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There are very few garments that men tend to spend enthusiastically on. One of these is the overcoats and this may be because of the fact that it is a seasonal garment and also the dramatic vibe that it possesses. While there are a lot of styles present in the overcoats one of the lesser known versions is the mens coats. In this article we discuss the mens car coats and some of the best ways to style them.

Many would not have heard about the term mens coats and as the name suggests it is a type of coat that was first introduced for the automobile drivers and passengers. Later the mens coat underwent a lot of changes and now it is one of the most prominent coats style in menswear. As for the characteristics of the mens coat they are usually single breasted and finishes in the mid thigh portion.

As like many other coat styles mens coats is also a classic style but the origins are a little different than the military origins of trench coats and pea coats. The mens coats first emerged in style during the early 1900s since this was the time when driving was considered to be a outdoor sport. The cars at that time consisted of an open top and this the drivers and the passengers required clothing that protected them against the heavy winds and dust while driving. Thus the mens coat were popularly known as motoring dress and was used by both men and women.

The mens coat first was designed to be a long heavy coat. Since they had to protect the wearer from the winds and the cold they were often made from heavy fabrics like fur or were lined with fur. For summer the people shifted to using the duster coats which had the main purpose of protecting the passenger from the dust. These duster coats were made from lightweight fabrics like linen. The mens coats and the duster coats were often wore with protective accessories like goggles, hat and gloves.

The modern mens car coat that we have now is a result of postwar designs. This was because of the fact that the servicemen popularised the jeep coat version which was shorter than the car coats and the trend struck with time. While the mens coats were originally made from heavy fabrics nowadays they are available in all possible fabrics starting from the natural to the synthetic ones making them one of the best functional garment.

The mens coats have once again come under the spotlight with many of the prominent brands showcasing their style in the fashion events. Some of the best brands for overcoats like Mackintosh and Burberry have released some great designs of the mens coats. While selecting the mens coats the fabric of the car coat is one of the main things that you should keep in mind.

For a winter wear you can go with the wool mens car coats. You can play with the weight of the garment depending on the intensity of the winter in your place. For example if you live in a place with harsh winters then it might be a better choice to go with heavyweight wool car coats that had fur collars and linings. But if the winter is mild then you can go with medium or lightweight wool car coats which you can layer with other garments to ward off the gold. If you expect to receive rainfall frequently then you can also concentrate on getting waterproof mens car coats.

If you are getting a coat that you plan on using for special events you can go with cashmere car coats. These coats might double your budget when compared to the wool overcoats but they are worth the money that you spend on them. They are softer and are more intricately designed since they are considered to be luxurious style garments. If you consider the cashmere mens coats to be expensive you can opt to go with blended ones that come with the blend of cashmere with wool or silk. This reduces the price but increases the Durability since the pure cashmere coats tend to wear our easily. While it is rare you can also try out the lightweight mens coats like the cotton car coats when you want to use the style all year round.

There are lot of types in mens coats and you can select the style that would suit you the best. For a formal use you can go with the classic car coats which you can pair with the suits or any other formal styles. As for the color of these mens coats it’s is best to keep them dark. For example a black and navy mens car coat might be a safe choice for any formal events. But if you intend on using the coat for other semi formal and casual purposes we recommend you to get a little creative with casual car coats. You can choose to go with the patterned ones like plaid and windowpane car coats so that it will create stylish look when paired with the solid garments. You can also opt to go with the brighter or lighter colors like tan and camel mens car coats.

As for the fit of the mens coat remember that they are overcoats and hence get them fitted accordingly. Slim fit mens car coats might be a good style for formal use while the modern fit mens coats can be used for both formal and casual purposes. As for the length of the coat as mentioned before they originally end in the mid thigh portion but if you want a longer style then you can go with the big and tall mens car coats.


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