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LENGTH DOUBLE BREASTED WOOL BLEND OVERCOATOvercoats are a must have garments in case of men's fashion. These coats keep you stylish and at the same time warm on cold winter days. It is always better to have a well selected overcoat collection to get you through all the seasons. Contrary to popular belief overcoats are not restricted to winter overcoat and can also be worn in spring, autumn and even summer if styled right. There are a lot of styles when it comes to selecting overcoats. Finding the right kind of coat depends upon the wearer's taste and preference.

Most men do not particularly love shopping and mainly to spend time browsing through the shop without any idea what they are looking for. This article is meant to make it easier and knowing the styles available and one which suits you gives you a upper hand while revamping your wardrobe. Knowing the recent trends also is never a bad thing especially when you are spending an hefty amount.

MENS MAXI-LENGTH FULLY LINED MICROFIBEROvercoats are long coats that are designed to be an outerwear that is worn over any outfit. They are long sleeved and are designed of heavy duty materials like wool or tweed overcoat. The basic purpose of overcoats is to keep the wearer warm in cold days. You can choose the details like the length or collar styles depending upon your taste. These are the winter coats that we talked about. Many confuse these overcoats with topcoats and they cannot be blamed. Topcoats are mostly similar to the overcoats in their construction and silhouette. The only major difference is that the topcoats are lighter than the overcoats. They are usually made of wool and can be easily dressed up or down depending on the outfit that you choose to wear.

Overcoats are usually made of wool and it is one of the most famous material when it comes to overcoats. This may be attributed to the fact that they are affordable and also versatile. Cashmere overcoats are softer and more comfortable than the wool fabric but they are expensive. They are also not very durable like those made of wool and could soon wear out. So if you are purchasing an overcoat for daily purposes it is better to avoid Cashmere and reserve it for special occasions. But if you are still hung up on the softness of the luxury fabric then you can opt for Cashmere blends with wool which will be soft and at the same time cheaper than the pure fabric.


You should select the fabric of your overcoat depending on the occasion that you purchase it for and also the time of the year that you plan to wear it. If for winter times go with thicker fabrics like wool, shearling or tweed. If for slight warmer days then go with lighter build of coats. If in places of extreme winters then it is better to go with furs overcoat. If you aren't a person who likes full fur overcoats then go with minimalist incorporations like the fur collars or hoods which would keep you warm. There are also lined and unlined styles in overcoats and choose them as per your requirement.

There are two basic styles in overcoats design - single breasted and double breasted. Single breasted overcoats are the most common style of overcoats especially among the younger generation. This may be because of their versatility and their ability to pair with both formal and casual styles. Most of the overcoats are available in both the styles but single breasted styles can be easily found in any shops. Double breasted overcoat styles are a little refined one than the single breasted styles. They unlike the single breasted styles which have 4 to 6 buttons have two rows of buttons on each side. They are heavier than the single breasted styles and are considered to be more formal than the former style.


Overcoats like most of the men's fashion garments have their origin in military. Overcoats were originally designed for the army and navy officers which soon progressed to becoming a part of their uniforms. These coats were long and some like the trench coats were designed in waterproof fabrics so that it helped the soldiers during their time at field. Some of the other famous styles of overcoats are peacoats and duffle coats. While the trench coats are mostly fashion garments the peacoats and the duffle coats are the best styles for times when the temperature drops below zero.

The two major lengths of the overcoats are full length and the 3/4 length. Full length overcoats are long and reach upto the knee and sometimes a few inches below that too. The 3/4 length of overcoats usually reach upto the thigh reaching a few inches above the knee. Selecting the right length of the overcoats which matches you body type is one of the major thing in getting a rich look. One thing you will have to concentrate when choosing the length is the slimfit overcoat of the shoulders. If the shoulder size of the overcoat does not fit then you will have to go with bigger size which obviously means extra length.

coat navy three buttons long jacket overcoatIt is always best to go with long overcoats than the shorter ones since if you can alter it with the help of your tailor if you feel it is slightly long. But it is not an option with shorter coats. Also when buying the overcoats ensure that some extra fabric is present inside that can allow you to make alternations if required.

As for the color of the overcoats it purely depends on the style that you plan to wear underneath. If you are purchasing it for professional purposes then go with classic colors like black, navy or blue. If for casual purposes go with lighter shades like camel, tan or grey. You can also go with multicolored ones which are more versatile. Patterns like plaid, checks and textures like herringbone are also a good choice.