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Outerwear are garments that don't recieve the spotlight that they deserve. Most of time we tend to give the outerwear a thought when the winter closes in. But in modern times where the corporate dress codes require a man to be in a formal or casual suit on a daily basis the outerwear becomes an integral part for all seasons. Thus we recommend you to give the mens topcoat a thought if you already don't have it in your wardrobe. In this article we discuss about the mens topcoat and some of the basics you will need to know about the garment.

When we say mens topcoat most of you would visualise the overcoats that you have in your wardrobe. Let us be first clear in that aspect. Mens topcoats are different from the overcoats though the difference is subtle. We emphasise on this since it is a common misunderstanding when it comes to overcoats and topcoats. The mens topcoats are similar to the overcoats in terms of length and style. The only major difference is that the mens topcoats are lighter in weight and thus are usually worn in the summer and spring. The overcoats on the other hand are thick and are usually worn in the winter to ward off the cold.

In the modern world a man is what he wears and thus you will have to be careful in your choice of dressing. Mens topcoats provide you with a finishing touch when you are dressing in suits. They were originally designed to be worn over the formal garments like suits and tuxedos but with time they were also styled over the casual garments. Classic mens topcoats are a good choice when you need a ideal and clean formal look. If you are already convinced and thinking about getting the mens topcoats for your collection then here are a few things that will help you make the right pick.

Mens topcoats are light in weight and thus the most important thing to note will be the fit. If the fit of your mens topcoat is too big then you will end up looking boxy thus negating the elegant and sharp finish you are aiming for with the addition of the topcoat to your outfit. But remember that the mens topcoat is still an outerwear and thus choose the fit with ample space for wearing your outfit underneath. If you live in a place with mild winters you can use the mens topcoat for insulation by pairing with layers. These are some factors that you should keep in mind while selecting the fitted mens topcoat. Slim fit mens topcoats and classic fit mens topcoats are the most popular options that are available in the market while some brands have the flexibility of big and tall mens topcoats. Other than this you can also opt the for the custom made mens topcoats if your budget permits.

As for the material from which the mens topcoats are made the most popular one is the wool. Wool mens topcoats are the most common when it comes to winter mens topcoats and easily available option that is also affordable by many. There are different weights of wool mens topcoats available and you can make your pick. If you require a topcoat that you can wear in winter then you can also go with the mens topcoats with fur collar but the overcoats might be a better choice. Instead if you live in a warm place and if you consider the wool topcoats to be stuffy then you can go with the blended wool mens topcoats or the lightweight ones like cotton mens topcoats.

The outfit over which you wear the mens topcoats also play a major role in the look that you project. Mens topcoats have a elegant look and usually look the best when it is worn over suits or any other formal garments. But when you need a stylish laid back look you can wear it over the business casuals and the casual garments. For example a single breasted mens topcoat worn over a navy blue suit paired with a white dress shirt and a burgundy silk tie can easily pass as a regular office outfit. For a smart casual look you can pair the peak lapel mens topcoat over a ensemble of white turtleneck with a formal navy blazer and charcoal grey pants. For a laid back fall look you can wear the notch lapel mens topcoat over a outfit that consists of a white crew neck T-shirt underneath a grey crew neck sweater and navy blue chinos. You can also go with the double breasted mens topcoats when you need a formal style but it may look slightly out of place when worn with the casual garments.

As for the color of the mens topcoats it depends on how you are intending to use it. When you need a formal mens topcoat then you have the traditional options of going with the black mens topcoat, navy mens topcoat and the charcoal grey mens topcoat. These are the most versatile options and there is no doubt that you can style them with almost any garments for any events be it formal or casual. But if you want a daring look that will make you subtly stand out then you can go with a little pop of colors. Dark ones like burgundy mens topcoats and brown mens topcoats are some of the safe choices to start with. Other than this you can also try out the lighter ones like beige mens topcoats or camel mens topcoats.

The solid mens topcoats are the usual choices when you need a formal mens topcoat. But if you already have one and are looking for a fashion mens topcoat then we would recommend you to try out the patterned or textured ones. For a subtle choice you can go with the herringbone mens topcoat while for a casual mens topcoat style you can try out the plaid mens topcoat and such.


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