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Men's Blazers

Blazers are definitely a must have in any man's wardrobe. It can save the day when you don't feel like wearing a suit but also cannot just turn up in t-shirt and jeans. But what makes a good blazer? There are many factors involved like the fabric of the garment, style and more but one thing that you should note carefully is the fit of the garment. Checking out the blazers by size is one thing that you should definitely do before you purchase the blazer. Usually for a perfect fit most people would suggest custom made blazers but now there are impressive off the rack blazers available in the market. All you have to do is to find the time to choose the right fit that looks flattering on you.

For choosing the right fit of the blazer you should know how the blazer should fit ideally. This is something that most people do not have an idea of or simply choose to ignore. But knowing the ideal fit of the blazer can save you a lot of time that you spend on finding the right style and money that you spend to make the alterations. Thus we will start with the tips on how the ideal fit of the blazer should fit and then explain about the blazers by size.

The first thing to note with the mens blazer is the length of the garment. Ideally the blazer should reach about the mid portion or the lower portion of your crotch. Tall people above 5'9" can go with the blazers that end at lower crotch. This is important since the length of the blazers influence the balanced look of the garment in the upper body. It would be best if you go with the exact advice while purchasing for the blazers but if you aren't sure then you can choose to go with the blazers with a slightly longer length. This is because of the fact that when you change your mind you can take it to your tailor and he can shorten it up to an inch but this alteration is not possible with the shorter styles.

The next thing to note while purchasing the blazers is the shoulder part. While you are getting your first blazer it would be best to purchase it offline since you can try in on. The shoulder of the blazer should rightly rest on your natural shoulder rather than riding too high or hanging low. You might feel a tight sensation near the armpits if the blazer is too small or you might see the shoulders hanging low if it is too big. Keeping this as the reference you can easily choose the right fit of the mens blazers. The shoulders of the blazers are an important part to note since it cannot be altered by the tailor and if they try to it can mess with the proportions of the garment on the whole.

The sleeves of the blazers is an important detail to take into account since it can get quite annoying. For example if you are a tall person but on the leaner side then your long limbs might require extra long sleeves than the usual styles. In that case we would recommend you to check out the mens big and tall blazers since they come with the extra long sleeves and the extra length too. The ideal length of the sleeves should reach about a quarter inch above the top of the hand. Also it should allow your shirt sleeve to peek out about quarter an inch. The tall people who need long sleeves blazer should communicate the need since the short sleeves make the outfit look sloppy.

The body of the blazer should lightly hug your midsection but without making your feel restricted. You should still be able to make free movements with your hands. When you button your blazer there shouldn't be any creases present near the buttoned area. If you find any X style creases there then you should go with a bigger size of the blazer. The fabric of the blazer also plays a major role in the fit of the garment.Usually the wool blazers are recommended since they provide a nice drape but when it comes to light weight summer blazers you will have to pay more attention with the fit. For example the cotton blazers and the solid linen blazers tend to flail about without resting on the body of the wearer. Thus make sure to go with the nicely fitting garment when you choose these lightweight styles. As for the body portion of the blazers it is quite easy for the tailor to fix it and thus do not be too worried if the fit at the mid section is the only problem.

The button stance of the blazers might look like a small detail but in reality it also influences the look of the mens blazers outfits. Depending on your body type and height you can choose the right number of buttons and button stance on your blazer. For example 2 button blazers are the ones that are most preferred by men since they are the standard style. The second button of the blazer should always lie above your belly button for an ideal look. If you are a tall person you can choose to go with 3 button blazers since it balances out your height.

There are various options in off the rack blazer styles like slimfit blazers and classicfitmens blazers. Take your time to find out the best fit that will suit you by trying on the style. But if you are going to purchase the blazers by size online then it is important for you to know the measurements so that you can compare them with the size chart that is usually provided in the clothing sites. It is hard to find the perfect fit and it is possible with some alterations from the tailor.


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