctor Who then the answer is simple. It is easy to imitate and you can just dress with your existing wardrobe if you are in luck. If you do not have the costume then you will have to get the main pieces and get it in a way that you can still use it later.

Now one of the main piece for this costume is the overcoat. As for the first doctor William Hartnell plays the role with patterned pants with a formal vest. The mens doctor who overcoat he wears is of Victorian style which is double breasted with wide lapels. The mens doctor who overcoats are usually of dark colors like black or dark brown worn over light colored vests and adorned with flap pockets. They are long and reach a few inches below the knee.

mens camel slim fit topcoat fit topcoat-overcoat three quarter top coat notch lapel herringbone gray top coat mens brown single breasted herringbone wool blend coat

As the series progressed the doctors seemed to experiment over other unconventional styles. The second doctor dressed in par with the sixties but now when seen it is seen as radical. He experimented with patterns and textures in shirts with suspenders and was one of the first to wear a original bowtie. As for the mens doctor who overcoat it was of classic style and mostly woollen.

Now if you are really into Halloween then the third doctor costume is the best. The thirds costume is the most magnificent of all and is of pure class. Velvet jackets with frilled shirts and bowties makes you look like you stepped straight out of the show. Go with red and black overcoat cape and also well finished gloves.

pocket peacoat ~ carcoat ~ overcoat with fur collar ltThe fourth doctor shows that he is from the seventies with his long scarf that reaches only few inches shy of his toes with cowboy hat and red cravat. Also his crazy personality is rightly matched with his funky waistcoat, long jackets and high pants. The scarf and the hats are the main points to note in this costume.

The fifth Doctor Who is more classy type and sticks with classic styles throughout. For this you will have to whip out your straight legged striped pants and wear them with a english polo shirt, a sweater and a jacket. While this style looks like one you wear on a daily basis the key point is the color and the pants. The color of the jacket should be light with it outlined with orange. Also wear a matching hat that has the orange outline in the base of the crown. As for the pocket squares ditch it and go with celery. Orange is the key color and dress the costume with that in mind.

The sixth doctor who can be safely said as the most notorious and flamboyant one as for the costume. If you wear this costume anyone who takes a look will place you who you are. The array of color beams in his costume is no joke. The mens doctor who overcoat he wears now may be considered as a vintage coat with atleast four to five colors incorporated into one garment. While the shirt is mostly solid the waistcoat and the pants should be patterned. The fashion choices was and is still considered to be ahead of his time.

tweed 65% wool full length black ~ white single breasted tweed grey full length topcoat mens black belted wool full length mens wool car coat carcoat grey

The seventh doctor is easier to dress since he has a key factor that nobody can miss. The question mark. Get his confident look with tweed overcoat pants, a plain jacket and a patterned sweater ( though he wears one riddled with question marks), a hat and a hippie scarf. Add to this mix a umbrella that has a question mark handle and then you are ready to rock the Halloween.

The eighth doctor who is one of the best dressed which immediately screams posh look. The trousers are the only one that does not have satin or velvet. He wears a gold colored vest along with a satin cravat that makes him look like a gold plated chocolate. The shirt is mostly a crisp white shirt and the mens overcoat is the defining factor. The mens overcoat is velvet with wide lapels. The sheen of the who overcoat and the overall outfit makes the outfit look royal. Add a pocket watch to this and you would look dashing.

The ninth doctor who is more modern than you would imagine him to be. This simple cosplay would only require of you to get a leather jacket which you can wear over a t-shirt and some black trousers. This is for the stylish people who still would love to look modern even if its Halloween.

wool top coats full length winter overcoatNow if you are stylish and still care about your Halloween costume to look unique then the tenth doctor who should be your choice. This is also incredibly easy to dress. Just get yourself a slightly baggy suit and wear them with a formal neck tie preferably satin. The mens doctor who coat is the defining factor. Get a long trench doctor who overcoat with numerous pockets and complete the look with smart glasses and converse high shoes.

If you are into modern vintage style then eleventh doctor who must be pick. Get your favorite jeans out with your formal shirt and a tweed jacket. You must get yourself lace up boots and wear a bowtie and better to have suspenders. This style is the most stylish and easiest sexy look.

The last doctor who does not look his part with his very subtle styles. He does not even have the mens doctor who overcoat but the easiest to dress as. Just get the nearest formal trousers, fur collared overcoat shirt and waistcoat you can reach and put on a scarf and you are ready.


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